Digital Works

“Digital Works”

Stuff I’ve made using computer software, such Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.



I call this piece “Dragon in Enchanted Forest”.


This piece is called simply “Fairy”.


This one isn’t all that good, but here it is anyways. Maybe you guys will like it.


I call this piece “Somber Lily”. What do you think?

Some abstract pieces I made in Adobe Illustrator. Hope you like them, personally I don’t think that they’re all that great but my professor thought that they were good.

These are CD covers I’ve made during a program called Sketch Up. They’re for the band Earth, Fire, And Fire. “Boogie Wonderland” is my favorite song by them.


An angel emoji I’ve created.


A star emoji. I made it so that you ever looks at it will feel like a super star.


A flower emoji. When I made this, I was in my digital design class practicing on a new design. Soon, this was created. Hope you like it!

A few years ago, before I entered college, I took a summer program at Pace University. The program taught students photography and how to take pictures. At the end of the program, we created an album for our pictures. It inspired me to start taking up photography as a hobby. Here are the photographs of the pictures I took that made it into the album. There were a lot of pictures, so I decided that a slideshow would be the best way to show them.


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