Star Children (Animated Series)

Backstory: Many eons ago, a group of spiritually enlightened extra-terrestrial beings create a powerful artifact called the Grand Star meant to represent the different aspects of life: Meaningfulness, determination, charity, mercy, hope, friendship, and aether. However, during an invasion of their planet, the artifact was broken into seven pieces and flew off into space in different directions. Unable to return home, the sentient pieces tried to find new homes, which they found in the bellies of seven pregnant women.

Plot: An alien prince and his friends discover that they are the new embodiments of the seven elements of life; the Star Children. They are the guardians of all living things in the universe, tasked with the maintaining and protecting of life.


·        Cranius Maximus “Cee”- Crown Prince of Planet Pe-Kay & child of meaningfulness

·        Terra Firma- Crown Princess of Planet Pe-Kay & child of determination

·        Joy – Princess of Planet Cryo & child of charity

·        Tessen- Prince of Planet Aerial & child of mercy

·        Venus – Granddaughter of a tribal leader on Planet Flora & child of hope

·        Teddy – Bionic son of a mad scientist on Planet Metalhead & child of friendship

·        Quintessence “Quincy”- Adopted daughter/research subject of a Grim scientist & child of aether


Supporting Characters:

·        King Cosmos and Queen Nova- monarchs of Planet Pe-Kay, adopted parents to Cee, birth parents to Terra, and members of the Intergalactic Senate

·        Queen Serenity- monarch of Planet Cryo, older sister to Joy, and member of the Intergalactic Senate

·        Queen Flutterheart the Enchanted- monarch of Planet Aerial, aunt to Tessen, and member of the Intergalactic Senate

·        Jitterbug- royal advisor to Queen Flutterheart & Tessen’s male nanny

·        Professor Salamandra- professor at the Royal Academy of Pe-Kay & Cee’s tutor

·        Solomon- spiritual advisor to Queen Serenity and Joy’s and Serenity’s parental guardian


·        Nia- Cee’s and Terra’s pet Delve

·        Lilypad- Joy’s pet seahorse

·        Aero- Tessen’s pet sky snake

·        Duchess- Venus’ pet potted carnivorous plant

·        Zero- Teddy’s pet nanobot

·        Mr. Feathers and Scales- Quincy’s pet baby chicken dragon

Major Antagonists:

·        The Grims- a species of tall grey skinned aliens whose main goal is to conquer other planets, experiment on the inhabitants living there, and building bigger and deadlier machines, including a black hole maker and a time-travelling device

·        Blaze – Blaze is a student studying astronomy in the Royal Academy, making him Cee’s rival. He is in charge of a rebellion, made up of students and other citizens of the city, to over throne the royal family of Pe-Kay before Cee before king (revealed in the Season 2 opener); he never thought Cee was suitable to be a ruler. He singlehanded kidnaps Cee’s and Terra’s parents, along with the rest of the Intergalactic Senate. Coco’s older brother

·        Entropy, Eater of Galaxies- an ancient celestial entity that devours entire galaxies (revealed in the Season 2 finale)

·        La-la Tanner (first meet in Season 3)- a female Terrain, accidental abducted from Earth/Terra along with her brothers and pet Chihuahua, Annabelle. The gang visited Earth/Terra to search for Quincy’s mother but then got separated, that was when she fell in love with Cee; only to hate him when she discovered that he has a girlfriend. La-la is self-absorbed and self-righteous; she won’t let anyone forget what is hers and believes that she is right all the time. Using a Grim time machine, alters reality so that she could take the Grand Star and use it to become Queen of the Universe, throwing the universe into chaos (revealed in the Season 3 finale)

o   D’Angelo- one of La-la’s two brothers, who is a violent thug (First meet in Season 3).

·        Concussion, aka Atlas (first meet in Season 4)- King Cosmos’ and Queen Nova’s first born child, before the adoption of Cee and the birth of Terra. While he was still young, he was taken from the castle under the cover of night. It was after that event when the king, queen, and entire kingdom fell into a great despise. For 16 years, he lived as a bounty hunter. Among other bounty hunters, he is considered the most cunning, the most malevolence, and the most sociopathic. After discovering his origins and feeling as though he had been replaced by Cee, he took his revenge by capturing his friends.


Minor Antagonists:

·        The Space Pirates- a band of trouble-making thieves and bounty hunters causing chaos and mishap throughout the universe

o   Penn Guinn- an intelligent, talking penguin able to create toy weapons that are actually lethal and armies of toy robots that can tear apart entire cities

o   Passion Flames- the unruly daughter of the King of the Planet Pyro, who ran away from home with her pet, Scorpio, a large scorpion-like creature with a flaming stinger. She hopes to seduce Cee away from Joy, who she resents with a passion

o   Ferdinand- a big, muscular Frankenstein-like monster, who rarely speaks but is extremely strong and shows little emotions

·        Lady Dandelia- leader of a tribe of humanoid weeds on the planet of Flora. Lady Dandelia, herself, is a humanoid dandelion

·        King Inferno (First meet in Season 2)- the inflexible, hot-blooded, and short-tempered king of the planet of Pyro and Passion’s father

·        Fury (First meet in Season 3)- a founder warrior of Aerial. After years of merciless killings, he became a twisted monster fueled by rage and vengeance. He now leads a kingdom of monsters called revenants.

