I just put the first few chapters of my new story, “Realm of Madness”, in its own page. Click here to see the page.

I also have some sketches to share with you. I’m still working on them and I might just start over and try to draw them better, but I thought that it would be nice to show you what I have so far.

Well, here they are:


This is a sketch of my characters, Zane and Zilla Fey. Zilla had just hopped on top of Zane while he was reading a book. They share a laugh. Since the two live together, this sort of thing happens all the time.



This is a sketch of my other characters, Dusk and Dawn Suzuki, when they were younger. As you can tell, they are very close.


The final sketch is of Dusk’s and Dawn’s mother, Lotus Suzuki, holding their baby brother, Orion. I think I may had made her head too big, but I can always fix it.

That is it for now. I will talk to you later. Have a nice day!


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