More Changes were Made

You might have noticed that I got rid of one of the pages on the site.

Firstly, I’m starting over on the mystery novel I was writing. If you don’t remember, it was entitled, “Turning a Blind Eye”. I have the folder filled with the notes and drafts of the novel on my computer. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. I’m going to have to think about it. I hope you guys don’t mind that I got rid of it.

I’m still writing and drawing. In fact, here are some sketches that I made during my free time.


If I find the time, I’ll upload more of what I been working on. It may not be a lot, but I think you’ll like them.

That’s all for now. Good night.


Crazy Weather

So, today was the last day of the workshop that I’m a part of. I managed to make it there on time, but as I was walking, the rain and snow was assaulting my umbrella like crazy. The winds were also bad; they almost blew the umbrella out of my hands. Anyways, things at the workshop went well. We all got certificates to show that we completed the workshop. Mine is in my room, near the window.

Speaking of which, during the workshop, I looked out the window a few things and noticed that some large chunks of snow were falling from the sky. For a moment, I thought the snow has turned into hail.

After the workshop, I went to my dorm room and spent some time working on a new novel. I had a club meeting at 5. I got there a little late. Also, I think the wind broke my umbrella. Luckily, the snow and rain stopped by the time the meeting ended.

We spent most of the meeting praying. We pray at the end of every meeting, but this time, the whole meeting was about praying. It was great, and we plan on doing it again; at least once every month.

So, like I said, I’m working on a new novel. I’m calling it, “The Dimensions of Living”. It’s going to be about a woman who makes new friends and finds the meaning of life. I’m thinking about making it a satirical novel.

Here is the summary: Simonetta Morgan a was single, 27-year-old, introverted woman. She lived alone in a large house in the suburban area outside the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. She had stringy, black hair, green eyes, and alabaster skin. Her parents passed away shortly after she was born, and was thus put into many foster homes over the course of her life. She was married once, and had not dated anyone since the tragic death of her husband, who she was married to for only seven months. By day, she was the owner and manager of a small gift and souvenir shop. By night, she operated and hosted an internet radio station.

Her life was fairly routine, until one day, she absentminded walked into the little of the street, causing two cars and a truck to crash into one another. The drivers, one arrogant socialite, one smart-aleck attorney, and one short-tempered truck driver, became furious with her and decide to file a civil lawsuit against her. The lawsuit, if won in the favor of the three persons, would bankrupt her, forcing her to give up her shop and her home. She was given several weeks to find an attorney who could help her build her case, however, for the first day of the first week, she was too busy with dealing with her rising panic.

Then, some nights after the accident, she received a mysterious call telling her to go to the café near the local college campus. When she went to the café, she was greeted with a young man. A college student who was a huge fan of her radio station. He had heard about the lawsuit and wanted to offer her help. From there, Simonetta met new and interesting of people, from a renowned psychologist to a revered clairvoyant, from an ambitious artist to a young boy from Nepal. She went to new and interesting places . Most importantly, however, she learned that there were many dimensions to herself, and what it truly meant to live.

I’m still working on it, but once I get the first chapter done, I’ll post it on the site.

That’s all for now. Have a lovely night!

New Ideas and New Changes

I forgot to say this in my last post, but remember how I wrote that I was writing a novel that I was calling “Unlovable”? Well, I decided not to write it anymore. Instead, I started to write a mystery/thriller novel that I’m calling, “Legend of the Septad”. At first, I thought about making a new game, but as I thought about it more, I decided to write this new novel.

Anyways, I also wanted to tell you all that I made some changes to some of the pages on the blog. You might had already seen them, but if you hadn’t, you will as you read the pages. Speaking of changes, remember the sketches I showed you? The sketches of my two new characters, Zephyrus Quisenberry and Sabrina Steele? Well, I decided to changed Zephyrus’ name to Orange; Orange Newberry. I added some new elements to the show. You remember, right? “Magical Talent Showcase”! Anyways, I added a backstory that, I hope, would give the show a deeper, more serious tone, as well as make it more interesting.

Lately, I’m making a new page of my newest novel. After I post this, I will start on that. I also wanted to make a new page for “Magical Talent Showcase”, but I first want to finish writing the outline; make sure that everything is in order. Once that is done, I’ll make the new page.

That’s all. Good day!

My Long Absence


Yes, I know, I had not posted anything for a long time. I been busy with work for school and applying for jobs, but mostly I been playing the new game that I got for Christmas.

Now, I gotten back into the swing for things, and starting writing and drawing again. I made some sketches in my notebooks. I even started a new novel that I’m called “Fantasia: Tale of Maybelline”. It’s going to be about a young girl who goes on a journey to save her younger brother and, in the process, save the whole of her country. I got inspired while in class. We were talking about “The Buried Giant”. You might had heard of it. It’s a novel that takes place in Anglo-Saxon England; the ancient times of Britain. Anyways, I got inspired and started writing this new novel.

