My New Idea

This evening, I was having my 2D Animation class. We learned new skills and more effects. I am actually planning to create animated gifs and posting them on my DeviantArt page. You, my WordPress followers, can still see them. When I am done and I post them on DeviantArt, I’ll put the links to the gifs on here.
Also, I wanted to share a new idea for a game that I had. The other night, I had an odd dream. In the dream, a person was flying while another person was chasing them from below. Then, there was what seemed to be a meeting, with a breaded man and a group of small children. All of the children had superpowers. For example, one girl had the power to manipulate paper. That is all I can remember from the dream, but it gave me the idea to write this:

Centuries ago, when humanity was still in its infancy, entities known as Muses watched over humankind from the clouds. The Muses, with their infinite creativity and knowledge, assist the humans throughout humanity’s biggest milestones. The Muses would bring inspiration and knowledge to the minds of the humans and, with their newfound ideas, the humans would create inventions and works of art. Poetry, plays, novels, paintings, music, and sculptures. Fire, the wheel, trains, cars, radios, and factories. With the help of the Muses, humans grew and evolve. In return of their help, the human gave praises to the Muses. They worshipped them as gods and made offerings to them. The Muses, happy from the praises and worships, continued to give inspiration and knowledge to the humans. However, one day, one human proposed the idea that the Muses weren’t deities, but instead were monstrous creatures that were trying to take over the earth and make humans their slaves. It was on that day that the humans’ faith in the Muses faltered. Some stopped their worships to the Muses, others stated to stopped making offerings. It wasn’t long until the humans rebelled against the Muses. The humans, using the machines and weapons they had built over the years to protect themselves from outside forces, started a war against the entities that had helped them for many centuries. The thousands of Muses where reduced to just a handful. The few Muses left alive took refuge in the Cloud City while the humans built fortresses on Earth. They do not want to fight the human in a war that they think is senseless and meaningless, but, for the interest of their survival and the survival of their imagination and knowledge, they much.

This is the backstory to the game. I hope you enjoyed it. You all have a lovely night!


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