My name is Danielle, and this is my new website. You might be here because you came from my old blog that I left alone for over 3 years. First of all, sorry to all of the people who followed me back then. I just got so busy.

Second of all, I’ll be using this site as a portfolio. I will be showcasing all of the art and writing I have done over the years.

And lastly, thank you for visiting my site. Please leave your comments.


Good News!

Sorry for the long absent, but I had some work for school to be do. I’m almost done with that, and I had some free time. The good news is that the school year is almost over and soon it will be summer. Also, after broking the plug of my headphones in the jack of my computer, I got it out with some super glue! That’s made me happy.

Also, a few days ago, I created an ask blog for one of my characters. So far, I had posted once and now, I have only one follower. Here is the link: https://ask-strawberrybond.tumblr.com/

I am almost ready to post a drawing; I just need to add the finishing touches. I’ll post the drawing here. It’s not that good, but it is a start.


If you don’t remember, a long time ago, I wrote that I wanted to write a novel about a talking/walking cow. Now, I’m thinking about making a graphic novel. It will still be about Strawberry, and it will have the same elements of a satirical novel, it will just have a lot more pictures.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Sorry again for not posting anything for a long time.

Have a nice day!

A Lot Had Happened

Sorry for not posting anything for a long time, but a lot had happened. First, me and my mom went to a party at a family friend’s apartment. Her son had arrived from college and he had brought his girlfriend. We also celebrated the birthday of the daughter of one of my mother’s friend. She’s in college studying criminal justice. Then, we sung “Happy Birthday” to my mother. Her birthday wasn’t too long ago.

Then I went back to school. At school, I tried to finish some assignments for my drawing class. I mostly done work for my history/English class. We are learning about the history of England, while reading the literature of that time. Anyways, I been working hard on homework and classwork. That’s why I hadn’t posted anything for a long time. I been trying to complete all of my assignments.

Anyways, I just wanted to wish everyone a late happy St. Patrick day. My Titi Kathy is from Ireland and I been meaning to call her. I also been meaning to meet my old babysitter and give her a gift that I got her for her birthday.

And before I forget: I had an interview for an internship at an art gallery in Brooklyn. I got the job! I’ll be starting in the summer. I’m so excited about this! I was worried that I might not get the job, but I did! So sorry that I didn’t say anything about this sooner, but like I heard, a lot had happened.

Again, sorry for not posting anything.

You all have a nice day.


I just remembered something last night: Stephen Hawking passed away the other day.

I was really upset about the news because he was one of my favorite scientists, and I was really hoping that he would live long enough so that my children (if I have any) would get to know his work.

I know that he was disabled, much like me, but that wasn’t the reason why he was my favorite. He was my favorite because I liked the way he thought. There was a show on the Science Channel about him for a short time. In it, he talked about the universe and time. I also liked the way he talked about robots and Artificial Intelligence, and how they could conquer the human race.

I’m going to miss the scientist. I wished that there were a way for me to get to know him; something like a dinner party where the smartest students from the state could meet the most famous scientists in the world, and I could ask Hawking questions about himself and his work.

I may never get to know Stephen Hawking personally. I may never get to know any famous scientist personally. I wish I could through. Along with art and history, I always enjoyed learning about science, so when I heard about Hawking’s passing, I was sad to know that one of the greatest physicists in the world would no longer enlighten the rest of the world with his knowledge.

I guess that, someday, a young child will grow up to be just as great as Hawking. I hope so, because we need more intelligence and cultured people in the world. People with wisdom, as well as knowledge.

Enjoy every moment of your life. Spend time with loved ones. Take time to enjoy the little things.

That’s all for now. Have a nice rest of the day.

New Video Games

So, after some thinking, I decided to make “Good Samaritans” into a video game. If you don’t remember, or hadn’t read the page, that’s fine. However, I’m go to delete that page soon, so if you want to read it, made sure to read it soon. I’m also going to make some changes to the outline; maybe add a new character.

I also turned my mind about “Everhart Chronicle”; I decided to make it into a game as well. I’m thinking about making one an action-adventure, role-playing and social simulation game. I’m thinking about doing the same for the other game, but I also want to add a little mystery in it.

You know, I have two folders in my computer for both of my animated show ideas and video game ideas. Before, I had five video game ideas in my Games folder, and nine animated show ideas in my Animations folder. Now, there are seven ideas in my Animation folder and seven ideas in my Games folder. That make me glad to have an equal number of ideas in each folder.