·        Commander Officer Bot- After his creator, Samantha Circuit, went to the side of good, his rallied the other robots created by Samantha and rebelled against the royal families (Revealed in Season 3).    

·        Heinrich the Game Master (First meet in Season 2)- a wicked game show host who captures people from around the universe and forcing them to perform on his deadly and dangerous game show. He does this to not only entertain his viewers, but to also entertain his young daughter, Dotty.

·        Hypnosa (First meet in Season 3)- a female magician who uses hypnosis to manipulate people into doing her bidding.

·        The Knotters (First meet in Season 2)- the Knotters are a family of mobsters who pretended to be Cee’s biological family to get inside the royal castle. They live in a drive-down shack on the other side of the planet, Pe-Kay. They all talk with a country accent and wore worn clothing.

o   Ma- the mother

o   Pa- the father

o   Zeke & Beak- the twin sons

o   Granny- the grandmother


Other Characters:

·        Coco- Coco attends the same school as Terra. She is Terra’s friend, but she also picks on Terra for not having strong kinetic energy manipulation powers.

·        Glitter- a female warrior in training in the kingdom of Ariel. Her weapon of choice is a spear, which she uses during training. She also practices the art of silk spinning. Glitter trained alongside Tessen, always belittling his combat abilities and poking fun at his lack of knowledge on silk spinning.

·        Snowflake & Storm- Joy’s old gal pals on Cryo. Snowflake is a smalltime dancer and Strom is a knight in training. While Snowflake has a petite and slander body, Storm is more masculine then feminine. Joy, Snowflake, and Storm were best friends on Cryo, until Joy started hanging out with Cee and Tessen, which Snowflake and Storm doesn’t approve of.

·        Joan- a motherly guru living in isolation as a farmer (First meet in Season 3). She sees all youth as her children. The moment she spots a youth, she immediately takes responsibility for the protection of that youth. She’ll be the one who teaches Cee to be more appreciative of his own mother as well as come to terms with his homesickness.

·        The traveling healer, aka King Cole the Great- the great king of Aerial and the father of Tessen, exiled from his home and is now a wandering nomad who heals people wherever he can (revealed in Season 4). Despite being the strongest warrior on the planet, King Cole was a merciful ruler, not wanting to harm every living thing. However, after showing mercy to Fury, a move that upset many citizens, King Cole voluntarily stepped down from the throne. A muscular man with orange and silver wings.

·        Motto- an unpredictable, daffy guru, wandering from planet to planet as a vagrant (First meet in Season 3) He is infamous for making jokes at the most random times and using metaphors in an incorrect fashion, however, he is most well-known for his unorthodox wisdom. He’ll be the one who teaches Cee to find him inner comic by not taking everything literal.

·        Dotty Master- the daughter of Heinrich the Game Master (First meet in Season 2). Her father had spoiled her from birth, but she is kind and caring. She doesn’t like the fact that her father is enslaving people to play in his game show and wants to stop it.

·        Dr. Samantha Circuits – a brilliant robotic scientist that used to work at the Royal Academy before going crazy with the weaponry and getting fired by the king. A slender woman with long black hair, Samantha is calculating and extremely intelligent. However, with all of her skills and intelligence, she still loves her son with all of heart; he is her pride and joy.

·        Polychromatous & The Color Bombs- an intergalactic pop star and her band who are beloved by many, including Joy (First meet in Season 3). Polychromatous has rainbow-colored hair and pink stars on her pale body.

·        Mr. and Mrs. Aristocracy- a wealthy couple living near the royal castle of Pe-Kay. They are very close to the king and queen and as such, Cee and Terra had known of them all their lives; the royal family of Pe-Kay and the Aristocracies are like family

·        Kitty Pedigree- a purebred anthropomorphic white cat working as an assistant for King Dillan of Innocence (First meet in Season 2). Penn Guinn was in love with her, but when she rejected him, he became insanely angry.

·        King Dillan- Dillan is the self-appointed king of the Innocence (First meet in Season 2). He, like many of the members of his kingdom, is a mere child, and he had stayed that way for as long as anyone can remember. He’s an adorable, temperamental little boy who desires to be taken serious.

