New Follower! + Update

Good news! The site have gotten another new follower!

Thank you to Elan Mudrow for following! I hope you enjoy what you see!

Also, I’m not sure if I posted this already, but I have updated the “Midnight Embrace (Novel)” page; there’s is now a new chapter. To read the newest chapter, click here!

Right now, I’m working on another chapter, all while trying to be on top of my school work. So, in case I don’t post any new chapters, I’ll be posting a preview of chapter three.

Enjoy and have a lovely evening!

Chapter Three: School Assembly (Preview):

“Oh!” I said in surprise. “Of course; that explained everything.”

For those of you who didn’t know, Flos was a nation ruled by a constitutional monarchy and the head of that monarchy was the thirteen-year-old princess, Florentina De Rhododendron. Being the princess of an entire country, Flo, that was what we called her, was born into a life of luxury. Being the only child, her mom, Queen Rosa De Rhododendron, and her dad, King Anther De Rhododendron, spoiled her; they gave her everything she wanted because whatever the princess wanted the princess got. Everyone was afraid that she would grow up and become a spoiled brat, and she probably would have, if it wasn’t for the fact that her parents passed away in the royal family’s private train. You see, while on route to the nation next to ours, a massive snowstorm appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The train derailed and fell into an enormous lake. Everyone, except for Flo, who was eight at the time, either drowned or froze to death.

Ever since the accident, Flo’s cheerful, outgoing, and warm personality changed. She became aloof, cynical, and cold toward everyone, saved for me, Alex, August, and Freddie; we were probably her only friends. Her face was always set in a deadpan expression; she rarely smiled, and when she did it was only a half-smile. Of course she still cared about Flos and the common people, she just loss the capability to say it. Ever since her parents passed away, she had been having trouble saying ‘I love you’ to anyone. I think she could only ever express her love to her parents and now that they were gone, she didn’t feel the need to say these three words again.

All the youth in Flos had a lot of pressure on them, myself included, but Flo might have the most amount of pressure on her in all of Flos. She was, after all, the sole heir to the throne. Can you imagine the kind of responsibilities that goes with being a queen?  All the people who are dependent on you? The kind of sacrifices you would have to make? A part of me was worried that Flo wasn’t ready for being a queen, but I couldn’t say that aloud.



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