Digital Works

“Digital Works”

Stuff I’ve made using computer software, such Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.



I call this piece “Dragon in Enchanted Forest”.


This piece is called simply “Fairy”.


This one isn’t all that good, but here it is anyways. Maybe you guys will like it.


I call this piece “Somber Lily”. What do you think?

Some abstract pieces I made in Adobe Illustrator. Hope you like them, personally I don’t think that they’re all that great but my professor thought that they were good.

These are CD covers I’ve made during a program called Sketch Up. They’re for the band Earth, Fire, And Fire. “Boogie Wonderland” is my favorite song by them.


An angel emoji I’ve created.


A star emoji. I made it so that you ever looks at it will feel like a super star.


A flower emoji. When I made this, I was in my digital design class practicing on a new design. Soon, this was created. Hope you like it!

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