Solar Eclipse!

Solar Eclipse!

I saw it!

I saw the solar eclipse!

While I saw walking back home from an appointment in Riverdale, I looked up and saw that most of the sun was gone! It was about a quarter of the way gone; the sun looked like a crescent.

A nice old man, who also saw the eclipse, said that another one would be coming to New York in about seven years from now. Then, I met a girl who had those special glasses that protect your eyes from the eclipse. She let me borrow them and I was able to take a good picture of the eclipse.

I was glad to see that other people were excited about the eclipse. At first, I thought that I was the only person in the neighborhood who cared. I was also worried that I wouldn’t be able to see the eclipse from New York, but I saw it and met people who were interested in it too. I already been a fan of science, from the science of space to the science of living things.

I watched the rest of the eclipse on TV. We might not has gotten a total solar eclipse here in New York, but I’m still glad that I gotten to see at least part of an eclipse. Seeing something like this makes me want to travel around the world and see other amazing things.

Well, that’s all I wanted to say. I’m still a little excited from the eclipse. I’m going to work on a few things and try to relax. I will talk to you later. Have a great rest of your day.


Twelfth Night

Hello! First, let me say sorry if my last post was a bit sloppy. I wanted to write down everything as fast as I can because it was late and I needed to go to bed. I ended up making a few mistakes in my post. It’s late now, but this time, I’ll slow down in writing.

 I had a great time the other day!

First, I went to a modern art museum in a nearby town. Most of the artwork was amazing! I got a lot of inspiration. There was this one piece of art that was attached to the ceiling that I thought was great! Only a handful of people liked it, but I don’t care! I believe that a great artist can see the beauty and importance of everything and that just about everything can and should be considered art!

I took pictures, but I’m having difficulties uploading them to WordPress. Once they load, I’ll post them here. 

Then, later that night, I saw the Shakespearean play, “Twelfth Night” in a nearby park! It is now my second favorite play from William Shakespeare. The first being, “Pericles, Prince of Tyre” and the third being, “Romeo and Juliet”. The play reminded be of “A Mid-summer’s Night Dream”, with all of the misunderstandings and confusions that the characters face. My favorite part of the play was when the twins, Sebastian and Viola, reunite. I loved it! 

I also went to a driving-range and hit a few golf balls! I had someone video tape me. I’m in the middle of sending the video to my family, but I’m having trouble with that too. No need to worry. I’ll figure it out.

Oh! I now have a LinkedIn amount! You can find it by clicking here. I’m still working on it, but I think you’ll like what I have so far.

Finally, tonight we had a little concert. A student in my program played some songs for us on his guitar. It was nice.

Ok, that’s all I wanted to write. Talk to you later!

Yet another busy week

Yet another busy week

We had a busy week at the program. So far, I had lots of fun.

On my first day at the program, I learned about money and budgeting. Then, I ate apple-cinnamon pancakes with a side of ham at a diner.

Then, right before I went swimming in Lee Beach, and got the chance to find more rocks and seashells for my collection, I ate pasta at a restaurant called The Locker Room.

I went to a college in Berkshire. The college was nice and I got to talk to the other students in the program. I was surprised at how large the college was.


I went to Tanglewood and got to walk in a maze and see a live orchestra.

After that, I went on a tour of the Norman Rockwell Museum and learned about Rockwell and his artwork. I learned about the Four Freedoms as well as the story of Ruby Bridges. A worker at the museum even gave me a postcard with the painting that Rockwell made of Rudy Bridges for free! You might had seen or heard of the painting, “A Problem We All Live With”, as well as the Four Freedoms. I heard of Norman Rockwell, but I never knew that he was such a talented painter. I also got a bookmark and a rubric cube at the gift card. Later, I stepped into the house when he worked. I live near the home of Edgar Allen Poe, but it was still special.


Then, I had pasta with bread at a restaurant called 51 Park.

I went on a tour of Blue Q, and afterwards I was given a bag with stuffs inside made from the company.

Then, I saw an amazing dance performance at Jacob’s Pillow.

Finally, today I went to a place where they make paper and other stuff from old money. It was called Crane & Company.

Then, I ate at a Thai restaurant, where a dancer performed every so often. I had Thai tea, Thai soup, and green tea ice cream.

Then, I got to play a game of indoor mini-golf!

So, you can see why I hadn’t posted recently. But, really, I’m having a fun time and I hope to share more of my adventures with you all.

That’s it for now. Have a good night.

Thanks to Everyone!

I just realized that this site now have ten followers! Nine WordPress followers and one follower by email.

I feel blessed to have readers who enjoying what I write! Even if it is just ten followers I still feel blessed to have people who will read my stories, look at my artwork, and tell me what they think.

I am lucky to find much nice people to share my stories and artworks with. Everyday I am thinking of more things to draw and write, but more importantly, I am thing of ways to make a difference in the lives of people. I hope that one day I can create content that changes the way people think.

Thank you for ten followers, everyone!


An Idea for a Game

Before I begin, let me ask: Does anyone here plat or heard of the gaming company Telltale Games? I am asking because I have been working on putting the finishing touches on another outline of a game for days. I call it “Heartless”. It will be a choice-driven game, in which the player’s choice determines the ending; like an interactive movie or something similar.

The plot of the game is this: A long time ago, a disease overwhelmed the world. The disease caused both humans and animals to pass away, only to come back as undead monsters. Pretty soon, a century long war between humans and the undead broke out. The humans fought for their survival, but in the end, the undead won their right to live. The undead evolved, became smarter, and eventually, live was exactly the same as life before the disease, saved, of course, for the different kinds of undead. Creepy Heartless, a zombie working for the Undead Government, unwittingly befriended a member of a human resistant group, planning to start a rebellion against the undead monsters. Now, she must choose between leading the two races into a coexistent or letting one race die while the other lives.

I am not sure where I got the inspiration. I think I got the inspiration from a zombie movie I saw once. Again, I’m not sure. However, I always found the idea of undead or mythical creatures fascinating.

Soon, I’ll have a whole page for this, but until then, enjoy this little sneak peek of a possibly future game.

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Day and I just had an epiphany!

I’ve been thinking, it is days like these that people like to point out the bad things; they would rather be depressed and, in a odd way, they are happier that way. Even I am like that at times. I believe the reason is that the world, no, the universe is a gigantic place and, at the end at the day, nothing we do or say will matter in the grand things.

However, I just thought of something: what we do may not matter to the universe, but it still matters to us, right? I’ve seen people, young adults, act up and behave like children because they want to be noticed, but really, they shouldn’t act like that, because if being noticed all they care about, then that just means they care about only themselves. To really get noticed, you need to do something, doesn’t matter how small or big, that help others or inspire others.

There is a whole universe of new things to try and the universe is an amazing and beautiful place. Instead of feeling small and insignificant, we should be feeling grateful for being born in a time where we can do almost anything, eager to see and learn everything there is to see and learn, and hopeful for the future. One day, humankind will be able to travel to different planets and explore the rest of the universe!

So, in closing, I don’t feel depressed right now because there is nothing to feel depressed about, and I pray that you feel happy and loved this Christmas. I’m not just saying that because of the presents under the trees, I’m saying that because that how I truly feel at this very moment!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!