Mind Games (Video Game)

A murder mystery/graphic adventure/visual novel/psychology thriller game

Backstory: The Peacekeeping Agency for Critical Investigating & Fighting International Crime, or P.A.C.I.F.I.C for short, is an organization focused on investigating crimes, be them big or small, and apprehending those responsible. The agency tackles both national and international cases with a large number of agencies, each one skilled in a certain felid, from law to forensics. 12 years ago, while tracking down a sly serial killer, field agents, Charlie “Gold” Angel III and Catherine “Silver” Angel, disappeared mysteriously, leaving their 7-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son.

Game Story: In order to solve the mystery of her parents’ disappearance, Camellia Angel, otherwise known as Cammy, at the mere age of 18, became an official criminal psychologist just like her parents and is now working in the Criminal Division. During her search, however, she ends up solving murder mystery after murder mystery, meeting unusual people, going to strange places, and investigating bizarre mysteries, and a little at a time, she uncovers the power within herself as well the importance of love, friendship, and family.

Main Character Description:


  • “Haven’t you heard the saying? ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!’”
  • “I’m a meditator.”
  • “Oh for the love of all that is holy!”
  • “Sorry, but I never take this collar off. …It’s… a gift… from… someone who was close to me.”
  • “Hey, just because my mother was a saint doesn’t mean I am too.”
  • “Are you kidding?! Bad?! That’s fantastic! This is exactly the kind of evidence that I needed …Maybe I CAN trust you…”
  • “Mom…Dad…I promise I won’t give in to despair. I vow on my name as an Angel that I’ll found the truth behind every case I work on; I’ll earn the name, Camellia Angel.”
  • “Auntie, would you please quit calling me ‘your little flower girl.’”
  • “That’s my brave baby brother.”
  • “Uncle, no matter how old I get I’ll always be your little niece. You know that, don’t you?”
  • “Are you as dense as you are heartless?”
  • “Because I don’t. I don’t tell people that my parents disappeared. I don’t tell people that I’m looking for them. It’s no one else’s burden but my own. So I don’t.”
  • “It’s clear that whoever committed this crime is a vile and VIOLENT human being. My point? Look at that girl! Really look at her! Does that girl look like she would have even an ounce of violence in her?!”

Appearance- Cammy Angel is thin with dirty blonde tied back in a messy ponytail, some long strands hanging from the sides of her face. Her bangs go over her forehead in short strands. Her eyes are a pale blue. She wears a white shirt under a blue sweater with a brown pants. She wears a black choker around her neck with a shiny blue, teardrop-shaped gem-like object attaches to the front.

Personality- Cammy is strong-willed, determined spirit with a sense of maturity despite being only 18. She’s extremely intelligent and witty, but also has an empathic and motherly heart. Quick to anger and socially awkward. Often insecure and modest. Suffers from symptoms of depression and is prone to nervousness and worry.

Hobbies- Guitar playing, fencing, and chess

Home- Cammy lives a log mansion in the United Federation; the same log mansion that was built by her grandfather.


Family History-

The Angel family – The Angel family, Cammy’s father’s side of the family, has been guardians of justice for hundreds of years. They have been keeping the peace and preventing crimes in several different ways. Some members of the family were sheriffs, others were samurais. Cammy’s grandfather was even a judge. Swordsmanship is a noble tradition within the Angel family. Almost every member of the family is skilled in wielding a sword in combat. Cammy’s father even taught her how to fence.

The Lee familyCammy’s mother’s side of the family, the Lee family, were well-known psychics. The Lee family have powers including empathy, clairvoyant, and aura reading. This power, however, is also a vice to their minds, causing great pain in the head and neck. The members of the Lee family are skilled in the art of meditation. During meditation, they can clearly see the answers to problems. Both Cammy and her mother use meditation as a way to focus their thoughts and find answers to problems. The members of the Lee family love to play music, and their favorite instrument to play is the guitar. Playing the guitar, the pain caused by the Lee family’s gifts is greatly reduced. Cammy’s mother taught her how to play.



-Matthew “Ladrat” Angel- Cammy’s 35-year-old uncle and superior. Matthew is the younger brother of Cammy’s father. Matthew got his nickname by being the most skilled in forensic and computer science, graduating at the top of his class, getting a desk job in the agency, and getting promoted to Chef of the Criminal Division. After the disappearance of their parents, Matthew took the liberty to care for Cammy and Constantine.

