Principles of Design

This afternoon, in my Principles of Design class, after getting a brief overview of the course from the professor, we broken up into groups of four, and then examined and compared two different items. For example, in my group, we listed the differences between an old subway map of New York and a newer subway map. The other groups got watches, cartons of orange juice, and paper currency.

Afterwards, the professor explained to us our first assignment: we are to take 20 pictures of foreign words, like say, for example, a sign written in a foreign language you don’t understand, and print on paper. The pictures will be a part of a book that we will make. Speaking of which, in my Digital Design class, we made books and pamphlets for our final project. Mine was really well reviewed by my professor and other classmates.

I uploaded the book on my DeviantArt. Click here to go see it! Sorry I didn’t mentioned this sooner.

Overall, it was a fun day in class. Both the professor and other students seem really nice, and I am looking forward to this project.

That is all from me for tonight. You all a lovely night!



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