The Topsy-Turvy Life of Anastasia (Animated Series)

Plot: The adventures and shenanigans of a 15-year-old cello prodigy named Anastasia Carman as she tries to solve the mysteries of her birth parents, her abilities, and her town, with the help of her friends, family, and other unlikely allies.

Anastasia Carman-

AKA: Anne, Carrot Top, Miss Prodigy, Miss Carman, Artemis Gospel, Jack of all trades, Precious Princess, A.C., Love muffin


“Ana…stasia. M-my name is Anastasia.”

“After everything that has happened, I welcome the mundane!”

“Crisis Averted!”

“Fear not, my friends. I have this under control.”

“That didn’t work as well as I thought it would.”

“It’s one of those things that only ever works in theory.”


“Oh for Pete’s sake, not another one!”

“On the contrary, you wouldn’t pay me to do this.”

A gifted 15 year ago with a passion for the cello and the classical arts. She enjoys playing music whenever she can. She loves her friends and family unconditional; nothing stops her from taking care of and protecting the things that matter most to her. She is kind, polite, and generous to everyone and sees the beauty in everything, despite how horrific, ghastly, or gross.

Alone, she is brave, adventurous, and courageous, however, around people, she’s timid, quiet, and shy; modest and meek. She doesn’t fair well within social situations, wanting to hide instead of talking to strangers. Her major fear is that everyone around her will end up hating her one day, or that her love ones will abandon her, or that she will do something humiliating that will make everyone laugh at her.

She has a fascination for magic, fairy-tales and the supernatural. She loves the idea of going on adventures, solving mysteries, travelling to faraway places, using magic spells, fighting dangerous monsters, and discovering ancient treasures. She has a notoriously hyperactive imagination, which she uses to play make-believe.

She never leaves home without her cello and/or diary. Her main goal is to be attempted into the Institution of Higher Learning, a very sophisticated college in Egypt. Has orange, almond-shaped eyes and a long orange ponytail with orange bangs.

Her favorite author is Edgar Allen Poe. She prefers to wear ballet shoes in her everyday life. She absolutely loves playing the cello. She writes in her diary almost every day. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite animal is the rabbit. Her favorite composer is Bach. Her favorite band is Kiss.

Skills includes:

  • Instantly learn anything by reading or watching any sort of information
  • Being able to speak and read every language known to man, even ancient languages
  • Possessing flexibility, balance, reflexes, dexterity, and agility at the human peak
  • Turning her cello into a powerful melee weapon
  • Speed reading
  • Being able to play any musical instrument as well as sing very well
  • Build anything using nothing but the environment
  • Use ballet moves to dodge projectiles aimed at her
  • Ballistic screaming, but only when she is really mad
  • Creating wings purely made from music


  • David & Jackie Carman- Anastasia’s adopted parents. David and Jackie wanted kids to take care of, however, they were unable to give birth to children on their own, so they adopted instead. Anastasia was adopted from an orphanage in Europe at the age of 7; she was the last one to be adopted. The couple runs a local museum called “Carmen’s Museum of Antiquities”. They are strange, unusual, lyrical, clever, crafty, firm, but fair, and tender loving parents. David has short, black hair and Jackie has curly red hair.
  • Courtney Carman- Anastasia’s 18-year-old adopted sister. Courtney attends the community college in the town of Mountain-Valley Flats, studying to be a real estate agent. She is very protective of her sisters, Anastasia and Tessa, and is very proud of her leadership abilities and military-grade tactics. She has short blonde hair that reaches her cheekbone and blue eyes.
  • Tessa Carman- Anastasia’s 8-year-old adopted sister. She attends the local elementary school. Tessa idolizes Anastasia, always talking about how amazing she is. One major flaw of Tessa’s, is that her mind quickly races from thought to the other. In other words, Tessa cannot focus on anything. She is also a trouble-maker. Her eyes are blue and her short butterscotch colored hair is cut in uneven layers.
  • Vincie- Anastasia’s pet robot rabbit. Vincie is short for Leonardo da Vinci, Anastasia’s favorite artist from history. Vincie is actually broken; a defective product from a company that creates robotic pets. Vincie’s digital eyes are black and his metal coat is white.
  • Fredrick Gospel (First meet in season 4)- Anastasia’s biological great uncle; uncle to Anastasia’s biological father. During some grand adventure, Dorothy met Fredrick and later explained to their link to Anastasia.