Also, after posting this, I’m going to add a new page. Remember my last post about the new novels I can writing? Well, I will add a page for one of those novels. I’m only doing one because I’m still thinking about the other one; I really like one, but I’m not sure if I should continue the other.

Anyways, that’s what doing on. Sorry that I don’t have some new artwork or writings to share with you, but I have something that I’m working on that I will show to you once I’m done, or close to done, with it.

Have a nice evening!

Previews of Some Writing

Hello, everyone.

I was supposed to go to a meeting today, but it got cancelled. Tomorrow, I have an appointment in the city. I just thought to let you know. In truth, not a lot is going on. I was hoping to see my Dad this week, but I may not get to see him because for the weather.

Anyways, I’m writing because I wanted to show you what I been working on. I’m working on two satirical novels. I think I might had wrote about this before, but in case I didn’t, I’m writing about it now. The first novel is entitled, “Strawberry Milk”. It is about to be about a young female cow that can walk and talk like a human trying to fit in with the other humans. It is going to have examples and elements of animal ethnics and explore how humans treat animals.

The other is entitled, “The Dimensions of Living”. It is going to be about a young woman who recently lost her husband. She gets involved in an accident and has to go to court. Over the course of several weeks, she meets new people, go to new places, and discovers what it means to be alive.

Here is the preface of “Strawberry Milk”:


About Strawberry

Located in the heart of Texas, surrounded by forests of tall trees and meadows of tall grass, lived a rather small, tightknit community known by the rest of the world as Cattle Rock. Ever since its founding in 1865, the small town of Cattle Rock had been a self-sufficient and self-sustaining community, almost not needing the aid of a larger government. Cattle Rock had everything a hamlet, such as itself, needed, like a sheriff department, a fire station, and a small hospital. It even had things such as a movie theater, a high school, and a small shopping mall; things that weren’t necessary for survival, but made life a little cheerier. The economy of Cattle Rock was almost completely based on food production. The people of Cattle Rock not only grew fruits, vegetables, and grains, but they also cared for the animals that would later be eaten. The majority of the animals raised in Cattle Rock were cows, bulls, and steers, which was the reason behind the name of the town. Speaking of cows, let shift our attention to the Bond family.

Jedediah Bond and his wife, Suzie, were once members of a large Amish community, who believed strongly in the traditional way of doing things, that lived alongside the people of Cattle Rock, who couldn’t image a day without their electronics. Over time, however, the people of that community began to drift apart. Some moved to the city, while others moved out of the state. One by one, the people abandoned their houses and farms, which were either bulldozed or left to wither and crumble. Anyways, Jedediah and Suzie were the last remaining members of that Amish community. At first, they didn’t mind being left behind, but as the years went by, they soon discovered that it was lonely being the only ones left. They felt as though there was an empty void in their lives. A void that could only be filled with the type of love and companionship you’d feel while being near a family member or close friend. They soon found themselves praying for something that would bring back that feeling. Then, to their utter surprise, they found that their prayers were answered.

One day, while tending the fields, Suzie tumbled across a crying baby wrapped in a blanket. Actually, “baby” is not the correct word. The correct word would more likely be, “calf”. Suzie tumbled across a crying calf wrapped in a blanket. Now, by this point, most of you are probably wondering, “How can a calf cry like a human?” Well, this was no ordinarily calf. A moment of observation will reveal that the little creature was somewhat humanoid. She–for the little creature was certainly a female–still had the physical features of cattle, but the way she was shaped and the way she was sized was similar to that of a human baby. Suzie, without hesitation, took the calf home with her to show to her husband.

For many days, Jedediah and Suzie kept the calf, trying to decide what to do with her. At first, they kept her in their barn and treated her like any other animal, but over time, as they grew more attracted to the creature, they began to kept her in their house. They once tried to put clothes on the calf and, much to their surprise, she was very willing to wear them. Then, one day, the calf learned to walk on two legs and babble like a human baby. Eventually, they came to the conclusion that the little calf was a glorious miracle; a miracle that they must share with the world.

After a long, uphill battle, the couple was able to legally adopt the calf as their daughter. They named her Strawberry, because she liked to eat strawberries more than any other food. For the next fifteen years, as Strawberry learned more about the human race and their culture, she become increasingly more human and increasingly less animal. She still retained her cow-like features, such as the tiny horns on her head, her short muzzle, her ovular ears, her long tail, and white fur with black patches. Yet, her appearance only motivated her to act more like a human. She had goes to public school and made human friends, all the while, never acting like an animal.

