I was part of a wedding!

The other night, I was a part of my mother’s wedding! I was playing the parts of maid of honor and as the one who would be giving her away. It was her second marriage until leaving my biological father. Her new husband is really nice. All of our family friends came and some of my mother’s friends were her bridesmaids.

The place where we had the wedding was beautiful and luxurious. I took pictures of almost everything.

First, we drove to a hotel, where my mom had her make-up done. Then, we took a limousine to get there.

Once we got to the place, we helped my mom into her dress.


The reception was awesome because my mom came up from underneath the floor in her second dress. I only wish I had a video to show you.

I was able to meet and catch up with family members that I haven’t seen in years. We ate, danced, and had a lot of fun.

So, yeah. That’s what happened. I slept for most of the day, so that’s why I’m posting this now. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Have a nice evening!


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