Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

So about the lack of updates in the last couples of weeks. I’ve been busy with school and appointments. Do not worry! I’m still here and I’m still blogging. I just got done with my Magic and the Spirit World class and after I post this I’m heading for my first meeting of my school’s Art and Art History Club. I’m doing a lot of clubs: Christian Fellowship, Criminal Justice Society, Chemistry Club, and Art Club.

I’m still doing my writing and drawing. In fact, I’m working on a new idea for a point-and-click game. I call it: “The Lost Priestess” and this is a short summary of the plot:

Ever since she was a young child, Edith Smith, a shy and timid seventeen-year-old girl living with her aunt and cousins in the dystopian city of Lodestone City, had wanted to journeyed to the legendary island chain as Harmonia. Harmonia is an island utopia on the polluted planet of Core. Located in the uncharted regions of Black Oil Sea and the place where she believes her parents went to. Her wish come true when a man and a woman in strange clothing come to take her to fulfil her birthright as high priestess of Harmonia. Now, it is her responsibility to keep the natural beauty of Harmonia, the only clean place on the entire planet, from being tainted.

Tell me what you think, ok? Well, this is all I have to write for now. Updates are coming soon. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!


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