·        Mothra- an orphan living in the gutters of the city of Ariel (First meet in Season 5). When the gang first met, she has filthy, living in a barrel, and begging for food, but after getting cleaned and dressed in fine clothing, she looked beautiful. She was chosen as a potential bride for King Dillan, who was feeling lonely. Unlike the other inhabitants of Ariel, her wings are similar to that of a moth. She has brown eyes and long brown hair.

·        Herbal Brew the Elder- Venus’ grandmother and only living family member. She is the leader of her tribe on Flora. A wise, thoughtful leader and a kind, caring grandmother. Very short; shortest among her people.

·        Tyrone- one of La-la’s two brothers, who is a bookworm (First meet in Season 3). He is the only one who thinks that La-la isn’t doing the right thing and tries to stop her.

·        Terry Roland- Quincy’s real mother (First meet in Season 4). Terry was an astronaut from Terra/Earth; born and raised in a trailer park. One night, after giving birth to her daughter, the Grims invaded her home, took them, and experimented on them. When she woke up to find her child missing. She and Quincy finally met when Terry was spent into space to investigate a strange signal. She and her team got attacked by alien bounty hunters.

The Different Alien Species

·        Pe-Kayans– a highly intelligent species with advance technology that doesn’t disturb the natural beauty of the planet. All residents possess telekinetic powers as well as the power to manipulate kinetic energy. The residents look exactly like normal Terra/Earth people.

·        Cryoes– a race of peaceful people on a planet of ice and snow. The residents of the planet can survive extremely cold temperatures as well as manipulate and even create snow, water, and ice through dancing. While some, called dancers, use this power as a form of entertainment, others use it for combat purposes; they are called knights. The people of Cryo value peace, tranquility, and happiness above all else. Save for the pale blue skin, the resident looks almost like Terra/Earth people.

·        Aerials– a race of people born with insect-like wings. The warriors of the planet are skills in the martial arts, traditionally, warriors in training are expected to choose their own signature weapon once they reach a current age. The people are also able to create a type of silk that can heal injuries no matter how severe. Save for the wings and pointed ears, the residents look almost like Terra/Earth people.

·        Amphibians– a race of anthropomorphic amphibians living on the planet of Amphibia. Talking frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders are commonplace on this planet. Professor Salamandra is an anthropomorphic salamander form Amphibia.

·        Gurus– the spiritual enlighten alien species who created the Grand Star before becoming endangered after their planet was destroyed. Most of them look like small anthropomorphic elephant with tiny ears. Solomon is one of the few of his kind left.

·        Floras– a race of people who live in harmony with the nature on their planet. Venus’s grandmother, Herbal Brew the Elder, with the ability to manipulate vines and other plants in such a way that they become weapons, is one of the many tribal leaders on the planet. This power is only available to the tribal leaders and their families. Many of the people on the planet are humanoid plants, while others, like the tribal leaders and their families, are similar-looking to Terrains/Earthlings.

·        Pyros– Opposite to Cryo, Pyro is a planet of lava and fire. The residents can survive in extremely hot temperatures and can manipulate fire and lava. Like the princess, Passion Flames, their skin is red from all the heat. The people value physical strength and survival of the fittest as oppose to peace and tranquility creating the eon-long loathing between the two planets.

·        Grims– A race of highly intelligent aliens that used to live in peace before a massive war ended that peace, leading the species into an era of conquering other worlds and stealing their weapons and sources of power, while studying the inhabitants. The species is now separated into several different classes:

o   Overlords- the ruling body

o   Scientists- those who perform experiments on other alien species

o   Soldiers- those who attack and conquer other planets  

§  Quincy is a grim/human hybrid. Abducted from her home planet and experimented on by the Grims. The experiments gave her the same level of intelligence of the Grims as well as grey skin and white hair.

·        Innocents– the Planet Innocence is inhabited by young children and cute talking animals ruled by a little boy that called himself King Dillan. The unique power of the planet allows the inhabitants to stay young forever. It is Penn Guinn’s home planet

·        Zombies– After a world-ending disaster that not only destroyed all life on the planet but also blow up one-fifth of the planet, the residents became undead creatures and the planet was renamed The Dead Planet. Ferdinand is one of those undead creatures.

·        Androids– Built by Dr. Circuits in her robot factory on a distant planet. She built robot after robot, until the planet was overpopulated with androids, getting the planet renamed to ‘Metalhead’.

·        Revenants– the ghoulish monsters of Aerial led by their leader, Fury who feed from vengeance and rage.

·        Weedlings – the humanoid weeds people of Flora led by their leader, Lady Dandelia. The Weedlings stay alive by feeding off of the life force of the environment.

·        Brain suckers– an alien parasite that attacks the heads of higher order organisms and drains the victims of their intelligent and sanity to in order to make themselves smarter and stronger.

