Three Wayward Angels (Animated Series)

Plot: Three young angels are kicked out of Heaven and the only way for them to return is to prove they are can be trustworthy angels and help a lonely girl who dreams of becoming a magician


·        Phoebe Watson- an awkward redheaded thirteen year old girl who is skilled in the art of stage magic; casting illusions and other performing feats. She lives in a boarding school and the only human able to see and talk to the angels

·        The Wayward Triplets- three accident-prone, yet good-natured guardian angels in training sent by their god to become Phoebe’s guardian angels

o   Alpha- the intelligent and academically skilled boy of the three angels. He is the brains behind anyone of the angels’ plans and is always the one who leads the gang into adventures; he is considered as ‘the determined leader’

o   Melody- the elegant, fancy, and sophisticated girl of the three angels. She is well-known for being the one who tries to keep her brothers under control; she is considered as ‘the peacekeeper’

o   Light- the comical and happy-go-lucky boy of the three angels. He is always in a good mood and is the one who is always keeping others in a lighthearted, optimistic mood; he is considered as ‘the positive thinker’

Supporting Characters:

·        Oracle- a talking female teacup poodle tasked with the job of reporting the performance of the angels and has the ability to send letters to Heaven, as well as receive them, via a magical chest

·        The Archangels- powerful warriors and the authority of Heaven responsible for carrying out the requests of their god

·        God- being depicted as a colossal sized hand

Major Antagonists:

·        Lucifer- fallen angel plotting to rage war on Heaven and Earth

·        The 7 Deadly Sins- the ghoulish embodiments of the seven deadly sins who follow the orders of Lucifer

§  Envy- manifests herself as a cute little girl with green glowing eyes

§  Gluttony- manifests himself a giant head with a wide mouth, tiny arms and tiny legs

§  Pride- manifests himself as a teenage version of Lucifer with the wings of a dragon

§  Lust- manifests herself as a woman’s body for a top half and a black widow spider’s body for a bottom half

§  Sloth- manifests himself as a black and white cloaked being with a sad mask for a face and long arms

§  Greed- manifests herself as a magical genie with golden hair and a lot of jewelry

§  Wrath- manifests himself as green fire in the shape of a large human that grows bigger the angrier he gets 

Other Characters:

·        Monica “Minty” Jones- Phoebe’s monotone-voiced friend, who is skilled in the art of baking and cooking

·        Igor Woods – Phoebe’s outgoing and cheerily friend, who is skilled in the art of chemistry despite losing his eyesight in a chemical accident

·        Prince Samuels- the very confident friend and childhood rival of Phoebe, who is a skilled entertainer who can perform complex stunts and feats

·        The Bad Apples- a group of mean girls

o   Apple Watson- Phoebe’s twin sister, who is skilled in mathematics, however she never got the same amount of attention or care from her parents, making her resentful against Phoebe, who was always the apple of their parents’ eyes

o   Jodie Allgood- Apple’s nasty and mean-spirited friend, who is widely known for her superhuman-like strength and skill in athletic competitions

o   Lacey Blue- Apple’s prideful and egotistically friend, who singlehandedly made millions of dollars and is known as the world’s youngest entrepreneur

·        Lancelot- a older guardian angel in training plotting to get the triplets out of Heaven for good The reason behind wanting the triplets out of Heaven, is because he feels that the triplets’ mishaps and shenanigans will eventually destroy both Heaven and Earth. He is well-respected by the Archangels, who has granted him the honor of working for them as their assistance. He is somewhat prideful and sometimes smug, but he only ever acts that way when the triplets are around. Like all guardian angels in training, he aspires to be as great as his god

·        Ruby- a half angel, half demon fusion created by Lucifer for the purpose of helping him destroy the earth. (First meet in Season 2) She was unsure of her existence, her actions, and her true purpose in life before meeting Phoebe, Alpha, Melody, and Light. All five of them first meet when Lucifer sent her out into the world to create panic and chaos. However, after meeting the Wayward Triplets, becoming friends with them, and learning how to use her nigh-limitless powers for the betterment of mankind, she became an angel of Heaven

The Powers of Angels and Demons

God, aka The Holy King, aka The Big Guy, creates his angels out of the positive traits and emotions of mankind. Angels get their powers from their halos, the halos get their power from those who believe in them. If enough people believe, the halo will glow a bright light and then transform into a special weapon. For the Archangels, it’s a type of flaming weapon. However, if people don’t believe, the halos becomes dim until it falls from the angel’s head. For the Wayward Triplets, it’s a type of musical instrument. Alpha has a guitar, Melody has a keytar, and Light has drums. Angels can also inspire traits such as kindness or honesty in the hearts of people; for Alpha, Melody, and Light, they are able to spend confidence, kindness, and optimism respectively.

Demons get their powers from the pain and suffering of moral people. Lucifer, aka the Dark Prince, creates the demons, including the Seven Deadly Sins, out of negative traits and emotions.  Whenever someone from Earth is feeling depressed or upset, a demon gets stronger, faster, and more durable. The Seven Deadly Sins empower themselves by inspiring greed, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, slothfulness, or wraith in the hearts of people.

A long time ago, the Heart of Eden, a crystal heart holding divine magic, was stolen from Heaven by the demons. The heart has the power to heal any wound, undo any damage, perform any magical feat, shine with the same brightness as the sun, and controls the flow of nature. It was believed the Heart might had found its way to Earth, never to be seen again. Phoebe’s wand is actually the Heart of Eden.


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