My name is Danielle, and this is my new website. You might be here because you came from my old blog that I left alone for over 3 years. First of all, sorry to all of the people who followed me back then. I just got so busy.

Second of all, I’ll be using this site as a portfolio. I will be showcasing all of the art and writing I have done over the years.

And lastly, thank you for visiting my site. Please leave your comments.



Yes, I know it been 12 or so days since my last post. I wanted to post something yesterday, but couldn’t find the time.

Just wanted to say “Hello” and share with you what been going on.

Yesterday, I want to the Met Museum to look for something to write about for my research paper. I saw some staffs from South Africa on display and decided to write about them.

The art club was going to another museum, the Cloisters. I wanted to go, but by the time I got to Manhattan, it was already too late to join. I figured that I could go to the Met instead and do what I needed to do there. I told my mom that I still wanted to go to the Cloisters, and she said that we will make time.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention! The police discovered who might had broke into the apartment. They got a warrant for his arrest and are looking for him. I assume that they are still looking for him and will let us know when they find him.

Anyways, that what happened. If something else happened, I’ll write about that.

So, have a great day and talk to you later.

Happy Halloween

I know it been a while since my last post. A lot had happened and I couldn’t find the energy or the time.

First, I went to the 60th birthday party of my step-dad’s brother. I met his cousin and showed her my blog. She liked it and started following it, so I have a new follower!

I went back home again to get my hair done. After that, I mostly worked on my novels, some new drawings, and some homework. I also made a few changes to a few pages; fixed some things and stuff like that.

Anyways, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. If any of you have children or have small children in your families, then I hope you had a fun time trick-or-treating with them.

I didn’t visit my dad like I wanted because of classes and I didn’t dress up like I was planning, but there’s always next year.

Also, there was supposedly a terrorist attack near my college. My parents asked if I can ok because they were worried and my teacher talked about it in class. I’m not sure what happened, but no one I knew got hurt, so it’s all good.

So, I hope you got the chance to enjoy Halloween. I will try to post more often, but in the meantime, good night and talk to you again soon.


Busy, but Good Week

It is almost the end of the week.

It been busy; I had a lot of work to do. Yet, it was a good week.

I have no classes this Monday, so I guess I c an do what I need to do during my day off.

I finished a chapter of my new mystery, “Turning a Blind Eye”. As soon as I upload it to the page, I will let you guys know.

I have been doing a lot of drawing in my free time. I have yet to color them in, but I would still like to share them with you all.

The first one is of Lotus Suzuki, Dusk’s, Dawn’s, and Orion’s mother. If you don’t remember these characters, then you should read the page entitled “Dusk + Dawn (Animated Show)”. There, you will find information about the characters.


The second one is of a boy and a girl sitting in a clearing in a forest. They were supposed to be new characters; characters from this idea of a novel that I had. I started coloring it in, but stopped. However, I decided against it. I hope you enjoy it anyway.


That’s it for now. Will post again at a later date.

Have a nice day.

Friday the 13th

Sorry for the inactivity for the past 12 days or so. Stuff had piled on top of me and  needed to sort it out. For the time being, I am free.

Today is Friday the 13th, as I guess you already know. There is a new movie now called “Happy Death Day”. I think its another horror/thriller movie. I probably won’t see it, but if you guys see it, maybe you can tell me about it.

Today, I tried to donate my blood, but they told me that my iron was too low. I know that people say that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck. Maybe if they were holding the blood drive on a different day, I would have better luck. So far, I only donated blood once. I hope to do it again.

On a side note, it’s October. Soon, it will be Halloween. I hope to visit my dad in New Jersey. There’s a haunted house in the neighborhood that he lives in that I want to go inside of. I was afraid of going inside of it before, but this year, I feel like I can do it.

Anyways, I just wanted to post something before another 12 days pass. I still have some homework to do.

Goodbye for now.


I want home on Saturday and found out that the apartment was broken into. No one was hurt, I think, and our cat was fine too; she was hiding in the bathroom. The robbers took some money, jewelry, and my XBox. They also break my piggy bank.

But, luckily, they didn’t take everything; they left some stuff behind. They didn’t take anything that was really important.

The only thing that I’m worried about is getting back my grandmother’s jewelry. She given all of it to me after she died and it mean a lot to me.

My mom and step-dad spoke to the police. I’m sure that they’ll find the people and get back what was taken.

My mom was really upset, but I think she’s calm now. The apartment is a mess; both of the bedrooms have stuff littering the floor. Yet, I think it will take no time at all to put everything back where it belongs.

Anyways, that’s all. I just wanted to share what happened to you guys. Will post again at a later dates.

Have a great night.

End of the Month

It’s almost the end of the month. Sorry I hadn’t posted anything for over nine days. I’ve been busy with classes and homework. I don’t have much to say. I’ve been working on my novels and drawings in my spare time. I’m also working on some large projects; projects that take some time.

This weekend, I’ll need to work on a few things for school; mostly stuff for my art history classes. Speaking for which, I just did an exam for my writing class. I don’t believe I told you guys about that. I’m taking a class where we have to study and write about movies. Not like writing movie reviews, but more like analyzing movies and how the stories within them unfold. It been fun so far.

That’s all for now. Not a lot had happen, so I don’t have a lot to write. The first month of school is going well, and everything is good.

That’s it. Talk to you later.

Silent Night + 110th Post

Good evening, everyone!

This is my 110th post on this blog! Thanks to everyone who is following me. You guys are the reason why I keep writing on here.

Anyways, it been a silent day and a silent night. I don’t have classes today, the classes I do have tomorrow are canceled because of the holiday, and my roommate went home for a few days. But I’ll be fine.

It been a while since my last post, so I wanted to write something tonight. I made two new drawings and I uploaded two sets of song lyrics on DeviantArt.

Here are the two new drawings:

NoelThis is Noel. He is Alexandrea Embrace’s pet reindeer.


This is Amity. She is a half-unicorn, half dragon hybrid and August Cross’ pet.

Here are the links to the song lyrics:

All Together (Song Lyrics)

Timid Heart (Song Lyrics)

That’s all for now. I will talk to  you all later!