·        Delves– ferret-like creatures that lives on Pe-Kay that have a slender body along with pointy ears, white fur, and a slender white and brown tail

·        Seahorses– blue sea creatures that lives on Cryo that have hind fins that can be used to walk on land, a long muzzle, and lily pads with flowers on their heads

·        Sky snakes– creatures that lives on Aerial that have the head and wings of a dragon on the body of a snake with the ability to breathe fire in small puffs

·        Nanobots– the tiny robots that live in Teddy’s body. The nanobot operates in the same way as a hive mind. They give Teddy the ability to change the shape of his body parts, like turning his arm into a hammer.

o   Zero is the name of Teddy’s favorite nanobot and pet. Zero is marked with the number 0 on its back and looks like a small, winged beetle with one robotic eye. It can receive and follow orders from Teddy. Unlike the nanobots, Zero live outside of Teddy’s body.

·        Carnivorous plants– Venus Flytrap-like creatures that lives on Flora

·        Chicken dragon– a cockatrice-like creature that lives on Innocence.

o   Mr. Feathers and Scales befriended Quincy when she travelled to Innocence for the first time. At first, she supposed to help get rid of it, but instead somehow made it her pet

·Terrains– creatures living on a mythical, legendary planet known by many names, some of which include ‘Terra’. Rumored tells of a race made up of both brilliant and well-built individuals, living with series of unique creatures. The planet’s true existence is unknown to most in the universe

About the Main Characters:

•Cranius Maximus “Cee” – Given to the King and Queen by a servant who found his as an infant on the castle’s front steps. He, Tessen, and Joy were best friends since childhood. Cee has a love of the science of outer space, but loves his family, friends, and his planet much more. He attends the Royal Academy, studying astronomy. In trust, he wants to be a scientist instead of a king.  He knows that there’s a purpose for everything in the universe and wants to find it. He, himself, is driven by a purpose he can’t explain. Cee is madly in love with Joy, making him nervous about her.

•Terra Firma- Queen Nova named her daughter after the mysterious planet that her grandfather told her about in his stories. Despite pestering Cee, Terra is secretly proud of her adopted big brother and wants to be more like him, Joy, and Tessen. She even likes to hang out in her brother’s bedroom. She’s sometimes clumsy and stubborn, but she’s determined to learn how to control her random telekinesis powers as well as strengthen her weak kinetic energy manipulation powers.

•Joy- Like many Cryoes, Joy can manipulate ice and snow though dancing and learned to use it for combat. Joy’s parents, the old King and Queen, passed away when she and her sister where still young; they were raised by Solomon. Joy loves her big sister, dancing, and making the people happy; making sure those in need, including her friends and family, are happy and cared for is the most important thing to her. Joy knows about Cee’s crush on her, and she’s madly in love with him too, leaving her meek around him. She has pale blue skin, blue eyes, and blue hair.

•Tessen- His signature weapons are the tessens, razor-sharp iron fans. Have butterfly-like wings. Aspires to become a strong warrior just like his father, King Cole the Great, and has been training for years. Along with a skilled in combat, Tessen is a strong flyer. He is bold and sometimes brash, but he has empathic heart, believing that mercy is better than taking a life. Ever since they first met on her planet, Tessen have has a crush on Venus. He has orange, spiky hair and orange skin.

•Venus- First met Tessen when he and the others crash landed on her planet. The Weedlings has kidnapped her grandmother and Tessen’s friends, so they worked together to defect them. She can use a vine whip as a weapon and use pink rose petals as projectiles. She is stubborn and brash, yet has a soft spot for flowers, animals, and young children. She never wants to surrender her hope, as she believes that good will prevail no matter what. She was annoyed by Tessen at first, but after he defected the Weedling queen and rescuing her grandmother along with the rest of her people, she soon came to love him. She wears a green dress and a crown of green leaves. She has long, light pink hair, pink eyes, and pink skin.

•Teddy- Raised by his mother, Dr. Circuit, so he would grow up to be her successor. He has the power to manipulate the nanobots that lives inside of his body, the same ones that were implanted into him by his mother. Since first meeting Terra on his planet and freeing his mother of her madness, he and she has been the best of friends. He first met Terra while she and the others stopped on the planet for refueling, only to be imprisoned by Commander Officer Bot, the leader of Dr. Circuit’s robotic army, with only Terra evading capture. Though shy, he is still dreams of having actual people to play with. He’s naïve, but believes that trust, friendship and teamwork can overcome anything. He wears a teddy bear hoodie.

•Quintessence “Quincy”- Taken from the mysterious planet, Terra, as a baby and lived among the Grims for 12 years. Katelyn was meant to Quincy’s given name.  When it was discovered that the experiments had given her powers over matter and space, it was thought that she can be used as a weapon, so she was given to a scientist as both a daughter and a subject for research. Given the codename: Operation Quintessence. She first meet Cee when he and the others tried to infiltrate a Grim spaceship. After seeing the past mistakes of the Grims and discovering the truth about herself, she devoted the rest of her life to protecting all living things.


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