Best Friends:

  • Dorothy Curls- one of Anastasia’s best friends. Age 15. Her skin is tan and her eyes are green. Her green colored, twin ponytails are actually part of her wig, which she wears to cover her hair baldness. She is crazy about boys and is always looking for romance. She is not obsessed with girls, but will do anything to be with Anastasia, even worship the ground she walks on.
  • Rocco Curls- Dorothy’s 17-year-old older brother and another one of Anastasia’s best friends. He has a tan, pompadour hairstyle and his eyes are tan. He is an unsuccessful playboy who is always chasing pretty girls. He an excellent break dancer, and had danced with Anastasia on occasions, even though she dances the ballet.
  • Katie Moonbeam- Age 14. Katie aspires to be a well-known fashion designer like her mother, holding herself to the highest standard and having a powerful passion for clothes. She is very prim and proper. She always wears the most over-the-top clothing. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Shorter then the others. Something that she and Anastasia share is a love for pretty things.
  • Doug “Douglas” Forest- Anastasia’s crush. Doug is a 17-year-old alien enthusiast, researching how alien might have affected humanity. His full name is Douglas, but everyone calls him Doug. He lives with his aging grandmother. He is Rocco’s best friend. He’s often serious, especially when talking about aliens, but is mainly naïve and overly trusting. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Eleanor “Elle” Reed (First meet in season 2)- The last remaining member of a group of alchemists who lived a long time ago, and an immortal, living in secret in Mountain-Valley Flats for hundreds of years. When she was sixteen, she discovered a fountain of eternal youth in the hidden part of the mountain forest. Not knowing the affects it would cause, she drunk it. Over time she hidden herself away in the mountains, away from people, until she met Anastasia in a café. Since then, the two tried to find a way to remove Elle’s immortality. She is taller than Anastasia, with blue eyes and a blonde ponytail and bangs.
  • Red Turner (First meet in season 3)- A boy from the same orphanage as Anastasia. He was Anastasia’s first friend and, for a while, her best friend. The two did everything together, until she was adopted. He is 18 when the two finally meet again at a crossroads. Though he didn’t say until much later, he has a crush on Anastasia. He had lived the life of a drifter, doing odd jobs, for years. Has brown eyes and short red hair. Rides a motorcycle.

Other Characters/Friends:

  • Kid McGee- Age 14. Kid has a crazed addiction to video game and would played them for hours. He sends his time with Roselyn and Jo-jo.
  • Jo-jo Song- A Japanese-American 14-year-old with mutism, meaning she can’t speak. She communicates through Sign Language. She is good friends with both Anastasia, Roselyn, and Kid.
  • Roselyn Cupid- Anastasia’s foil. The 15-year-old daughter of Ms. Dora Cupid, the homeroom teacher. Prefers to be called Rose. Roselyn is on a quest for high school popularity. She is already well-known in the school for being the daughter of a teacher, but wants to more than just that, so he often acts out. Her eyes are blue and so is her short, dyed hair.
  • Prince Phillip (Frist meet in Season 4)- The prince of a small widely unknown country called Enigma. He fell in love with Anastasia and even proposed to marry her.
  • Ms. Dora Cupid- The beautiful teacher at Anastasia’s high school and a secret agent for a government-funded foundation called, The Two Moons Foundation, a foundation that studies and investigates strange incidents and worldwide mysteries. Her mission is to keep an eye on Anastasia and determine if she is the reason for Mountain-Valley Flats’ strangeness. As Anastasia’s homeroom teacher, Ms. Dora is able to keep an eye on her. She wears glasses and had long black hair.
  • Lady Moonbeam- Katie’s mother, the famous fashion designer. She is over-the-top and extravagant. The Moonbeams live in a mountain-side mansion that overlooks the whole town.
  • Mother Sophia (First meet in Season 3)- the head nun of the orphanage that took care of Anastasia. She acted as Anastasia’s teacher and guardian, teaching her things from music and literature. It was Mother Sophia who gave Anastasia her name.
  • Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Janet Curls- Janet is an overzealous police officer and an unpredictable English professor at the local community college. The Curls live in a block away from Anastasia’s family.
  • Mrs. Harriet Forest- Doug’s widowed grandmother. The two of them live in a little house out in the forest next to the town.
  • Irwin Mason- David’s old friend from college, now wealthy and sending time going on adventures. David and Irwin are in the middle of an adult rivalry.
  • Jock Mason- the son of Irwin Mason. He is a hardcore alethic who looks down on people who don’t play or watch sports. He is rude to everyone and hates everything that aren’t sports. He is convicted that he is the best at something, often belittling others who bested him. Anastasia, who gets the best grades in school on top of being a cello prodigy, gets bullies by Jock, who is jealous of her skills.
  • Mayor Phineas Cucumber- the 48-year-old mayor of Mountain-Valley Flats. At first he was helpful and enjoyed doing things for the people of the town, however, as Anastasia became he hero of the town, he slowly started to rely on her for everything.
  • Georgie Johnson- a country girl living with her family on a large farm located on the outskirts of Mountain-Valley Flats. Anastasia’s rival. Georgie is a master on the violin and is a great singer; in fact, she believes that she is a superior musician to Anastasia or anyone. She calls those who were raised in the city, “city bumpkins”. Whenever she isn’t practicing her music, she is going around the town causing pain and suffering to others by destroying their property and starting fights, all for the fun of it.
  • Richard & Regina Johnson- Georgie’s parents and managers. People say that Georgie got her arrogant from them, for they are just as self-righteous as she is.
  • Reggie Johnson (First meet in Season 2)- Georgie’s older, attractive brother. Reggie is the only member of the Johnson family that isn’t selfness or arrogant, instead he is easy-going and humble.

