What been going on

A few nights ago, my mother was surprised with a bridal shower. The party was hosted at the apartment of a family friend. I, along with several other people who were close to my mother, had to keep the bridal shower a secret from her; it was a surprise party. My mother, under the impression that the party was a housewarming, purchased a card for the family friend.

She was so surprised when she discovered that the party was for her that she teared up. All of our family friends were there to celebrate; even my aunt from out of the city came, which surprised me. They gave her a tiara and a sash that said “Bride to be”.


We played a game called “The Voting Game”, where one of us would asked a question or statement that was on a card and the rest of us voted to who would best fit the statement. For example, I picked a card that asked “Who would convince you that the world is flat?” and myself and the others would vote by placing a numbered card on a small table. Each person represented a different number.

We ate at a large table, where my mother gave a speech about how much she loved us and how she considered us as her family. You see, she was an only child and her parents, my grandparents, passed away a long time.

We played more games, which, if one of us won, we would win prizes. One of the games were a contest to see who could make the best wedding dress make of toilet paper. The floor was covered in paper afterwards.


After we were finished playing games, my mother and her friends sing karaoke. I watched and listened. 20170121_221712

We finally broke up the party at around midnight. My mother was still shocked that we tricked her, but she was also in glee. That night, she told me that she loved me and that she would do anything for me. I was so happy that she was had fun.

Anyways, I’m back at school and I start classes tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty excited about the new semester, yet, at the same time, I just want to be relaxing at home; I’ll miss not having to worry about schoolwork. Oh well. Anyways, you all have a blessed night.


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