Chapter Seven of “The Infinite Guide”

Just uploaded the seventh chapter of my story about the girl who discovers that she is a witch!


Chapter 7: His Little Angel

Gabriel made certain not to wake his little sleeping angel as he slowly opened the door to his daughter’s room. In one hand was a serving tray, on the serving tray was plate with a small stack of chocolate pancakes, a glass of orange juice, and a napkin with fork and butter knife wrapped inside. Silently, he stepped into the room and began nearing the round bed. Saved for the gently rise and fall of her back, Fiona was immobile as she laid on her stomach, her face buried in her pillow. Strands of her hair draped her back and wrapped itself around her arms.

Fiona didn’t snore as she slept, which Gabriel found puzzling, as both he and Patricia snored while they slept. Jinx the cat also laid on the bed, sleeping soundly next to Fiona. Once he was beside the bed, Gabriel delicately nudged his daughter’s shoulder while whispering in her ear. “Fiona. Wake up, my darling.” She stirred in her sleep, making a soft moaning sound, before removing her face from the pillow and greeting her father with half opened eyes. “Happy Birthday, my love.” He said with a smile.

“Dad…?” Fiona uttered groggily. “What are you doing…?”

Gabriel presented the plate of pancakes to Fiona. “Your birthday, remember?” He said, certain that she was suffering from a lapse of concentration. “Don’t tell me that you forgot your birthday.”

Fiona’s eyes widened and she immediately sat up, smiling. “I haven’t forgotten, silly!” She said cheerfully. “I was just surprised is all.” She reached out and embraced her father by his waist. She broke away to look into his eyes. “Thanks for the breakfast in bed.” She said.

Gabriel handed the plate to Fiona. “Not a problem, my dear.” He said before planting a loving kiss her forehead. “Anything for my little angel on her birthday. Now, finish your meal so you can get ready for school.”

“Alright, dad.” Said Fiona as she placed the tray of food on her lap. She watched her father as he left her bedroom, waving goodbye and smiling. She began to unwrap the napkin and dug into the pancake stack with the knife and fork. Halfway into her meal, she gazed towards Jinx, who was still sleeping soundly on the bed beside her. He looked peaceful and content; so peaceful and content, that she felt bad about waking him up. She thought that, perhaps for once, she should leave her pet at home and let him sleep. He’s possibly having a nice dream. Unlike me.

Fiona, having awoken in the dead of night and hadn’t gone back to sleep until a little before the break of dawn, felt drained. Everything about her dream and/or nightmare from the night before troubled her deeply; from the tornado of pure white fire, to the unfamiliar woman that spawned from the frames, to the haunting song that she could still hear in her ears. She didn’t want to tell her father about it, less he might overreact and refuse to let her go to the Halloween Bash. Fiona knew very well that when her father said: “Anything for my little angel…”, he didn’t literal meant anything.

Until now, her father never let her to go anywhere by herself. He was particularly fearful of her going anywhere at night. Every birthday, he would come along with her as she trick-or-treated, and if something came up involving work, preventing him from coming along, he would get her mother to do it, and if she wasn’t available, he would get one of the neighbors.  Yet tonight, she was finally allowed to go out alone at night. She just needed to wait for the sun to be completely set and the sky to turn dark blue, by that time, she would officially be thirteen years old.

Fiona did love her father, but she also envied him for being a grow up. She sometimes wished that she was a grow up, so she could do all the things that grow ups do, to know all the things that grow ups knew, but mostly, to escape from the shadows of her successful parents. It was supposed to be a metaphor of course, but for some reason, no matter what time of day, Fiona noticed that her father always had a dark shadow with him.


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