I’m also thing about writing a comedy novel, or satire. If you hadn’t already, click on this link and check out my page entitled “Strawberry Milk”. I was thinking about turning it into a humorous novel; something like a comedy book. I might write some pages, just to see what it would look like. When I’m done, I’ll post it here, to see what you all think.

Anyways, just anted to share this with you all. Again, I’m sorry for not posting anything in a long while.

Have a nice day and hope to talk to you all soon.

Happy Epiphany

So sorry for the lack of updates. I been working on a few things.

Frist of all, I want to wish everyone a happy Three Kings’ Day, just in case there is everyone out there who celebrates the holiday. I just found that out recently.

Also, I’m working on a new novel that I’m calling, “Unlovable”. Here is the summary: After years of emitting large amount of carbon dioxide, which led to climate change, which led to a series of natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes, which led to the collapse of infrastructure, which led to the overconsumption of natural resources, which led to a shortage, which led to civil unrest, which led to many cities and towns declaring martial law, which led to a spread of influenza, the United Nations declared that all countries must lower their carbon dioxide emissions by fifty percent every year. While many countries converted to a somewhat medieval lifestyle, the United States, however, took a different route.

The United State government determined that the only way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions was to purge certain people from the population. Thus, they created the Pageant Games, a brutal, cutthroat, winner-takes-all competition that every young citizen from every district in the United States must partake in during the ninth grade. Those who win the games graduate from the ninth grade and continue their lives. Those who lose are deemed unfit to live in society, or “toxic”. These “toxic” people are taken to Blessed Wings Academy, which is a large building complex in the forest. The propose of the old campus is to imprison those who loss the Pageant Games, while cameras record their actions.

There are limited supplies inside the building, there are deadly traps set throughout the campus, and there is virtual no escape. The only way to leave Blessed Wings Academy, is for every student’s heart to stop beating. Zephyr Locke, a fifteen-year-old high school student, along with his close friends, will find themselves inside Blessed Wings Academy after losing the Pageant Games. While the rest of society is expecting them to die, Zephyr is not prepared to let that happen. Zephyr soon becomes the leader of the group, and as such, he is tasked with keeping everyone alive. So long as everyone is alive, there would be no reason to keep them in the school, and, sooner or later, everyone will realize that they have to let them out and rejoin society…right?

I was also thinking about writing another novel, but I can’t come up with an idea.  Anyways, I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that I am ok.

Have a nice night.

Happy Holidays!

Yes, I know, it been more than 23 days since my last post.

I’ve just been so busy with work for school that I hadn’t gotten the chance to post anything. I had to take exams for both of my art history classes and finish homework for my environmental class. I stayed up late to finish a essay. For one of my classes, I had to build a portfolio of all the writing I did.

I’m home now. I decided to write something; to let you know how I’m doing.

For the last few days, I’ve been working on a new idea. I got it some time before my birthday. I’m thinking of creating another animated show and calling it “Magical Talent Showcase”.

Here is the plot: 13-year-old Zephyrus Quisenberry had only one wish: to perform in front of a large audience, He didn’t care what he was doing, he just wanted to perform. He knew he had the talent and the determination for performing, all he needed was the opportunity. Sadly, being the son of a gypsy, no one gave him the chance to do anything on stage. It wasn’t until he met Sabrina Steele that him luck began to turn around. Like Zephyrus, Sabrina loved to perform, and was a well-known performer of magic tricks in her hometown. However, there was a mishap at her last performance, and many people, most of which were people in power, became angry with her. They arrested her and, at her trial, they sentenced her to spend the rest of her life as a half-cat, half-fairy creature. It is her hope that, with Zephyrus’ help, she can find a way to turn herself back into a human. Together, the two of them compete in performance showcases and talent competitions. Slowly but surely, making their way to the top.

I made a few sketches of two of the main characters. They’re a little outdated, but I still want to show you.

I hope you enjoy them.

I also been working on my novels. I finished two new chapters of book one of “Eldritch”, and I finished one new chapter of “Turning a Blind Eye” and “Realm of Madness”. After I post this, I will update the pages.

Anyways, I should go. Will post again as soon as possible.

In the meantime, have a happy holiday!



It’s after midnight. Yesterday was my birthday!

I just got back from the restaurant. I wanted to write something before I go to bed.

I watched “Cats” with my mom and step-dad. I wrote before that seeing the play was always something I wanted to do. The play want nothing like I expected, but that’s ok because it was better and I liked it more than I thought I would. I mean, I knew I would like it, but the way the actors put on the show was surprising and amazing. Every moment within the play had the actors singing and dancing; almost no one was actually talking. The whole story was told by song. I only seemed something like that in an online video. It was awesome!

I got a playbill, a lapel pin, and a DVD of the play! I am determined to remember this night! I even got my picture taken with a cast member.


After the play, we went to a classy restaurant. Since I was 21, I wanted to try drinking an alcoholic drink. I ordered a glass of champagne; it tasted bitter. For my next alcoholic drink, I think I want to try something more sweet.

Anyways, it was a great night and I want to remember it forever! I can’t wait until my next birthday.

I also want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. You guys are the best!

That’s all for now. I will try to post again soon. Have a good night.