Dusk + Dawn (Animated Series)

Backstory: In ancient Japan, families with a type of magic known as Onmyodo uses their abilities to repent malevolent and trouble-making spirits, all the while maintaining balance between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Plot: Boy/girl twins, Dusk and Dawn Suzuki, moving from New York to live with their grandfather in Little Tokyo, California, learn that they are now responsible with the duty of keeping the peace between the physical world and the spiritual world, as well as the safely of their family.

Main Characters:

·        Dusk Suzuki, also known as Yang, or Evening Star, or Dusky, or Dusk-bunny- Japanese-American thirteen-year-old boy with an interest in ancient history, Japanese culture, and knitting. Dusk was born in the evening of May fifth (Children’s Day), around the time when the sun was setting. Dusk is able to read ancient Japanese text, making him able to perform spells written in the Scrolls of Knowledge, such as summoning entities made of paper, called shikigami, summon spirits and/or monsters, and other things. He can also wield a katana in battle. Though his seem like a defenseless kid, Dusk is capable of berserker-like rage if Dawn’s safely is threatened, followed by inhuman amounts of strength. Plays a Japanese musical instrument called the shamisen .

o   Struggle: becoming a man

·        Dawn  Suzuki, also known as Yin, or Sunrise, or Dee- Japanese-American thirteen-year-old girl with an interest in fashion, tragic romance novels, and techno music. Dawn was born in the early morning of May fifth (Children’s Day), around the time when the sun is rising. Dawn is skilled in the art of bojutsu, or staff technique, making her able to wield a staff in battle. She is also capable of using the elements of Godai, wind, earth, fire, water, and void. Though she seems like a cool kid, if anyone tries to get between her and her brother, she will lose her cool and become extremely jealous. Enjoys playing techno music on her electric guitar.

o   Struggle: balancing responsibility with fun


Supporting Characters:

·        Satoshi Suzuki- the twins’ grandfather and mentor, well experienced in dealing with troublesome spirits, and owner and manager of Suzuki Temple, a large Japanese-style temple and garden in Little Tokyo that will eventually become a successful hotel. He came to America after the birth of his daughter, Lotus.

o   Grandpa Satoshi isn’t afraid to show a little tough love when need be, but deep down he is a sentimental man. He is still grieving from the loss of wife, Utsuki, who passed away while battling a fearsome spirit from the spiritual world.

·        Lotus Suzuki- Dusk’s, Dawn’s, and Orion’s mother. A businesswoman. The four of them used to live in New York, however Lotus got promoted at her job, a promoted that required her and her children to move to California. Her job is very demanding and she is usually not at home and because of this she entrusts her father to watch the children. She is not fazed by the ghosts and monsters that haunt the family as she grew up around them. She grew up in America, but was born in Japan and so she has some knowledge of Japanese folklore. Just like her father, she is a black belt in jujutsu and speaks Japanese whenever she is angry.

·        Orion Suzuki- the twins’ baby brother. Both Dusk and Dawn despised him at first, but later came to love him with all of their hearts. Orion was born on Ocean Day; several weeks after the twins’ twelfth birthday. Though he is less then twelve months old, Orion can learn from what he sees around him and can remember things. 

·        Origami Smith- the eighteen-year-old maid and chef for Satoshi, with an uncanny ability to talk to animal. She has a bubbly personality and loves almost everything.

o   Origami is actually a bakeneko, which is a magical cat (revealed in Season 2). She was once a mere house cat but was hit by dark magic one day and became a bakeneko. She left her home and took up a job at Suzuki Temple, not wanting anyone to know what she really is.

·        Jacob Campbell- the twin’s goofy, and charismatic friend and classmate. One of his many hobbies include ghost hunting and the occult. He has many endearing quirks which adds to his goofy personality.

o   Jacob is laid-back, until the subject of his older brother is brought up. He tried hard to impress him and prove to him that he can be smart, stylish, and cool just like him

·        Naomi Fujioka, also known as Nom-Noms by Dusk- is an agent working for an organization called The Karuto and the granddaughter of The Karuto’s leader, skilled in the art of ninjutsa trickery. Her mission was to get close to the family by becoming Dusk’s girlfriend and gain information from them. It was during her mission that she had taken a liking to Dusk, developing actual feelings for him. She shares all of Dusk’s interests, including studying Japanese folklore. She is beautiful and smart.

·        Grant Valentine (First meet in Season 3)- Dusk’s, Dawn’s, and Orion’s father, and Lotus’ ex-husband; an international monster hunter. He and Lotus lived an exciting life as a monster hunting couple, until Grant left Lotus and his newborn children for a beautiful Jorogumo. About 12 years later, he returned begging Lotus to take his back, offering a fake diamond ring to her. He suddenly left the next morning. He returned a third time, asking the family for help with the Jorogumo.

