Back Home

The last days of the program was fun! First, we went to an animal sanctuary, where I got to meet a lot of animals. I took a lot of pictures, but I have yet to upload them to my computer. But, I will upload them soon.

Then, on the next day, we went to RambleWild, which is a place where visitors do rope courses in midair. I got to climb ladders, walk on planks, and even zip-line! I didn’t get to take any pictures, but I was able to get some items as souvenirs.

Finally, on the last full day of the program, we all did mock interviews where the staff members pretended to be employers for our dream jobs. Afterwards, we went to Jiminy Peaks, where we rode a ski-lift up to a mountain, went on a hike to the top, and saw a wind turbine up close! Later, we rode on the Alpine Slide!

Yesterday, was the last day, my mom and step-dad came to pick me up. Before we left for the Bronx, we stopped in a nearby town for lunch. I was able to get some more souvenirs that I plan on sending to my family members soon.

Overall, it was a great two-weeks. I’m glad that my mom was able to meet my friends from the program and that we got to explore some shops before leaving for home. Well, I’m going to go. I’ll be sure to post some pictures later. Good night!


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