My name is Danielle Marsh. At the time of typing this, I am a college student in my second year. I’m going to Pace University, Dyson College, studying art and art history.

What you are about to read is a little thing I wrote for my public speaking class here at Pace. I feel this will give you a good idea of the kind of person I am. So, here you go:

Once upon a time, in a kindergarten class, a much younger version of me was drawing a picture of a sailboat in a thunderstorm with markers. Later when I showed the picture to my teachers, they said it was the most detailed drawing they ever seen by a kindergartener. They showed the picture to my mother, who was so impressed that she kept it for the years to come. I continued to draw after that. Making art soon became a pastime of mine. Drawing is not my only hobby, I also wrote quite a few fictional stories. I enjoy writing and drawing so much that I decided to invest in a career, or careers, out of one of the two.

Drawing came so easy for me that some had said it was my natural talent. My favorite things to sketch were animals and other things from nature, however, much later, I learned how to draw people. Whenever I had a spare moment for myself, I would go into an empty room, or any place where there were peace and quiet, take out a notebook, and draw whatever was in my imagination. It was an outlet for my stress and a way for me to relax. Along with art, I also took up writing as a hobby. I believe it was my love of reading books that made me want to create my own. My stories would differ in themes and setting; some would be romances that took place in the 1800s, while some were action-packed adventures with a more modern setting.

My main goal is to become an animator for a company that make animated shows for television. There are many places on my list of companies that I want to work for, however, a company well-known in the United States called Cartoon Network Studios are on the top of the list. Why? Because I grew up watching and loving the shows that the company made. However, if I can’t get a job as an animator, then I’ll fall back to my Plan B, which is to become a graphic novelist. I always admired the artwork and storytelling in comics and graphic novels, and thought that I could do something similar to that. My Plan C is to become a novelist; if I cannot express my ideas though drawing, then I can still express them though writing. In addition, I could always include illustrations in my novels.

In closing, I enjoy both drawing and writing. I enjoy it because it allows me to use both hemispheres of my brain- one hemisphere contains my academic knowledge while the other contains my artistic ability. By working together, I create works of art. My abilities and talents are things that I am proud of, and I admire anyone who can draw, paint, or design.


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