Firstly, I want to say sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been really busy with school work and other stuff. However, I’m still here. Plus, I’m working on some new artwork. I’m still trying to improve my art style so it looks more like Japanese anime. Still, I want to show you, my readers, this:


I know that it would be better, but like I said before, I’m trying to improve.

Also, I’m writing two new stories. The first one I’m calling “Maybelline the Magnificent” and the summary is this: Maybelline Chime (otherwise known as Maybelline the Magnificent by none other than herself) is a witty and athletic ten-year-old. She and her eight-year-old brother, Joey, used to live in an orphanage, but now they live with their adopted paternal guardian, the well-known treasure hunter, Doctor Zachariah Chime, in a luxurious apartment in the center of Neon City. Neon City is a futuristic megacity with a population of one million. It is also the place where Maybelline’s archrival, Diamond Powers, is famed as a child star and is surrounded by loving fans. Two of Diamond’s biggest fans and best friends are Ronda Snake and Simon Furrow. Diamond and her parents may have the fame and fortune, but Maybelline has her adoring brother, the intelligent doctor, the spirit of adventure, and the necessity tools on her toolbelt (like a toy grappling gun). Maybelline is always getting herself into trouble, but she is determined to have amazing adventures. Her latest adventure involves getting revenge on her archrival by getting information on her newest ‘top secret’ movie and leaking it to the public. However, in her quest for vengeance, not only does she unwittingly gets her and her brother involve in a conspiracy, but she discovers her own weakness; a weakness that almost no one knew about.

The second one I’m calling “Midnight Embrace” and the summary is: Once upon a time, there were two families whose power and wealth were unmatched by anyone else. Believing that they could increase their wealth and power, the two families arranged for the youngest members for their clans to join in matrimony once they came of age. And so, since he was born, William “Will” Midnight, the heir to the Midnight Estate and all its riches, was expected to marry Alexandrea “Alex” Embrace, the heiress to the Embrace Estate and all its assets. However, Will, despite all the pressure to marry, is not sure if he wants to spend the rest of his life with Alex. Will, many members of his family, can flawlessly predict the outcome of events and choices in all possible timelines. Alex, like many members of her family, can use turn herself into a weapon for others to use. Having sent thirteen years together with Alex, going to the same school, and learning to use her in combat, Will can safety say that he does like Alex, yet there are some things about Alex that bothers Will. For example, Alex likes to have random and spontaneous tackle fights. She also enjoys smothering Will with hugs and kisses. She’s also extremely clingy. This is very discomforting for Will because he has an intense phobia of ‘cooties’. On top of all that, a group of extremists, hoping to started a new world order where everyone is equal, are plotting to assassinate the children of the richest families; they already got Will’s older siblings. Now Will is on a mission to track down the people who euthanized him brothers and sisters before they do the same thing to him and Alex.

Hoped you enjoyed this little update and I promised more updates are on the way.

Have a blessed evening!



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