Good News!

Sorry for the long absent, but I had some work for school to be do. I’m almost done with that, and I had some free time. The good news is that the school year is almost over and soon it will be summer. Also, after broking the plug of my headphones in the jack of my computer, I got it out with some super glue! That’s made me happy.

Also, a few days ago, I created an ask blog for one of my characters. So far, I had posted once and now, I have only one follower. Here is the link:

I am almost ready to post a drawing; I just need to add the finishing touches. I’ll post the drawing here. It’s not that good, but it is a start.


If you don’t remember, a long time ago, I wrote that I wanted to write a novel about a talking/walking cow. Now, I’m thinking about making a graphic novel. It will still be about Strawberry, and it will have the same elements of a satirical novel, it will just have a lot more pictures.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Sorry again for not posting anything for a long time.

Have a nice day!


Everhart Chronicles

Hello and good evening!

Just wanted to say hello, and see how everyone is doing.

Today, I got my hair done, then I rest a bit. I watched TV for the rest of the day and evening. While I was watching an episode of “Forever” (I’m not sure if any of you had seen or heard of it, but it’s a show about a doctor who is also immortal), I gotten an idea. Remember my novel, “Turning a Blind Eye”? I was going to rewrite it, but then I thought: What if I made this into a TV show like “Forever”? I think it’s a great idea for a show, but the thing is, I’m not sure if I should it a cartoon or live action. I’m curious to see what you think.

Anyways, I got some more drawings to show to you all:

Will Midnight2
William Midnight


Zilla and Zane2
Zilla Cradle and Zane Fey

Tell me what you think of these!

That’s all for tonight.

Talk to you soon!

Home for the Week

It’s Spring Break and I am home for the week.

I’ll try to write something on the site more often. I plan on using my time-off working on my drawings and writing, as well as work on a few things for school. Right now, I’m working on some drawings that I made during my free-time at school. Speaking of which, here are a few things that I made:

Also, I made a new page on the site, which is entitled: “Magical Mystical Showcase”. Here is the link. Check it out! Tell me what you think in the comments!

I also made some more changes to some other pages. See with you can spot them!

That’s all for now. Have a nice rest of the day!

More Changes were Made

You might have noticed that I got rid of one of the pages on the site.

Firstly, I’m starting over on the mystery novel I was writing. If you don’t remember, it was entitled, “Turning a Blind Eye”. I have the folder filled with the notes and drafts of the novel on my computer. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. I’m going to have to think about it. I hope you guys don’t mind that I got rid of it.

I’m still writing and drawing. In fact, here are some sketches that I made during my free time.


If I find the time, I’ll upload more of what I been working on. It may not be a lot, but I think you’ll like them.

That’s all for now. Good night.

Happy Holidays!

Yes, I know, it been more than 23 days since my last post.

I’ve just been so busy with work for school that I hadn’t gotten the chance to post anything. I had to take exams for both of my art history classes and finish homework for my environmental class. I stayed up late to finish a essay. For one of my classes, I had to build a portfolio of all the writing I did.

I’m home now. I decided to write something; to let you know how I’m doing.

For the last few days, I’ve been working on a new idea. I got it some time before my birthday. I’m thinking of creating another animated show and calling it “Magical Talent Showcase”.

Here is the plot: 13-year-old Zephyrus Quisenberry had only one wish: to perform in front of a large audience, He didn’t care what he was doing, he just wanted to perform. He knew he had the talent and the determination for performing, all he needed was the opportunity. Sadly, being the son of a gypsy, no one gave him the chance to do anything on stage. It wasn’t until he met Sabrina Steele that him luck began to turn around. Like Zephyrus, Sabrina loved to perform, and was a well-known performer of magic tricks in her hometown. However, there was a mishap at her last performance, and many people, most of which were people in power, became angry with her. They arrested her and, at her trial, they sentenced her to spend the rest of her life as a half-cat, half-fairy creature. It is her hope that, with Zephyrus’ help, she can find a way to turn herself back into a human. Together, the two of them compete in performance showcases and talent competitions. Slowly but surely, making their way to the top.

I made a few sketches of two of the main characters. They’re a little outdated, but I still want to show you.

I hope you enjoy them.

I also been working on my novels. I finished two new chapters of book one of “Eldritch”, and I finished one new chapter of “Turning a Blind Eye” and “Realm of Madness”. After I post this, I will update the pages.

Anyways, I should go. Will post again as soon as possible.

In the meantime, have a happy holiday!

Busy, but Good Week

It is almost the end of the week.

It been busy; I had a lot of work to do. Yet, it was a good week.

I have no classes this Monday, so I guess I c an do what I need to do during my day off.

I finished a chapter of my new mystery, “Turning a Blind Eye”. As soon as I upload it to the page, I will let you guys know.

I have been doing a lot of drawing in my free time. I have yet to color them in, but I would still like to share them with you all.

The first one is of Lotus Suzuki, Dusk’s, Dawn’s, and Orion’s mother. If you don’t remember these characters, then you should read the page entitled “Dusk + Dawn (Animated Show)”. There, you will find information about the characters.


The second one is of a boy and a girl sitting in a clearing in a forest. They were supposed to be new characters; characters from this idea of a novel that I had. I started coloring it in, but stopped. However, I decided against it. I hope you enjoy it anyway.


That’s it for now. Will post again at a later date.

Have a nice day.

Silent Night + 110th Post

Good evening, everyone!

This is my 110th post on this blog! Thanks to everyone who is following me. You guys are the reason why I keep writing on here.

Anyways, it been a silent day and a silent night. I don’t have classes today, the classes I do have tomorrow are canceled because of the holiday, and my roommate went home for a few days. But I’ll be fine.

It been a while since my last post, so I wanted to write something tonight. I made two new drawings and I uploaded two sets of song lyrics on DeviantArt.

Here are the two new drawings:

NoelThis is Noel. He is Alexandrea Embrace’s pet reindeer.


This is Amity. She is a half-unicorn, half dragon hybrid and August Cross’ pet.

Here are the links to the song lyrics:

All Together (Song Lyrics)

Timid Heart (Song Lyrics)

That’s all for now. I will talk to  you all later!