Strawberry Milk (Animated Series)

Plot: A walking, talking teenaged cow named Strawberry Bond, with the unique ability to make strawberry-flavored milk, try to blend in with humans.

Main Character:

·        Strawberry Bond

o   Appearance- Strawberry is a medium size, fifteen-year-old, black and white cow with big, brown eyes. She wears a pink dress and a pink bow. Both her hands and feet are her hooves, her legs are bent back a bit, her nose is big and moist, and her ears are large. Her tail is long and wavy, with a small tuff of white fur at the end. Her pink utters, located on her midriff, are hidden under her dress.

o   Backstory- Found by the Bond family and taken to their farm as a calf. She was found alone in a clearing in the forest near the Bond farm. Seeing that she was special, she was adopted by the Bonds as their daughter and named her Strawberry. During her lifetime, she had won many blue ribbons at the County Fair; she is a celebrity among most of the townsfolk. She goes to a human high school where she is both admired and teased. She is also in change of protecting the animals within the farm.

o   Personality- Out-going, curious, determined, and excited about just about everything. Overly friendly, kind-hearted, and hard-working. As intelligent as the average human being with the strength of a bull.

o   Hobbies- Cooking, gymnastics, fashion design, dancing and playing music

o   Home- She lived on the Bond family farm, which is in the (fictional) town of Cattle County.

Supporting Characters:

·        Jebediah and Suzie Bond- Strawberry’s human parents. After getting married, Jebediah and Suzie had lived on the dairy farm that feeds the citizens of Cattle County. The farm not only provides fresh milk, but it also provides some fruit and vegetable. They found Strawberry and took her in as their own. Jebediah work day consist mostly of plowing the felids, doing repairs, caring for the crops, feeding the animals, grooming the animals, cleaning up after the animals, and taking inventory of the crops. Suzie work day consist mostly of cleaning the house, cooking meals, making trips into town, chopping wood, making clothes, caring for the garden, and managing the farm’s finances. The Bond family live a lifestyle that is similar to the Amish way of living; both Jebediah’s and Suzie’s appearance, character, and manner of speaking are borrowed from the Amish culture.


·        Abbie Fitzpatrick and Genevieve Armstrong- Two of Strawberry’s only human friends. Abbie has curly red hair and brown eyes, while Genevieve has straight chestnut hair and silver eyes. Abbie is clumsy and crude, while Genevieve is sophisticated and graceful. Abbie is emotionally unpredictable and hyperactive, while Genevieve is emotionally stable and mild-mattered. Abbie likes art and crafts, while Genevieve prefers fine art. Abbie wears a blue T-shirt, demin jeans, and a pink tutu, while Genevieve favors the sensible dark blue uniform. They are many differences, so many that people question why they are friends, but what they do have in common is their honesty, kindness, thoughtfulness, and generous hearts. The two had been friend since kindergarten. They do have their conflicts; at times Genevieve is embarrassed of Abbie and her silly actions, and at times, Genevieve’s consent properness annoys Abbie. When they first met Strawberry, they welcomed her with open arms into their circle.


·        Zachary Armstrong- Genevieve’s twin brother and one of Strawberry’s only human friend. He is close friends with Abbie and Genevieve. Like Genevieve, he has straight chestnut hair and silver eyes, but unlike Genevieve, he is not considered about being sophisticated, instead he is into video games and online multiplayer games. He is good with computers and other digital technologies; him favorite subjects are biology and science. He is the smartest student in the entire school, though he doesn’t like to brag about it. Zachary was first introduced to Strawberry by Genevieve, since then, he became determined to find the answers to Strawberry’s abilities. Want he isn’t studying Strawberry, the two are spending the day playing video games.


·        Lambie- a baby lamb with white, flurry fur. Strawberry’s pet lamb. Strawberry has been teaching his to talk and walk on his hind legs, believing that he might be special like her. However, none of her attempts have been successful. He follows her whenever she goes. He is Strawberry’s best friend and faithful sidekick.   

Other Characters:

·        The Pinks- a group of mean girls at Strawberry’s high school. They consist of three girls who mostly wear pink clothing and carry small dogs in handbags.

o   Darbie Kimberlin & Noodles- Darbie is the leader of The Pinks and the meanest girl in the school. She is infamous for making girl drop-out of school due to her constant bullying and harassment. Vain and shallow, she believes that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She has fine brown hair that drapes her shoulders and a pair of round-rimmed, brown glasses over brown eyes. Noodles is her pet toy poodle. He has white fur and wears a pink collar that was purchased by Darbie.

o   Brittana Spears & Bruce- Brittana is one of Darbie’s best friends. She has long blonde and blue eyes. She is not the smartest girl in the school. Bruce is her pet toy Pomeranian. He has long, fluffy white fur and wears a pink collar, much like Noodles.

o   Summer Springs & Cutie Pie- Summer is another one of Darbie’s best friends. She has long red hair and brown eyes. She loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian, however she needs to hide her love of animals, or else she’ll be teased by Darbie. Cutie Pie is Summer’s pet toy Chihuahua. He has short brown fur and wears a pink collar like the others.

·        Issacs and Erica Holdstock- the Holdstocks are an old couple. They own Holdstock Farms, a farm factory that mass produces milk, crops, and other food item. Holdstock Farms are located a drive away from the Bond family farm. The Holdstocks and the Bonds have been enemies since before Strawberry was adopted.

·        Piledriver- a black bull that Strawberry has a crush on. He is a famous rodeo bull; a winner of many rodeo prizes, including bull-riding. He had even travelled around the world and been a part of bullfighting events and the Running of the Bulls. He lives with his owner and caretaker, Issacs Holdstock, on Holdstock Farms.


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