The Amazing Adventures of Woolly the Dog (Animated Series)

Plot: A cheerful young puppy travels from his home island and into unknown territories in the search for this beloved big sister



An optimistic, playful, and big hearted young dog with a highly developed sense of smell. Growing up on Tailbone, a small island inhabited by a variety of furry, four-legged animals, Woolly was taken care of by his older sister Willow before she has taken off on a boat to find adventure. The red scarf she has given him is his own prized possession and the only article of clothing he wears. Woolly was able to provide for himself by become the island’s detection dog, however he was haunted by the loss of his sister. Though he is a lover and not a fighter, Woolly sums up the courage to leave his home just like his sister.

Woolly’s family:


Willow is Woolly’s older sister who, unlike her brother, has no sense of smell. In an attempt to make up for her lack of a sense of smell, Willow became a rebellious and wild dog, climbing trees, lifting rocks, and picking fights with bigger dogs. Willow even began dressing differently, her outfit was like that of a pirate: a white blouse, a red belt, a black skirt, black boots, a red bandana, and one gold earring. Soon she left Tailbone to look for adventure. Along the way she met a parrot named Paul, who would later become her pet. Willow became a ruthless swashbuckler going from place to place, however she never lost the soft spot she has for her brother.

Woolly’s friends:

·        Howard the flea- Woolly’s pet flea and only friend on the island. Despite being a flea and the fact that all furry creatures hate fleas, Woolly gave the flea shelter in his fur to which Howard will always be eternally grateful for. Howard has joined Woolly in his search for his sister.

·        Madam Jasmine the Sphynx cat- Madam Jasmine is a female hairless cat who lived in a hut near a small village and works as a witchdoctor. Before joining Woolly, she tried to make a living as a seller of homemade herbal remedies, only to casted out by the villagers for her appearance. She is very wise in the field of healing and medicine; just wise in general.

·        Maxine the mule- a female mule that used to live on a farm ran by a group of Dobermans. She was a determined and hard-working young equine who never got the appreciation she deserves, so she joined Woolly. She has a tan coat and a long white mane.

·        Nicolette the skunk- Born and raised in the rough and unforgiving wilderness. She lives in a treehouse by herself. Nicolette is a female skunk whose dream is to become a musician, however all other animals run away at the sight of her, except for Woolly. The two quickly became friends and she joined him on his adventures.


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