Heartless (Video Game)

Backstory: A long time ago, a disease overwhelmed the world. The disease caused both humans and animals to pass away, only to come back as undead monsters. Pretty soon, a century long war between humans and the undead broke out. The humans fought for their survival, but in the end, the undead won their right to live. The undead evolved, became smarter, and eventually, live was exactly the same as life before the disease, saved, of course, for the different kinds of undead.

Plot: Creepy Heartless, a zombie working for the Undead Government, unwittingly befriended a member of a human resistant group, planning to start a rebellion against the undead monsters. Now, she must choose between leading the two races into a coexistent or letting one race die while the other lives.

Main Character:

Creepy Heartless

·        Appearance– Creepy Heartless is a grayish-blue skinned, 18-year-old zombie. Her left eye is yellow and her right eye is green. Her hair is long and black. There is a red scar on her right eye.

·        Backstory– Creepy’s parents were burned to death in a house fire; she was just a child. The fire was started by the Resistant as they were rioting through the streets of Cadaver, trying to kill as many undead as possible with fire. It was during the attack that Creepy got a cut on her eye. Right after the attack, Felix Fext took in the little girl, healed her, and train her; caring for her as if she was his own. At age 18, she was accepted into the City Guard, and become a member of unit 7.

·        Occupation– Her job as member of the City Guard entails that she is meant to protect the city from outside threats by using her combat skills, as well as follow orders from the Undead Government. She is, occasionally, a babysitter.

·        Home– She lives in an apartment in the well-to-do part of the undead city of Cadaver. Cadaver is a walled city where undead creatures of many types live in a peaceful, democratic society.


·        Mr. and Mrs. Heartless, Dad and Mom to Creepy, (Deceased)- Mr. and Mrs. Heartless were the very loving and doting parents of Creepy. Creepy’s father worked in a soup kitchen, feeding the poorer citizens of Cadaver, while Creepy’s mother worked at the local kindergarten school as a teacher. Together they gave Creepy a happy life in a suburban home until they were killed.


·        Roland Bones- a friend of Creepy’s and another member of the Guard; in the same unit as Creepy. He is part zombie/part skeleton; his right hand and left foot are nothing but bare bones while the rest of his body is gray flesh. Roland had known Creepy since they were both younger and have been one of her best friends for years.


·        Spider Rues- a vampire in the same unit as Creepy. Her skin is dark and her eyes are red. She has super-human speed and agility. During the night, she is full of energy, but come daybreak she become sleepy and fatigue and remain that way for the whole day. Spider is extremely seductive; she loves to entrap men into her world-wind romances. Spider is another one of Creepy’s best friends.



·        Fu Jiang-shi- another zombie in Creepy’s unit. Fu has the ability to jump really high and to cut metal with venomous claws. His skin is pale blue and his short black hair is spiky. Fu is another one of Creepy’s best friends.


·        Felix Fext- the chief of Creepy’s unit, government appointed sage, and guardian to Creepy. As a fext, he knows both necromantic spells and fighting techniques. Felix had been like a hero, mentor, and second father to Creepy.


Other Characters:

·        Johnny Wendigo- Ex-Head of Executive Affairs, now a local hobo. Johnny was the Head of Executive Affairs before Creepy and her friends were born, until he retired. He never cared for money, and so he decided to give away his money and live a humble life as a nomad.


·        Patches Immortal, aka Zombie kid- Patches is the son of the Head of Executive Affairs and Creepy’s only babysitting client. He is a six-year-old zombie with scars and patches all over his pale blue skin. His short hair is black and his eyes are a dark green. He looks up to Creepy and aspires to be a member of the City Guard like her. He is adventurous, yet caring and compassionate towards Creepy.


·        Franklin Immortal, aka Mr. Immortal- the Head of Executive Affairs in the Undead Government, a muscular man with pale green skin. He is a devoted, single parent and a hard-working member of the Undead Government. He deeply trusts Felix and the rest of the City Guard. As Head of Executive Affairs, he oversees most of the governmental activities and dealings in the city.


·        Mariam Bandages, aka Mrs. Bandages- Head of Judicial Affairs, a tall, lean, tan skinned woman wrapped in white bandages. As Head of Judicial Affairs, she oversees the courts, maintains the justice system, and chooses the judges.


·        Job Walker, aka Mr. Walker- Head of Legislative Affairs. He is a thin and slender skeleton zombie that wears a black cloak. As Head of the Legislative Affairs, he oversees the law-making affairs.


Human Resistant:

(To the undead, humans are irrational, stubborn, self-righteous creatures who don’t hesitate to kill anyone who crosses them. To human, undead are an abomination and threat to mankind.)

·        JoAnne Black- one of the only young people in the resistant. Short black hair and green eyes, JoAnne is seventeen, stubborn, and is a self-proclaim hardcore survivalist. Like other members of the Resistant, JoAnne can operate a crossbow. Harden by the death of her parents eleven years prior. They were attacked by pervious members of the City Guard by order of the Undead Government.


·        Emily Baker, Aunt Em to JoAnne – JoAnne’s aunt and JoAnne’s only living family member. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and in her late thirties, she’s a sweet woman with a heart of gold. She doesn’t resort to violence or fighting unless absolutely needed; she doesn’t even like to carry any weapon on her person. She hopes that JoAnn would never have to resort to violence; she wants only to protect her niece.


·        Dr. Derrick Woods- a former scientist who used to work for the federal government. He is still researching a way to cure to the undead apocalypse, however all his attempts at a cure had failed. He has grey hair and wear glasses over his pale blue eyes.


·        Felix Hill, aka Captain- the leader of the resistant. He is passionate fighter of the undead. He wants nothing less but the destruction of all undead creatures, believing that they have no right to exist. He is in his late thirties, has short red hair that sticks out of his head in spikes, and brown eyes.


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