Lee, MA

Sorry for not posting anything. I know it was a long time since my last post. Just wanted to let all of you know that I’m now in Lee, Massachusetts for a two-week job readiness program. So far, everything been fun. This afternoon, we went to Lee Beach and went swimming. Before that, we played some games. Yesterday, I met my roommate and the other students. We talked, ate, and relaxed.

Everything been fine so far and I hope to learn something new. I took a lot of pictures of the town. Here they are:

Also, I’m working on a mystery novel. I’m calling it, “Turning a Blind Eye: A Stargazer Everhart Mystery”. Here is the plot and backstory:

Aiden Everhart, a private detective that lived and worked in the city of Las Vegas, and his wife, Petunia Everhart, a writer who mostly wrote mystery and thriller novels, lived a happy, stable life with their three children. Bradley, the eldest child, and the first-born son, was the most popular student in his school. Firefly, the youngest child, was sharp-tongued, but passionate about helping others. Then there was Stargazer, the second-born son, and the middle child. Stargazer was born prematurely, so his eyes didn’t have time to develop. His eyes don’t have pupils, rendering his completely blind.

His parents named him Stargazer because his eyes reminded them of a starry night sky. Despite his obvious disability, his parents loved him with all their hearts, and, although he couldn’t see, Stargazer was very smart. With the help and protection of Firefly, he was able to go to public school, cook, play chess, and even graduated high school with a GPA of 4.0.

One afternoon, Aiden and Petunia, as part of their 20th wedding anniversary, went to broad a plane to Europe and left Bradley, who was eighteen at the time, and still in college, in charge of Stargazer, Firefly, and the house. A day later, word is sent to the children that the plane that was carrying their parents crashed landed into the ocean. After the funeral, Bradley, overcome with rage, exploded at Stargazer. Later that night, he announced that he would be sending Stargazer, seventeen at the time, to a college in New York.

So, Stargazer spent four years in New York. He met a girl named Ophelia, a gothic girl who also loss her parents, never finished high school, and was living with her childish uncle. After graduating college with a Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, he married Ophelia. The couple brought an old van and turn it to a bookmobile. They began their lives as traveling librarians, bringing books to towns and villages that don’t have libraries. They had three children together: Absentia, an aspiring lawyer, Frostbite, an aspiring ice hockey player, and Maud, an aspiring actress.

After eighteen years of non-stop traveling and being away from his siblings, Stargazer, thirty-five years of age, finally returned to Las Vegas to see his thirty-four-year-old sister, who became a nun for the local church. Firefly begged for him and his family to stay in Las Vegas permanently. He asked his wife and children if they want to live in Las Vegas and they agreed. It been only a week in their new permanently home and already things had gotten complicated.

The body of a young woman was found in a hotel room. The police ruled the death an accident. Everything within the city goes back to normal, if only for a while. As it turned out, Firefly met the woman who died. She was an escort who had came to the church to confess. Stargazer, armed with his wits, slyness, and gentlemanly charms, took it upon himself to solve the mysterious death. However, as the death count raise, so does the suspicion around Stargazer. 

Anyways, that is it for now. I’ll post again later. Have a nice evening.


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