Major Antagonists:

  • Alexander “Alex” Lucius – A devious and mysterious shapeshifting incubus who is obsessed with Anastasia. Alex is in love with Anastasia, so much so that he wanted to keep her to himself; he kidnapped her on one occasion. He is willing to destroy anyone and anything to be with the love of his life, even those closet to Anastasia. Whenever the two meet, he will try to force her to love him back. In his human form, he has short, soft blonde hair and green eyes, however in his true form, he has pure black skin, stringy black hair, and red glowing eyes.
  • Enna- Anastasia’s doppelgänger from a mirrored universe of Mountain-Valley Flats. In the mirrored reality, everyone and everything is twisted and distorted. In Enna’s version of Mountain-Valley Flats, she is a dictator that rules with an iron fist. Though Enna looks exactly like Anastasia, she is the exact opposite of Anastasia; where Anastasia is generous, kind, and modest, her doppelgänger is selfish, arrogant, and malevolent. Enna is dead-set on destroying the real Anastasia and taking over her world. ‘Enna’ is Anastasia’s nickname, ‘Anne’, spelled backwards.

o   Guod- the mirrored version of Doug. Guod is the most intelligent person in the mirror universe; he is always one step ahead of everyone.

o   Eitak- the mirrored version of Katie. While Katie holds herself to a high standard and is always clean and fashionable, Eitak is messy, slobby, and never holds herself to a high standard.

o   Occor- the mirrored version of Rocco. While Rocco is cool under pressure, Occor is a nervous wreck.

o   Yhtorod- the mirrored version of Dorothy. Dorothy is warm and considerate, while Yhtorod is cold and uncaring.

o   Eicniv- the mirrored version of Vincie. A massive mechanical rabbit, made of cast iron and copper. It can breathe fire and stomp out enemies with its giant feet.

  • Armageddon Inc.- the rival foundation to Two Moon Institute (revealed in Season 3). A long time ago, a couple of rouge agents formed their own independent foundation focused on selling strange and unnatural phenomena to the highest bidders and making a profit; sometimes they use them as weapons. They want to turn Anastasia into the world’s greatest soldier. Armageddon Inc. are also responsible for creating Robo-Pets, a series of robotic animals, like Vincie, that people purchase as pets.

Other Enemies:

  • Were-dogs- Wild dogs that can spend a disease that turns humans into wild dog-like breasts by biting them. Bitten Tessa on one occasion, turning her into a were-dog until being cured.
  • Aliens- xenomorph-like creatures that attack Mountain-Valley Flats. Beaten and driven away by Anastasia and her friends.
  • Madam Victoria La Bell- a sorceress who specializes in the manipulation of talents and/or superpowers of other people. Sometimes, she steals people’s talents and/or superpowers so she can use them instead. She can even transfer one person’s talents and/or superpowers to another person.
  • Raven Man- Anastasia’s “imagery friend”, who is actually an interdimensional demon that feeds on the imagination of small children. He is a slender man with a raven’s beck and raven feathers on him shoulders. He wears a black suit with a stiped shirt underneath and a black bow tie. Raven Cross was strongest when he was with Anastasia, and so he returned to turn Anastasia into his personal energy source.

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