Happy Fourth of July!

I know I haven’t posted anything for six days, so I’m posting something now.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

I hope you are all having a great time with your friends and families.

Lately, I’ve been working on a few things, which is why I haven’t posted anything for six days. Right now, I ‘m working on a new idea for a video game. I don’t think I shared it with you, so I’ll share it now. I’m calling it, “The Lost Priestess”. It’s going to be a point-and-click game, but with a twist. The twist is that where will be points in the game where the player will need to make an important decision and, depending on the choices the player made, there will be different endings. Here is the plot: Ever since she was a young child, Edith Smith, a shy and timid seventeen-year-old girl living with her aunt and cousins in the dystopian city of Lodestone City, had wanted to journey to the legendary island chain as Harmonia. Harmonia is an island utopia on the polluted planet of Kakotopia. Located in the uncharted regions of the Virtuous Sea and the place where she believes her parents went to. Her wish come true when a man and a woman in strange clothing come to take her to fulfil her birthright as high priestess of Harmonia. Now, it is her responsibility to keep the natural beauty of Harmonia, the only clean place on the entire planet, from being tainted.

And this is a little information about the main character:

·        Edith Smith

o   Appearance- Edith is of average height and weight for a seventeen-year-old teenager. She has a slender, erogenous body with a small chest and backside. Her light brown hair is smooth and soft; it is also long enough to reach her waist and thick enough to cover half of her face. She has light emerald eyes that seem to stare into a person’s soul.

o   Attire- She usually wears a white top tank under a beige cardigan, a long beige skirt, white stockings, and black dress shoe, however, while on Harmonia she wears her priestess outfit, which is a sleeveless, flower-patterned dress with a leg slit, a flowery headdress, and a pair of gold sandals.

o   Personality- Edith is shy and timid. She is too afraid to speak to people her own age or make friends on her own. She is quiet and mousey. She rarely does anything daring or scary, as many things easily frighten her. Edith is a very meek and modest girl, but she is also clever and crafty; she enjoys picking up objects, examining them, combining certain objects with other objects, and then using those objects. She has a strong sense of morals, which is why she is so kindhearted and benevolent. Through she never had an official boyfriend, Edith dreams of the day she falls in love and get married; you could say that she is a hopeless romantic.  

o   Backstory- Edith was born as the only child of Susan Smith, the last high priestess of Harmonia, and Nathaniel Smith, a junk dealer who traveled the sea on his garbage boat, but made many stops in Lodestone City to visit his sister. Susan was born on Harmonia and met Nathaniel went his garbage boat shipwrecked on Harmonia by chance. The two fell in love, married on Harmonia, and had a baby girl. At the tender age of three months, the baby was left in the care of her aunt, Nathaniel’s sister, at the request of Susan. For seventeen years, Edith had lived in a broken-down house on the street corner of a gloomy, filthy, crime-ridden city. Her passion for going to Harmonia was fueled by rumors that her parents were on the island chain. She had studied different ways of travel and had even tried to build herself a boat.

o   Home Life- In spite of the caring and loving attitude she has, Edith’s home life is not always kind or caring. Due to the constant verbal abuse at the hands of her aunt, Edith had tried to run away from home many times. Everyone in Lodestone City, saved her cousins, seems to loathe her and she is constantly being harassed by the residents of the city. Yet she did not despair, for she found a friend in a rat.

o   Hobbies- Gardening, hosting tea parties, reading about astrology, and speaking with her pet rat.

o   Knowledge- Edith is well educated in most subjects, despite not having any formal schooling. However, she is extremely well-versed in the practice of astrology.

o   Responsibilities as High Priestess- Foreseeing the future of the island and its inhabitants, healing the islanders of their aliments, training and appointing other priestesses and priests, banishing malevolence forces. In short, her job as high priestess is to be a leader.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Have a happy Fourth of July!


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