Lady Luck-A Puzzle-Solving Adventure (Video Game)

Backstory: In the shadows, behind unopened doors, in the faded pages of old books, and deep in the line that separates reality and dreams, there is a whole world that almost no one sees. This world is known to some as “The Underground”. It’s not a place anyone can asset, only those who are either skilled in finding hidden things or just plain lucky are able to asset The Underground. 21-year-old Mysteri Crest just so happens to be both.

Plot: Soon after the death of her beloved grandmother, Florence Crest, Mysteri witnesses a handful of impish creatures kidnap a handful of people before disappearing without a trace. She runs into Jack Rider and explains the situation: For some reason, monsters and shady figures from the dark side of the Underground are taking people away.

The victims have many things in common, particularly, they were all young people in-between the ages of 18 and 39, had high-profile careers, and were labeled as extrovertist social butterflies who were loved by everyone around them, including complete strangers. Now with Jack Rider as her guide, Mysteri travels within the Underground and her home of Los Angeles in search for the answers to this puzzle.

Main Characters:

·        Mysteri Crest- After being dumped by her former boyfriend, unable to have a job as a detective, kicked out of her own home, and still emotional suffering from the death of her grandmother, Mysteri considered herself to be the unluckiest person in Los Angeles, until discovering the world of the Underground by chance. She soon became Jack’s partner afterwards. She’s clumsy; because she is so clumsy and accidental-prone, people try to avoid her, some gave her the nickname, “Mysteri why you’re alive”. But, despite being clumsy, she is also courageous and caring. She’s great at singing and does well around animals and younger children.

o   Powers: Using the power of the probability, she can manipulate the outcome of events by tipping the scales in her favor. Meaning, Mysteri has the power to grant good luck or bad luck. She does this by bestowing (or cursing) objects, animals, plants and people with luck (or with a jinx) in the form of pink or blue butterflies she creates using the Butterfly Dragger.

§  Pink butterflies = jinx. Made the objects fall apart or burst into flames. If it lands on an enemy during battle, their attacks will weaken. Cause storms and illness. Make people forget.

§  Blue butterflies = luck. Make plants will bloom. If it lands on Mysteri or one of her allies during battle, they will get an attack boost. Stop storms and heal illnesses. Make people have epiphanies.


·        Jack “Baby-face Jack” Rider- Jack is over twenty-eight years of age, but, due to a rare condition that ceases physical aging after a certain point, he looks and sounds like a 12-year-old. He is the most intelligence person in all of Los Angeles, making him the most suitable person to be the Underground’s private detective. He wants to solve the mystery of the kidnappings because he knows that people will panic if the mystery isn’t solve. He is extremely intelligent and cunning. He studied under Mysteri’s grandmother, Florence, up until she retired from the mystery solving game.

o   Powers: Jack’s magnifying glass enables him to find clues in areas that that otherwise go unnoticed. The magnifying glass was a gift from Florence.


·        Percival “Percy” Bell- 21-year-old. Both him and his cousin, Robin Stone, moved to Los Angeles from the United Kingdom. He is polite, kind, and sophisticated, however that’s just a facade to hide his clumsiness. He tries to be brave, despite being scared of most things. He fell in love with Mysteri at first sight and vowed to help her in the hopes that she will fell in love with him. When Percy was a little boy, he accidently destroyed a magpie’s nest and the magpie cursed him to be part human/part magpie.

o   Powers: Percy had learned to use aspects of his curse for good use. He is able to fully transform from human to magpie by will or grow parts like wings or talons. When confronted with an enemy, Percy can create magical feathers and use them. Even in his magpie form, he can talk.


·        Robin Stone- Percy’s 21-year-old cousin. Unlike her cousin, Percival, who loves America, Robin dislikes the United States and is mean to all Americans. Her fashion style is considered emo. She is often pessimistic and melancholy, but can creak a smile once in a while. She and Percival are the best of friends. Both she and Percival made a living as bodyguards for hire in the Underground, before teaming up with Jack and Mysteri.

o   Powers: Robin is able to use the dolls she had as a kid as weapons. Using a form of telekinesis, she is able to control the dolls with her hands and make them fight. The dolls were all gifts from her cousin, Percy.


Underground Monsters:

·        Imps- creatures that look like humans that are without any fluids or fat in their bodies. They walk on all fours and growl like animals. They are the physical embodiments of starvation. When destroyed, they give 10 dollars in gold coins and 10 EXP.

·        Widowers- creatures that look like giant black widow spiders. They are the embodiments of disease and illness. When defected, they give 50 dollars in gold coins and 50 EXP.

·        Shadow People- They were apparitions birth from human shadows and the embodiments of danger. When defected, they give 100 dollars in gold coins and 100 EXP.