-Constantine Angel- Cammy’s 12-year-old adopted brother. As a Sphinx, Constantine has slightly better senses then normal humans combined with feline-like instincts. He’s an energetic and curious little boy. He’s very loving towards his older sister. He sometimes takes care for Cammy whenever she can’t care for herself. He has the eyes, teeth, and tail of a wild cat. When he isn’t with his sister, he’s away at boarding school.

-Matilda “Femme Fatale” Angel- Cammy’s 30-year-old aunt and the agency’s female prosecutor in the Law Division. She is the younger sister of Cammy’s father and uncle. Matilda got her nickname by being the most fearsome prosecutor in the agency, quickly rocketing up in the ranks. She wears a pink eyepatch over one eye.

-Winter Cove- Cammy’s god sister and famous pop singer. Winter and Cammy have growth up together and are still close friends, in spite of the fights they had when they were young. Winter is a year younger then Cammy and has pink, curly hair. Winter suffers from mood swings.

-Bunni Cove- Cammy’s god mother, Winter’s mother and manger. Bunni was close friends to Catherine and Matilda, and so Cammy called her Auntie Bunni. He wears glasses and has short black hair and red eyes.

-Viper Venom- a medical engineer and a colleague of Catherine. She helped with the designing and building of The Collar (First meet in Game 3). Cammy only saw her once as a child; she used to call her Auntie Viper. Before her disappearance, Viper promised Catherine that she would take care of Cammy. She can’t go anywhere without her wheelchair.

-Muffin- A large, black and brown dog that follows Cammy wherever she goes. He was made into the Angel family’s guard dog when his previous owner, the headmistress of a church and high school, passed away.

-Nathan Montague- the son of Matilda and her first husband, Patrick Montague and Cammy’s cousin (First meet in Game 3). He is a rebellious 21-year-old who would rather hung out in the streets then work a job. He resents Cammy for continuing the Angel family traditions, something that he always hated. He resents Winter for being, in his eyes, just another diva. He resents his mother and her side of the family. The only people he doesn’t resent is his girlfriend, Jade, and his father.


Friends / Allies:

-Helga von Gourd- a 17-year-old from the Noble Federation who works under Cammy as an intern. She was born into a noble family in the Noble Federation, but later moved to its sister country, the United Federation. Her family is highly honored for their one-thousand-year service to the country’s royal family. Her mother was the Duchess von Gourd, lady in waiting for the princess, Valentina. She is eager, devoted, and hard-working; willing to do anything for Cammy.

-Clover St. Patrick- a 21-year-old private detective and a member of the St. Patrick family. The St. Patricks are a family of mobsters from the Northern Island who had a feud with the Angels for hundreds of years. Since losing contract with her family, Clover dedicated to a life of law enforcement. Cammy has helped with permanently stopping the St. Patricks’ criminal activities, something Clover was trying to do for years. Since then, she and Cammy have worked together on many cases.

-Ash Rich- an 18-year-old college student studying to become an interior designer as well as working part-time as an assistant to an interior designer, and Cammy’s childhood friend. He’s very passionate about interior designer, talking about it almost all the time, but he is also easy going. His family includes his older sister, Brittany, and his mother and father. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

-Daniel Hart- Cammy’s partner in love as well as her partner in criminal justice (Frist meet in Game 2). They first met when they were both four-years-old. He and his family moved from their home country of Carpe-Noctem. Cammy and Daniel secretly dated for several years, until he and his family moved back to Carpe-Noctem. Cammy finds him sweet, charming, and loving while Daniel finds Cammy intelligent, fascinating, and beautiful; he loves how adorable she was when she blushed. After years of living with his three older sisters, he returned to take up a job at the Agency, because he was so much in love with her. He has a black ponytail and blue eyes.

-Wheeler Deep- A 47-year-old retired P.A.C.I.F.I.C field agent and Cammy’s mentor (First meet in Game 2). They first met during a murder investigation involving the students of Cammy’s school. After which, Cammy begged Wheeler to tutor her. Wheeler agreed; he thinks of Cammy as the child he never had but wished he did.

Other major characters:

-Scarlet Sunset- She is a redheaded, happy-go-lucky, and often careless hippie. She met during Cammy’s every first case, when Cammy needed to defend her when she was under suspicion of a vile crime. She spends most of her time doing a series of odd jobs around town. She lives in a broken-down apartment with little to no personal belongings. She is not needy or greedy; she cares only for the well-being of others.