Strawberry Bond became a loving, kindhearted teenager. She was an intelligent and cultured young adult, who seek to help others and improve society. Her friends and family, the people who had gotten to know her, love and support her. However, as Strawberry walked the streets of Cattle Rock, many bystanders, the people who only know her through rumors and gossip, watch her with skeptical eyes. It is not that they don’t trust her, or think ill of her. It’s just that, as they watch her going about her business around town, the same question floats around in their minds: “Is Strawberry Bond really human, or is she an animal?”

Here is the prologue of “The Dimensions of Living”:


What does it mean to “exist”? What does the word, “exist” suggest? Does it mean to simply survive or live? What is the purpose of existing? Who is it that creates the universe and commands the life within it? Why is it that Earth is the only planet in the solar system able to sustain life? Why is it that lifeforms on Earth differ from each other? Why did some animals walk on land while others swim in the oceans or fly in the sky? Why was mankind created? What does the word, “exist” mean to a human? What is the ultimate purpose for mankind? Was the creation of mankind just a mistake, and was not meant to exist?

These are not uncommon questions. The great philosophers and scientists of humanity had devoted their lives to answering these questions. There is no doubt that the everyday person had questioned the purpose of their life at least once. Those people often search for a meaning their lives, doing whatever it takes to prove to themselves and others that they have a purpose. Yet, eventually, they lose sight of what’s important and adopt lifestyles that lead them away from the path to their true purpose. Many people tend to focus too much of their energy on the present issues of life, often doing nothing to solve them. Some choose to go through life doing whatever they please, often not caring about the needs of those around them. Others seek only to destroy any form of life, though oftentimes, the life they destroy is their own.

Then, there is the one percent; those special few who devote their lives to the growth and development of their spirits. These people see the meaning of life. They see that there is a greater purpose for everyone. Usually, they spend half of their lives trying to find their true purpose, then, once they did, they would help others to find their true purpose. These people often find themselves working as nurses, teachers, veterinarians, or other careers in which they are help or lead others. These are the types of people who are glad knowing they made a different, and they expect nothing in return for their services.

These are, indeed, good people. However, these people did not make it to where they are now by chance. None of them knew what their true purpose was at first and it didn’t come to them as suddenly as a bolt of lightning. They all needed to work to get to where they are now. For most of these people, that work included hours of study and intense labor. Others choose to go on quests or journeys to find their true purpose. A few of them eventually found their true purpose, albeit after some suffering; suffering that was, at times, physical, but more often than not, emotional.

But is pain not a part of life? Are we not able to learn from pain? Doesn’t pain just remind us that we are alive? Don’t all wounds heal with time? If you don’t understand, don’t worry, you will. Just continue reading this story. By the time you’re finish, you just might learn something.

Well, those were the previews of my new novels. Please excuse the odd formatting. I hope you like them. I look forward to seeing what you think for these. Maybe some of you can give me some tips on writing satirical novels. I’m going to eventually post these new stories on the site, as their own pages. For now, however, I hope you enjoy the novels.

Have a great day!

Everhart Chronicles

Hello and good evening!

Just wanted to say hello, and see how everyone is doing.

Today, I got my hair done, then I rest a bit. I watched TV for the rest of the day and evening. While I was watching an episode of “Forever” (I’m not sure if any of you had seen or heard of it, but it’s a show about a doctor who is also immortal), I gotten an idea. Remember my novel, “Turning a Blind Eye”? I was going to rewrite it, but then I thought: What if I made this into a TV show like “Forever”? I think it’s a great idea for a show, but the thing is, I’m not sure if I should it a cartoon or live action. I’m curious to see what you think.

Anyways, I got some more drawings to show to you all:

Will Midnight2
William Midnight


Zilla and Zane2
Zilla Cradle and Zane Fey

Tell me what you think of these!

That’s all for tonight.

Talk to you soon!

Home for the Week

It’s Spring Break and I am home for the week.

I’ll try to write something on the site more often. I plan on using my time-off working on my drawings and writing, as well as work on a few things for school. Right now, I’m working on some drawings that I made during my free-time at school. Speaking of which, here are a few things that I made:

Also, I made a new page on the site, which is entitled: “Magical Mystical Showcase”. Here is the link. Check it out! Tell me what you think in the comments!

I also made some more changes to some other pages. See with you can spot them!

That’s all for now. Have a nice rest of the day!