Other Characters:

·        Florence Crest- Mysteri’s late grandmother and a former Underground private detective. She was a kind woman who enjoyed giving gifts. After her end, she willed her ashes to each one of her grandchildren, saying that her remains must be put in six different containers and given to her six grandkids. She also gave the mystical magnifying glass to Jack while he was still her student and the Butterfly Dragger to Mysteri. She gave Father Darling his signature ring, the same one that allows his to scare off monsters, to her lawyer, a staff with the power to control monsters, and to Jack, a magnifying glass.


·        Edgar Markerson- Mysteri’s landlord, who was a friend of her grandmother. He is kind and compassionate; would not harm a single living being. However, he does have an alter ego called “The Lord of the Manor”. Despite being friends, Florence never fully trusted Edgar; there was always a hint of doubt in her mind about Edgar’s true nature. When the time came for her to write her will, she left Edgar and his son nothing, which made them both angry, though Edgar was better at hiding his disappointment then his son.


·        Father Raphael Darling- pastor of Providence Church and friend of Florence. Florence would bring Mysteri to Providence Church, which is how Mysteri and Father Darling know each other. The church is one of the many gateways to the Underground and Father Darling is its guardian. The golden ring, given to his by Florence, is a magic ring that can generate a light that scares off monsters. Providence Church is now the headquarters for Mysteri’s team.


·        Simon Rubicund – Florence’s lawyer and owner of the Rubicund Law Firm. He and Florence were very good friend, and as such she was worried about his well-being and the well-being of his family. So, she gave him a staff that can control monsters; she hoped that it would defend them from harm. He was very fond of the cane Florence gave him, not knowing it was a magic staff meant to manipulate the monsters of the Underground, and was very upset when it was stolen.


·        Xuan Quang- a young man from Vietnam. He was hoping to fit in within the American culture, but instead fell thought the cracks. He discovered the Underground by chance and since then had been working as a seller of Vietnamese foods in an Asian-themed restaurant, where our main characters go to restore their HP.


·        Frankie the Librarian – the bubbly young librarian to the Underground library and Jack’s trusted informant. She is the one who supplies Jack with news and information. She will trade Underground secrets and hints for experience. She also leaves hidden clues and riddles around town.


·        Cosmic Janet- the hostess of an Underground nightclub. Robin brought Mysteri to her club as a thank you for being nice to her cousin. The nightclub is in an old warehouse on the edge of town. The Underground nightclub is the perfect place to catch up on the latest gossip. The nightclub will be part of a rhythm matching mini-game.


·        Phineas Noir- the owner of an Underground theatre house. Percy brought Mysteri to his theatre on their first date. Because the Underground theatre house is built in the basement of a popular mall, the theatre house is the perfect place for our main characters spy on people from the Upper-ground.


Bad Guys:

·        The Lord of the Manor- the Lord of the Manor is a man owns an old and abandon manor in the middle of nowhere. The manor is another gateway to the Underground and the Lord of the Manor is the boss for an Underground company that steals items from young people and sell them to the highest bidders; sometimes kidnapping them and forcing them to work for him. It was the fact that he has the contact information and day-to-day plans of everyone in LA, including those who disappeared, that made him a suspect.

o   Chain Maid- One of the Lord of the Manor’s employees. She is a woman with in a maid outfit and has chains as weapons.

o   Arrow Head- One of the Lord of the Manor’s employees. He wears a European serf outfit and uses the arrow and bow.

o   Bear Trap- One of the Lord of the Manor’s employees and a seller of traps in the Underground. He was supposed to keep the fact that he was working for the Lord of the Manor a secret, as well as his boss’ dealings.


·        Chuck’s Crew- Chuck’s group of faithful friends who will stop at nothing to make Chuck happy. Many of Chuck’s friend did not approve of the two’s relationship and hated Mysteri. They are all unquestioningly and undyingly loyal to Chuck. When too many cliques began to muscle in on his territory, Chuck and his friends decided to get rid of them. They used the Underground gateway in the old manor without the Lord of the Manor’s knowing and a staff that was stolen from Simon Rubicund to manipulate the monster and kidnap young people.

o   Charleston “Chuck” Matthews- Mysteri’s 21-year-old ex-boyfriend who is in and out of juvenile detention. The reason behind dumping Mysteri is because she was simply not tough enough for his gangster lifestyle.

o   Hailey Simpson- Chuck’s current girlfriend and a dangerous woman; she used her charm and good looks to manipulate people, both friends and strangers, to do what she wants them to do. She was the one will baited the victims and lure them to their doom. She was always teasing Mysteri, and it only gotten worse after Chuck dumped her. 

o   Kyle Dacey- Chuck’s best friend. Working at the Rubicund Law Firm as a part-time assistant. Likely the most loyal member of Chuck’s crew. He only listens to Chuck and will literally anything he said. He was the one who stole the cane from his boss and used it to control the monsters. Mysteri always found Kyle too scary, as he resolves all of his problems through violence. 

o   Jonas Markerson- Mr. Markerson’s 20-year-old son and a friend to Chuck. He was the one who unwittingly discovered the gateway to the Underground, as well as his father’s secret double life. He always hated Mysteri from the start; he won’t explain why, he just really hates Mysteri for some reason.




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