Midnight Embrace

Good news!

I have updated the page, “Elderheart (Novel)”! Also, I created a new page for my new story, “Midnight Embrace”. If you haven’t read it yet, click here to check out the first chapter!

Here is the newest chapter of “Elderheart” Enjoy!:

Chapter 7: Dilapidated Playground

The enormous clearing in front of Laura was filled with wreckage and debris. In one portion of the clearing, was a jagged, tangled mess of bent metal poles that jutted from the ground; some poles were taller than others. In another portion of the clearing, there were a broken ladder and tall sheets of shiny metal protruding from the ground. The metal was ripped in half and twisted into a spiral. Not too far from the spiral sheets of metal, there were planks of broken wood. Attracted to them were metal chains of various lengths. A large pile of fine sand was in the middle of the clearing. Near the pile of sand, was an odd structure of bright colors. Laura couldn’t tell what the structure was supposed to be, but she could make out a bright yellow pyramid.

The scene was a strange one instead, but it was nothing when compared to what laid beyond the debris. There, on the other side of the clearing, opposite to Laura, was a three feet tall wall made of crumbling red bricks. Sitting perpendicular to that wall was another wall made of crumbling red bricks, and perpendicular to that wall was another crumbling wall and in the center of the three walls was a massive light blue lump.

That must had been the source of the deafening cries, but what was it? Whatever it was, it was convulsing and trembling. On the creature’s back, two massive appendages that appeared to be wings. The wing appeared to be angelic, however there were no signs of feathers, in fact the skin of the creature appeared as smooth as silk; they flapped up and down in agitated movements. Another long appendage, presumed to be the creature’s tail, came out of the creature’s backside. The tail started out large and thick, then ran into a thin line, and ended in a sort of diamond shape; it slowly moved back and forth across the ground underneath the creature. Dog-like whimpers were emitting from the creature; it was almost like it was crying.

Laura’s bravery faded and was replaced with an overwhelming fear. That must be one of them, the monsters she heard about and if what she heard was true, then the monster will surely grasp her in its teeth, rip her limb from limb, and devour her carcass. She began to take a step backward with the intend to quickly walk back the way she came, but then her foot stepped on a twig and it made an audible snap.

The massive light blue lump stopped trembling and whimpering. Laura stood, frozen in fear, as the creature stood on its thick, trunk-like hind legs, arched its back, and slowly raised its head. Its long, brachiosaurs-like neck was connected to a snake-like head with brown, curved horns, similar to that of a ram, above large, oval, expressive ears. Its eyes were almond-shaped, dark, and they seemed to glimmered with tears. The creature stood and turned its body ninety degrees, its eyes glued to Laura’s. She noticed something large, round, and shiny in the creature’s chest. It was a darker shade of blue compared to the rest of the creature’s body and it reflected the surrounding area like a mirror. It seemed to be a pearl. The creatures came to face Laura. She noticed that its front legs were thinner than its hind legs; like the legs of a lizard.

The creature’s body turned another ninety degree; it was now facing Laura. Its eyes became narrow and it slightly opened its mouth revealing white, sharp teeth. Its wings began to beat lightly against its body in a fluid movement. It raised it right front leg and began to claw at the air. It roared an ear-piercing roar at her; it was almost like the cry of an eagle, except squeakier. It was clear to Laura that the creature was attempting to appear as frightening as possible. She knew of this; she had heard that some animals will try to appear as frightening and intimidating to deter predators or when they feel threatened. She also heard that some animals were more afraid of humans than humans were of them.

She took a closer look at the creature. A tangled mess of webbing was wrapped around its neck. A long and narrow wooden stick was protruding from underneath its right wing. Some scratches were visible on the creature’s body, many them located on the creature’s front legs. It much had been in great pain, evident by how its trembled and whimpered between roars. It struggled to stand on its own feet; it wobbled and staggered, as though as it was about to fall.

A wave of empathy washed over Laura. It was crying because it was hurt! She thought. Many questions ran though her head at once. What was this creature? What was it doing here? How did it got hurt? Finally, she settled one question: Should I help, or should I run? Yes, she did feel sorry for the creature, and yes, in the back of her mind, she did think that it looked kind of cool, however she couldn’t predict how it would react if she got close. For all she knew, it might try to bite her head off!

The creature continued to roar at her. It roared until, abruptly, it stopped. Its body swayed back and forth, as though it was dizzy. Finally, it collapsed onto the grass, it’s wings dropping like cinder blocks, its eyes slowly closing. Without thinking, Laura dashed to the creature’s side. She forcedly opened one of the eyes with her fingers. The eye of the creature looked glazed over and unfocused. “Oh no.” She said softly to herself. “What do I do?” She still considered just leaving, but her conscious wouldn’t allow her to leave the injured creature.

She examined the creature’s front legs. Many small open wounds were letting flesh blood pour out. She then went to examine the underside of the right wing. The long and narrow stick protruding from the underside of the wing had what Laura thought to be fletching, like that of an arrow. She examined the body. There were wider wounds on the creature’s stomach. Laura tried her best to not panic. She back away from the creature and thought long, hard, and carefully. How to fix this. How to fix this. Finally, her mind settled on an answer. Aloe!

She dropped her socks and shoes and ran into the surrounding brush. She searched the ground for any sign of aloe, but it was fruitless; there was no aloe in this forest. She ran back to the creature; it was still laying on the grass. The rise and fall of its back gave Laura reassurance; it was still alive. However, the reassurance was short-lived, for she didn’t have anything to help this creature. She thought for a moment. Perhaps, if she ripped a portion of her skirt to dress the wounds on the legs… But then what about the large wounds on its stomach? She suddenly remembered the small sewing kit she kept in the front pocket of her blouse. Hurriedly, she fished it out. She placed the small rectangular kit on the ground. She set kneeled beside the creature and when to work.


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