First and foremost, I want to thank Dr. Joseph Suglia for following the site. I appreciative it.

Now, I want to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day.

This morning, we, my mother, my step-father, and I, went out to eat breakfast. We ate at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar & Restaurant. It’s a chocolate bar that sells candies and chocolates, but it also serves actual food. I had the Chicken Alfredo Penne. After we ate, we had the fondue with both milk and white chocolate. They gave us a little container of fire to roast the marshmallows. I made s’mores with the milk chocolate and graham crackers that were given to us by our waiter.

After we got home, I called my birth father, who lives with his new wife in New Jersey. He’s doing well; when I called he was at a restaurant with my step-mother and step-daughter. I got him a card while I was out; he’ll got it in a few days.

Anyways, that what happened today. Have a nice night and I hope that all fathers had a lovely day.


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