New Page and New Artwork

I’m back early from my animation class, since my professor didn’t come. So, I suppose I can post something, since I haven’t for three days. I just got back into my college dorm and, for the past three or so days, I went to my new classes. So far, everything have been going well.

First, let me thank the new follower to the site, sharonww66! Thank you for following and I hope you enjoy yourself!

Next, my new story, entitled “Dark Red Riding Hood”, now has it’s once page! If you haven’t already, click on this link and read it!

Lastly, allow me to show you the kind of artwork I have been working on.


An unfinished drawing of my characters, Alpha, Melody, and Light, hugging Phoebe, another one of my characters.


Drawings of my characters, Dusk Suzuki and Dawn Suzuki, added with a couple of images I got off of the internet. I used Photoshop to arrange the images. In the end, I hoped that the piece portrays the different personalities of the characters. For example, Dusk (left) is interested in the traditional aspect of Japanese culture, while his sister, Dawn (right), is more interested in the modern aspect of Japanese culture. They are, in essence, yin and yang.


The sprite of my character, Cordelia, for my game, Clockwork Girl. Speaking of which, I was considering taking a course in game design and development at my college, if they offer it of course.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’ll be sure to post again once I have something to write about. You all have a blessed night!


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