-Wendi Wolf- the 12-year-old adopted daughter of Cammy’s neighbor, Mrs. Leslie Wolf, a high school gym teacher, and Constantine’s best friend (First meet in Game 2). They first met on a playdate arranged by Mrs. Wolf and bonded while trying to outsmart from a kidnapper. Wendi is a tomboy who likes to think she’s an adult. She has long, frizzy white hair that engulfs most of her body.

-Cricket Timothy- a shy, timid eleven-year-old girl. She appears in a case involving the gated community in which she lived in with her parents; the community is called Masterpiece. She is deathly afraid of monsters, likes the show “Snow Dove”, enjoy playing games like Constantine, and doesn’t like talking to strangers. She sometimes sucks on the tip of her thumb when she is nervous. She has long black hair and blue eyes.

-Dacey “Snow Dove” Anders- the seventeen-year-old star of an action television show called “Snow Dove”. She stars as the leading actress of the show. Snow Dove is a superheroine with the power to create snow with her bare hand. As Snow Dove, Dacey is dressed in bird costume and doing acrobatic acts. She has a split personality, in which she switches back and forth between herself and her character, Snow Dove

-Angela “Beauty” Rossi- Cammy’s co-worker; a fellow agent in the Criminal Division. Everyone in the division loves her, despite being the meanest and cruelest agent in the agency. She is always there to tease and criticize Cammy, calling her things like, “a walking cesspool of human filth” or “ugly, disgusting mutt”. Her reason for this is to make Cammy grow up and stop being nice to everyone around her. She is something of an extremist who expect the worst from everyone.

-Ethiopia Crane- a model from Savanna Land (First meet in Game 2). Her skin is dark and her long dark hair is styled to look like a Mohawk that drapes her left shoulder. She is modest and doesn’t like too much attendant on her. She is modest and doesn’t like the spotlight. She was born in a small village and raised by her mother and father.

-Brittany Rich- Ash Rich’s older sister who has a sociopathic mind. She is 22 and goes to the same college as her brother. She cheats, lie, and steal in her daily life and will get rid of anyone who she sees as a threat. She is willing to pin the blame for her crimes on anyone, including her younger brother. (She will make an appearance in Game 3, in which she will attempt to get her revenge)

 The Collar

The Collar, built by Cammy’s mother, Catherine, and Viper Venom. The Collar is the high-tech piece of jewelry that was given to Cammy as a gift from her mother. The main purpose of the Collar is to treat the migraines in Cammy’s head and neck whenever she is using her abilities, it does this by sending pain regulating chemicals to the nervous system. It also works like a voice-activated personal computer, storing information and projecting an interactive holographic computer screen. Here is a picture of Cammy’s collar, Collar 2.0. Catherine dealt with the pain of her gift by wearing a prototype, Collar 1.0.mind-games-1

Facts About the Mind Game Universe

·        The whole game takes place on an alternate version of Earth

·        The year is 2101

·        Laws about firearms are very strict in this world. Firearms are hard to obtain without an official license signed by a government officials. The only people who have licenses to carry firearms are the local police. Criminals and smugglers can illegally obtain a firearms. Some P.A.C.I.F.I.C agents are not allowed to carry firearms. Swords, knifes, daggers, pepper spray, and crossbows can be obtain and carried without a license.

·        Banishment is the highest punishment given; those banished go to an island called Jailbird Island.

·        P.A.C.I.F.I.C is divided into several divisions with some agents working in the field while others work in an office

·        Sphinxes are a rare species of humans who possess feline-like characteristics. For example, tails and feline-like eyes.

·        The Northern Island is this world’s equivalent to Ireland

·        The Noble Federation is this world’s equivalent to medieval Russia

·        The United Federation is this world’s equivalent to 21th century United States

·        The United Federation and the Noble Federation are sister country, meaning that the two nations have a mutual friendship despite their different cultures. The United Federation is a democratic republic, while the Noble Federation is a constitutional monarchy.

·        Carpe-Noctem is a small country in the easternmost part of the world and is this world’s equivalent to Romania

·        Masterpiece, the gated community, was designed and built by an artsy construction developer named Aaron J. Swamp. It is this world’s equivalent to Beverly Hills

·        Savanna Land is a large, desert continent in the Southern Hemisphere of the world and this world’s equivalent to South Africa

·        Instead of black and white, chess is traditional played on a red and black board with red and black pieces

· There is a plant called Nectar-of-forbidden-love. It can produce ethylene glycol.


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