Chapter Nine of “Gypsy Adventure & Romance”

Today I tried to donate some of my blood, but they told me that my iron was too low to donate, so I have to wait until next time. Just wanted post that.

Also, chapter nine of “Gypsy Adventure & Romance” is added to the page. Here it is:

Chapter 9: First Meeting

Maybe it was the traffic or maybe it was the events that transpired earlier or maybe it was because he was travelling for hours, but Knight felt exhausted. His eyelids were getting heavier as the bus ride grew closer to Rome. When the bus finally made it to Rome, the sky was quickly turning a dark purple. People were blocking their windows as a cold gale swept the city. Shops and businesses were beginning to close as lanterns lit up one by one to illuminate the streets.

Fortunately, the bus stopped in front of a hotel. Bellezza di Roma, was the name of the hotel. It looked to be about three stories tall. Colorful flowers hung underneath all of the windows and the exterior walls were made of red brick. Hanging from the roof of the hotel, were two flags: one was the flag of Italy, the other had a painting of the Colosseum. It was a very modest hotel and it was perfect for the kind of work Knight was planning. He went inside and booked a room.

At the front desk, he was given the key to Room 218. He climbed the steps, unlocked the door, and shut the door behind him. The room was also modest; a single bed, a wooden desk, a window with light blue curtains, and an adjective room that led to the bathroom. The spring bed, with its ebony sheets and plush pillows, was becoming more inviting. The half-open window, letting the cool air in, made him even more tired.

He spotted a phone on the nightstand beside the bed and was reminded of the call he was supposed to make. He groaned and yawned, fatigue slowly over taking him. As much as he wanted to sleep, he had a task to complete. He would just make the call, afterwards he would get to sleep.


 “Done!” Kuan Eim exclaimed as she set down the pen on the desk. She had finished writing the letter to her sister describing her sightseeing in Rome as well as her encounter with Mary. She looked it over one last time, before sealing it within an envelope. Now she just needed to place it in the mailbox and let the mail carrier ship it to Thailand. She remembered see a small mailbox outside of the hotel; she would be downstairs and back in five minutes. She stood from her chair and started to walk towards the door.

That was when she heard a voice. It was faint, but audible and sounded as though it was coming from the room next to hers. She stepped toward the far wall and the voice behind the wall became louder and clearer. She continued to step closer, and closer, and closer still. Before she knew it, her ear was pushed against the wall. The walls of the hotel must have been as thin as paper because she could hear just about everything from the other room.

The voice in the other room sounded deep and masculine, but it was also smooth like silk and as elegant and refined as diamonds. It was the kind of exotic, romantic voice she only heard on the radio. Almost instantly the voice took her. She felt her heart beat louder as a wide, giddy smile formed on her face. The voice was so romantic and so alluring; it made her feel as though she had nothing to worry about. She listened to the enchanting voice as it talked about something she was only faintly paying attention to.

The sound of a phone hitting a receiver snapped her out of her daydream. She quickly stepped away from the wall, blushing. Remembering what she was going to do, she hurriedly raced to the door, letter in hand.


“All right. Goodbye.” With that, Knight placed the phone on the receiver and yawned. The call was done, and now he could rest. He began to unbutton his suit when a thought strike him. He groaned in annoyance, realizing that, in his haste, he had forgotten his wallet at the front desk. He would have to walk downstairs and receive it. With a heavy sigh and drowsy eyelids, he marched out of his room.

As soon as he stepped out of his room, he collided with something soft and smooth. It took a while for him to realize that a beautiful young girl with long, curly black hair and emerald eyes was standing in front of him. She was in the daze and confused, one hand rubbing at her forehead. After shaking the sudden shock from his mind, he quickly apologized. “Oh, I’m so sorry, miss.”

“No, no. It’s ok.” The girl said, after shaking the shock from her own head. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“No,” Replied Knight. “I should have been paying attention to my surrounds.”

“Please, no apologizes are needed.”

“Still, I am deeply sorry, miss.”

“It’s no trouble, so don’t worry about it.”

The two looked at one another until Knight awkwardly cleared his throat. “Now, if you excuse me, miss.” He stepped back a bit before turning his back to the lovely young woman he just met, fighting the urge to look back.

Kuan Eim, still staring at the back of the handsome gentleman she just met, remembered her letter and that she needed to head in the same direction of the gentleman. She considered heading that way too, but ultimately decided to just mail the letter in the morning.


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