Visual Works

surreal This is a surreal self-portrait I made during my final year of high school. Everyone, my teacher, my mother,  and everyone else I showed it to were impressed by this piece.

These are all drawings I made in my Drawing I class at Pace. What do you think?img_20150609_172738-1Here’s an album cover I’ve done while in high school. It was a smooth jazz album, so I was thinking a jazzy design would do. What do you think?


This is a piece called “Hedgehog”. It’s a little drawing I made a few years back. Tell me what you think.



This piece sold for over $500 at an art auction hosted by this art program called the Fred Dolan Art Academy. It was a major milestone for me.

Drawing of my cat, Tiara. We got her from an animal rescue center a few years ago.


“Pop Art Universe”

This piece won a gold key at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards,  2013.


I call this piece “A Head”. I guess you can see why. I made this during my time at the Fred Dolan Art Academy.


Another piece of artwork I made during my time at the Fred Dolan Art Academy. It didn’t get any money at the art auction, but it’s still beautiful.


I call this drawing “It’s Ok to Cry”. I made this recently with colored pencils.


Another drawing I did recently. I call it “A Hug for You”.


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