Zane Fey (Video Game)

Backstory: Once upon a time there lived a young boy who wished for a friend to play with. One day the boy’s wish come true in the form of a lovely young girl, who was everything the boy wanted in a friend. On one life-changing evening, the father passed away, the mother disappeared, and the boy was left alone with his friend, who never left his side. Everyone who knew the boy also knew the girl, however not many knew the truth about the girl. Which was, she was only a being created by the boy’s mind.

Plot: Zane Fey is a professor of metaphysics at the University of Oxford, a consultant for Scotland Yard, and “master” to Zilla Cradle, a bubbly, feisty, and girly tulpa. As Zane and his friends keep unwitting finding themselves in the mix of many mysteries and puzzles, they start to find themselves enjoying the thrilling and mysterious adventures.

Main Characters:

Zane Fey- the 30-year-old, gray haired professor of metaphysics at the University of Oxford. He wears a plain white shirt with dark pants and round rimmed glasses. He was born into a luxurious lifestyle. His father, Ignatius Fey, was a landlord and his mother, Ethel Fey, was a housewife. The three of them in a large manor in the Oxford countryside. Zane was very intelligent, even as a child. He could read and comprehend every science book in the manor’s library, as well as being able to understand the concepts of physics and metaphysics at a young age.  When Zane was 12-year-old his father passed away due to a heart attack. His mother, shortly after the passing of her husband, took a drive out of town and never returned. Zane, feeling extremely lonely without his parents, and having read about tulpas in a book, willfully created a living entity to befriend. That entity became Zilla. For a while, he was raised by the estranged sister of Ethel Fey, Jane Gracie, though, for the most part, he took care of himself. By age 23, he had earned his degrees on metaphysics and teaching, and had been teaching at Oxford ever since.

Zilla Cradle- Zane’s 18-year-old tulpa. Zilla is bubbly, outgoing girl. Her long black hair is tied into two ponytails, she has pink eyes, and wears pink sweatshirt and pink sweatpants. She, along with Wonderland, was first created when Zane was 12-years-old, shortly after the disappearance of his mother. Because Zane believes Zilla to be a real person, she appears as real to everyone else. Realizing that people would ask questions, Zane created the story that Zilla was a young in-live maid, hired by the family long before the passing of the father and the disappearance of the mother. Zilla worked for Zane and his aunt as a domestic worker for years. When Zane started working for the University of Oxford, she became his research assistant as well. Zilla’s powers and abilities are be bestowed to her by Zane, who can give her any superpower he can think of. Every now and again, Zane would teach her the things he learned.

Noah Upton- 30-year-old archeologist and traveler. He has red hair and brown eyes. Noah is a close friend of Zane. The two first met in elementary school and went on being best friends until high school. However, Noah and his family moved to York and they hadn’t seen each other for years. Noah went to college to study archeology. While in college, he was introduced to his future mentor and good friend, Doctor George Paula. Noah had studied under Dr. Paula’s wing. He has knowledge on all ancient civilizations as well as being able to notice patterns in astrology and navigate by stars. Zilla has known Noah since childhood, and Noah had known that Zilla was a tulpa.

Thistle Green- a 20-year-old florist and an acquaintance of Zane. She has thick, spiky light purple hair that looks like a thistle. Her eyes are also purple. She lives alone in a cheap apartment in Oxford. She sells plants and flowers in her own little shop near the University of Oxford. She is a descendant of the first Amazonian princess; comes from a long line of Amazonian princesses. She and her mother ran away from the tribe when she was a baby. At her mother’s deathbed, she warmed her about the tribe of warrior woman. When she and Zane first met, she was still in junior high school and he was in college; the two became good friends by writing letters to one another. Like Noah, Thistle known Zilla from when they were young, yet never known she was a thoughtform until later.

Jenkins- an intelligent Siamese cat who loves to solve puzzles and brainteasers. While Zane and Zilla was on their way to a new case, Jenkins ran out in front of their car, causing them to stop suddenly. Zilla instantly fell in love with the cat and begged Zane to let them keep him.

Game 1: 

Zane Fey & The Funfair of Frights: Jolly Town, England, the only amusement park that doubles as a town. For years since it’s opening, the park/town’s residents were happy as they lived in continuance amusement. Yet now, they live in fear as members of the Jolly Town community are dying one by one. British professor, Zane Fey, is called in to investigate the strange happenings of the park/town. What they uncover in a conspiracy plotted by cultists to ruin the park.

Game 2:

Zane Fey & The Philosopher’s Stone: Noah Upton, Zane’s best friend from high school, after so many years, writes to him, seeking help. During an archeological dig in the ruins of Berlin, Germany, a creature of unknown origin, begins to terrorize the workers. To make matters worse, Noah’s mentor and friend is found unconscious in a tent and everyone is put under suspicion. Zane, and Zilla are asked fix this mess. Little do they know that is all a plot to possess the most powerful object known to man: The Philosophers’ Stone.

Game 3:

Zane Fey & The Abandoned Birthright: The Amazonians were a tribe of tall, muscular warrior women who lived in the ancient world of Greece. Now, in the present, the descendants of the Amazons are living in London, England. They seek the lost princess that abandoned her throne years ago. When a body shows up in the river near the London Eye, Zane, Zilla, and Noah are asked to solve the mystery, cutting their vacation short. Meanwhile, a young woman by the name of Thistle Green is trying to forget her past.

Game 4:

Zane Fey & The Trip to Bermuda: To make up for their last vacation, Zane, Zilla, Noah, Jenkins, and Thistle take a cruise ship to the island of Bermuda. However, their vacation is once again cut short when many of the other passengers disappeared overnight. Better soon, they find themselves trapped on an island with no way off. Slowly but surely, they uncover a plot to struggle goods to and from the Americas.

Game 5:

Zane Fey & The Domestic Dispute: After years of suffering from nightmares, Zane and his friends travel to the sleepy town of Mistletoe Brook to see a scientist who claims to be able to help him. While in Mistletoe Brook, they receive a message asking them to assist a local singer who is in some legal trouble. Apparently, the singer’s wealthy boyfriend was murdered in his home and the town thinks she is the culprit. On their path to prove the singer’s innocent, Zane will discover the cause of his nightmares, as well as his long-lost mother.

Game 6:

Zane Fey & The Crystal Child: When a young boy is found encased in quartz crystals on the island of Madagascar, the great British professor, Zane Fey, and his friends are asked to investigate this strange phenomena. The young boy, named Hugo, is freed from his crystal prison by Zane and the others, who then take him to Fey Manor in Oxford. Hugo tells his caretakers about his extraordinary abilities, and then demonstrates said abilities to them. Later that night, strange warriors dressed in black attacked the manor, and almost succeed in kidnapping Hugo. Zane, Zilla, Noah, Thistle, Ethel, and even Jenkins had taken upon themselves to look after Hugo, until they discover who it is that is after Hugo.