·        North Chronos (First meet in Season 3)- The newest employee of Suzuki Temple. He helps with installing and repairing computers and other digital machines around the hotel. At first, he was mean toward Dusk and Dawn, but after discovering their secret and some understanding, the three of them became good friends. He and Dawn are especially close, close enough to have a romantic interest. He can be aloof and cold; however, he can become warm, considerate, and sincere if he wants to be.



·        Kitsume- a nine-tailed fox spirit imprisoned in the woods before being freed and tamed by the twins

·        Yuki- a gypsy horse that lives at Suzuki Temple stable


Major Antagonists:

·        The Karuto- led by a wicked sorcerer by the name of Lord Anon, The Karuto is a secret organization that deals with spirit magic and dark magic plotting to break up Dusk and Dawn’s friendship so that they won’t interfere with The Karuto’s plans

o   Lord Anon, or Tomoya, was close friends with Satoshi and Utsuki (revealed in the season finale of Season 1). The three of them were the greatest team of spiritual warriors; they repented trouble-making spirits and protected Japan. After Utsuki’s death, Tomoya devoted his life to finding a way to bring back the death, so to see Utsuki again

·        Goro Watanabe- Goro was once a well-loved and respected Japanese shogun. He had an army of men who treated him like their own father, a beautiful wife, and two wonderful children. Everything was going perfectly for him, until he began to use black magic to make himself a stronger warrior. The black magic had turned him into a nigh-unstoppable monster with the ability to not only wield two swords at once, but to use all sorts of magical spells as well. After he had slayed his family and his whole army effortlessly, he was sealed away in a spiritual prison, only to escape after the seal was removed. (Revealed in Season 2).

·        The Dragon King- a malevolent dragon that resides in the spirit world. He has control over the spiritual world and is now planning to take control of the physical world as well. A long time ago, the Dragon King was banished to the far corners of the spiritual world by a member of the Suzuki family and would back to take his revenge (Revealed in Season 3).

        Aika Oni- Once a well-known and well-loved singer from a small Japanese village, Aika lived a comfortable live. One day, the wealthiest man in the village proposed to her and she accepted with a smile. That night, the jealous ex-wife of the man used dark magic to place a curse on her. She was transformed into one-horned, four-eyed monster and banished to the spiritual world. She would lay dormant for one thousand years, and every one thousand she would return to create chaos in the physical world with her music. (Revealed in Season 4)


Minor Antagonists:

·        Becky & Jamie Royal- a pair of black/white female twins. Becky is light skin with blonde hair while her twin sister, Jamie, is dark skin with black hair. Their mother and father own a fashion line and they both spoil them with fine clothes and jewelry. They love being the center of attention at the middle school

·        The Zaibatsu family- the Zaibatsu family are a small family of three that own half of the hotels and restaurants in the city. They are the business rivals to Grandpa Satoshi. Brick Zaibatsu is the Mr. and Mrs. Zaibatsu’s 13-year-old son. He is Dusk’s bully and Dawn’s unwanted admirer

·        Every ghost and monster from Japanese folklore


Other Characters:

• Sandra Wright (First meet in Season 2) – the twins’ best friend from their old school in New York. She will come to visit the twins in California and offer to bring them home with her. However, she’ll soon discover the twins’ secret and come to face a frightening yokai along with them. She insults their family and disapproves of their adventures to keep balance between the two worlds. She will eventually force the twins to choose between their old life and their new life.

• Miss Lauran Lane (First meet in Season 2)- the elderly principal of Dusk’s and Dawn’s school. The twins will try to get her and their grandfather to date.

• Yoko “Yandere-chan” Yamada- an obsessive fangirl who models her live after the twins. (First meet in Season 4)




Onmyodo, or “The Way of Yin and Yang”, is an ancient magical art involving Yin-Yang, the elements, and spirits.

The main purpose of the magic is to keep the natural balance between the spiritual world and the physical world by sealing away wicked spirits, making confused spirits repent, and also assisting friendly spirits. Those who practice this kind of magic are called onmyoji. They can also summon the paper creatures known as shikigami and other spirits to assist them by using paper charms. Those who practice this magic can also manipulate the five elements of Godai: Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Void, as well as the forces of Yin and Ying.  

People with this power are born with a sensitivity to the spirit world, for example, both Dusk and Dawn were born with the power to sense nearby spirits. The twins can also summon the forces of Yin and Ying, known as the Yin-Yang Dragons, by holding each other’s hands with one hand while the other holds on to the Yin-Yang necklaces they wear. However, the necklaces only work if the twins are working together.



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