Maybelline the Magnificent

I have created a new page called “Maybelline the Magnificent (Novel)” To check it out, click here.

It is a new story that I am working on along with my other ones. Here is the summary: Maybelline Chime (otherwise known as Maybelline the Magnificent by none other than herself) is a witty and athletic ten-year-old. She and her eight-year-old brother, Joey, used to live in an orphanage, but now they live with their adopted paternal guardian, the well-known historian, Doctor Zachariah Chime, in a luxurious apartment in the center of Neon City. Neon City is a futuristic megacity with a population of one million. It is also the place where Maybelline’s archrival, Diamond Powers, is famed as a child star and is surrounded by loving fans. Two of Diamond’s biggest fans and best friends are Ronda Snake and Simon Furrow. Diamond and her parents may have the fame and fortune, but Maybelline has her adoring brother, the intelligent doctor, the spirit of adventure, and the necessity tools on her toolbelt (like a toy grappling gun). Maybelline is always getting herself into trouble, but she is determined to have amazing adventures. Her latest adventure involves getting revenge on her archrival by getting information on her newest ‘top secret’ movie and leaking it to the public. However, in her quest for vengeance, not only does she unwittingly gets her and her brother involve in a conspiracy, but she discovers her own weakness; a weakness that almost no one knew about.

I hope you enjoy it. The next few chapters be upload soon, I just need to finish typing them. Have a blessed evening!


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