Clockwork Girl (Video Game)

Adventure Platformer/Visual Novel


Backstory: Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Like you are on an alien world, or an intruder in someone else’s home? That is how Cordelia feels every day.

On the outskirts of the mechanical megacity known as Cog, lives the world’s greatest toymaker, Agate Marble, and his wife and son. He had built a beautiful, life-size clockwork ballerina; a gift for his loving wife. Yet, when her untimely end left him brokenhearted and unprepared, he turned the clockwork toy into a living, sentient clockwork girl and treated her as if she was his daughter.

He loves her, however, when it was discovered that she wasn’t a real girl, but a realistic-looking robot made of clockwork, others within the city began to treat Cordelia like an outcast. Despite all of that, she will inadvertently become the hero and protector of Cog after bandits have taken the key to the city and are holding it for ransom.

Plot: Help Cordelia collect the ransom. Retrieve the key to the city. Win the favor of the other citizens. Travel to the far-reaching corners of the globe. Learn new skills. Defend the city. Have an adventure.

Main Character:

Cordelia Marble

·        Mechanism Makeup-  

Her bones are thin copper tubes, connected by gears, coils, and springs. The joints in her legs and arms are made of planar joints. Strings and wires moved her body, from the fingers on her hands to the toes on her feet to her eyelids and jaws.

Her mind is a mechanical computer that can calculate information and controls her motor skills. Her teeth were made of real ivory. Her tongue, made of plastic, is also mechanical and is controlled by the mechanical computer in her head.

Her mechanical brain can possess emotions, so she can feel happiness, sadness, fear, or even anger. When she is sad, and if she drinks enough water, she will cry real tears. When she is happy, she will sometimes laugh. When she is scared, her ‘heart’ will beat faster.

Her ‘heart’ is a giant mainspring that stores energy and keeps her insides going, but it’s the giant golden key that is sticking out of her back that provides energy to her mainspring. The mainspring and the gears connected to it ticks; simulating the beating of a real heart.

Her vocal box is made from tiny strings. The strings vibrate due to the air travelling from the copper air cylinder inside her chest. The vibrating strings create sound; whenever Cordelia speaks, the strings move and stretch to make her voice.

Her lavender eyes were acrylic and her long black hair was made of real human hair. The tiny black hairs of her eyelashes and eyebrows were also made of real hair. Her alabaster skin was made of some kind of smooth and elastic plastic. The plastic limbs were glazed with a protective coating, glued together, and put into place, sheltering the copper bones.


·        Appearance-

Cordelia wears a pink ballerina outfits complete with a pink tutu and a pink hair bow. Her exterior was similar to that of a normal girl in her teens, saved for the large wind-up key that was protruding from the middle of her back. A heart-shaped button tied to a piece of yarn is placed around Cordelia’s neck; a keepsake that was once owned by Rebecca Marble, Agate Marble’s late wife.  


·        Personality-

Because she is only a few weeks old, Cordelia has an imagination and curiosity similar to that of a small child. In the game, the player can chose Cordelia’s personality. The player can make Cordelia empathetic, analytical, traditional, adventurous, or a mixture of all four.


·        Knowledge-

She was taught the ways of the classical arts, science, medicine, music, mechanical device building, and everything else that is taught at the schools in Cog. She was taught all of this by his father/creator.


·        Home-

She lives with her father/creator, Agate Marble, and their maid, Madison, in Marble Manor, the big mansion on the outskirts of Cog, a city that is run completely on mechanical parts, such as gears and springs.


·        Abilities-

o   Jump

o   Kick

o   Punch

o   Run (When ballet slippers are found)

o   Glide (When pink ballet dress is found)

o   Shied (When pink parasol is found)

o   Whip (When pink ribbon is found)

o   Boomerang (When tiara is found)

o   Spin Attack (When spare tutu is found)

o   Health Regeneration (When spare leotard is found)

o   Extra Storage (When duffle is found)



      Other Characters:

·        Agate Marble- the father of Tobias and the world’s greatest toymaker. After getting married to Rebecca, the two built a small mansion on the outskirts of the city. Agate has been using the mansion as his workshop for years, making toys for customers. After Rebecca passed away, he was determined to make a toy in her likeness to immortalize her. The result was Cordelia.


·        Madison Little- the 13-year-old maid for the Marble family. She was hired after the passing of Rebecca Marble, but being around Agate, she had heard stories about her. Madison is a faithful and trustworthy servant. She is devoted to serve Agate and Cordelia in any way she can. She adores Cordelia; sees her as an older sister.


·        Tobias Marble- 16-year-old son of Agate and Rebecca Marble. When his mother was alive, he was a good student and a kind-hearted young boy who respected his elders, now he is a disrespectful, rebellious drop-out who always get into trouble. He doesn’t even live with his father anymore, instead he lives with friends. He resents Cordelia for, in his eyes, replacing his mother and wishes that she would go away.


·        Raymond Chic- the 16-year-old mayor of Cog and Tobias’ best friend and roommate. He came into office after his father, the former mayor, passed away. In his father’s will, he was given the entire city to look after as mayor. He is romantically interested in Cordelia and wants to date her.


·        Raelyn Shade- a friend to Raymond and Tobias. She is a punk rocker who lives alone in an apartment. She, Raymond, and Tobias had been friend for years. She listens to loud rock music, wears combat boots and ripped jeans, and is rebellious toward the law. She feels that Cordelia is untrustworthy. She says that the reason is because Cordelia isn’t human, but in reality, the reason why Raelyn doesn’t trust her is because she’s, as she put it, too pretty.



·        Rebecca Marble- Rebecca was the wife of Agate and mother to Tobias. She was always kind to her son and supporting of her husband’s work, but then a mysterious illness took her life away. She and Agate would talk about having a daughter and naming her Cordelia.

These are sketches of Cordelia. As you can see, he is wearing a ballerina outfit and there’s a key on her back. I wanted the players to know that she was going to be a toy at first. You can see the button around her neck as well.

cordelia-spriteThe sprite form of Cordelia, which I made using colored pencils and grid paper. It could still do with some improvements however; I am still working on this.


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