Color Theory + Artwork

So, last week in my Principals of Design class, we were discussing color theory. Out professor had us using the paints that we brought to paint squares. However, we had to use the colors red and white to create five different shades of pink. Later, we did the same thing with the colors red, blue, and yellow; first we did red, then added yellow to make orange, then we added blue to the red to make purple.

I’ll add a picture so you can see what I mean.


Speaking of which, I have a few pieces of artwork I wanted to share. Here they are.


This is a drawing of my characters, Dusk and Dawn.

Mysteri and Jack

This is a painting that I made using a program on my computer of my two other characters, Mysteri and Jack.

Strawberry in swimsuitThis last one is of Strawberry, another one of my character, in a swimsuit and a beach ball.

Hoped you enjoyed my entry! Have a lovely evening!


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