Help for a friend

A friend of mine on DeviantArt is of need of some help. Please read the information below and considering helping. Thank you.

Well, this is everything you need to know. These are her words, not mine:

My dear friends and beloved watchers!

Some of you probably remember the painting I’ve submitted not so long time ago, on 26/12/2016.

(Please help!) Commission #21 - Lancelot by Martith

Some of you maybe even saw the speedpaint on youtube.
Happy music, lovely scene, bright shine on the background, the cute face of a beautiful, fluffy dog.

But what most of you don’t know, is the sad story of Lancelot…


On 13/01/2017


My little world collapsed. Lancelot, then only aged 1 year and 2 months, was diagnosed with acute stage V leukemia… No hope of viable treatment… And my dog tumbled down the slope at a dizzy speed without anyone there The little being whom I had cherished for a whole year was dying in front of my eyes, gnawed from the inside by a horrible disease against which the veterinarians could do nothing. We have tried everything. For 2 whole weeks, we did it neat, not looking at the wallet (for a total invoice of about 850 €).


On 16/01/2017


The heart more than tight and tears full eyes, we had to do our duty: to stop the sufferings of Lancelot, placed under cortisone for two days as a palliative treatment. Lancelot fell asleep peacefully, definitively, Monday, January 16 at around 3:30 pm. Our shooting star will be forever in our hearts, while the heaviest and most painful of hardships hugs us with all our might.


When I see his eyes, I see the reflection of my own dog. Of all dogs who are loved, and give their human family more than anyone can imagine. The wise, understanding gaze, and the promise…


I will love you forever.

Why am I informing you all about that?
The reason is simple.
The owner
needs your kindness, words of support, but most of all…

…she needs your help.

To return without him, to awaken without him, to say that he is no longer and will never be again is unbearable… solitude, emptiness… created by his absence are terrible.

Please, help her adopt a new dog… Not to replace her Lancelot, because it is impossible and we all respect his memory. But to give our love to another little being, so that life wins on the dead, to find a breath.
Please, help her to finance the arrival of a new ball of hair to their lives, to make a good start with a new dog.

Please click here.

The average painting like the one above is worth ~50 €.

That’s why I’m offering to everyone who’ll donate this amount and more
(if they will wish to get it) the painting of their pet.
It may take longer, you may have to wait some months for it,
but I promise I’ll paint
every painting for every great soul.

Thank you with all our hearts – LoralynAlienora‘s and mine.

If you can’t help monetary, please help us spread the word!
Share this journal wherever you can!


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