New follower + The start of a new chapter

Firstly, I discovered that the site has a new follower. Allow me to thank Jack Bennett for following the blog. I hope you enjoy yourself and I hope you check out the pages. Speaking of which, I just added the new chapter of “Realm of Madness”. If you want to read it, click here to visit the page.

Also, I’m starting a new chapter of my other story, “Maybelline the Magnificent”. I only have the beginning of the chapter, but I still want to show it to you. I’ll let you know when I’m done with the chapter.

Here it is:

Chapter Four: Maybelline’s Hideout

Maybelline glanced at the wall clock above the nightstand, then at Joey’s bed. The small lump underneath the white blanket was still, saved for the steady rise and fall of what appeared to be Joey’s chest. It was a little bit before midnight and Joey was fast asleep in his bed. He had fallen asleep halfway through Maybelline’s story and she had tucked him in with the blanket. Not bothering to change into her nightclothes, Maybelline had climbed into her own bed and tried to sleep herself. It was nine o’ clock when she laid down to sleep, and it was four in the morning when she awoken.

Slowly, she climbed out of bed, put her the boots back on her feet and grabbed her hat and coat from the bedpost. On her way to the door, she grabbed her toolbelt from the bedpost. She opened the door, wincing at the creaking it made. She glanced back at Joey, who was, fortunately for her, still asleep. She breathed a breath of relief, before heading out the door and closing it behind her.


On the borders of Cobalt County, she stood near the lone, rusted post that was Cobalt County’s only bus stop. She was waiting for the midnight bus that would take her to Neon City. After thirty minutes or so of waiting, the blue and yellow bus was seemed coming up the hill. It stopped in front of the post. With a metallic clink, the door swung open. The driver, a middle-aged man with a grey beard, tripped him hat to Maybelline as she stepped into the bus. He asked her where she was going at this early hour. She told him that she was just making a trip into the city to buy some breakfast.

She paid the fare and took a seat behind the driver. The bus started and they rode down the winding road. The ride was quiet, saved for Maybelline answering the bus driver’s many questions. He asked why she was buying breakfast so early. She took him that the stores always had the best stuff early in the morning, which seemed to satisfy him. He then asked about her parents and about her friends. She didn’t how to answer those questions, she didn’t have any parents or friends, so she took him whatever seemed to satisfy him.

As the bus rode down the road, Maybelline watched the small, one-story houses pass by in her window. Cobalt County was a rural area. It was empty, saved for a handful of houses that were at least a mile apart from each other. Whenever Maybelline rode the bus into the city, she couldn’t help but feel sorrow. Everything about Cobalt County was depressing. The houses were small, cramp, and unstable, saved for the orphanage, which was the largest and oldest building in the county. The land was hard and, for most of the year, not suitable for farming. The people were hard-hearted and lack compassion.

That is it for now. Have a nice evening!


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