Chapter 6 of “The Infinite Guide”

The sixth chapter of “The Infinite Guide” is uploaded. You can read it below, but to view the rest of the story, click here.

Well, here is the sixth chapter:

Chapter 6: A Dream or a Nightmare

There was a field, with nothing but green grass and dandelions puffs, the wind blowing the seeds from the flowers and sending them to faraway places. It was night, the moon was full and glowing a pale light. It was quiet, eerily quiet. The only sound was the wind.

A voice appeared, it sounded feminine. The voice didn’t have face, or a body, but it can be heard; it was as if it was coming from nowhere and everywhere. First, it was soft and barely understandable but then it slowly became loud and clear, it was singing. At first it was an angelic stream of ah’s, but it soon became a wave of musical lyrics. The voice was haunting, but also beautiful.

“Sleep my sweet children, as I take you away

Into my magical kingdom,

There you may play to your hearts content,

And dream to the rhythm of my lullaby”

A ring of white fire suddenly appeared in the field. The flames grow in height and they begin to spin in a circle until they turn into a towering flaming tornado of white fire. A soft, melodious whisper was coming the tornado, and it accompanied the singing.

“Rest little children, as I take you away

I shall lift your sorrows and fears,

My dearest children, do not fear the night

Feel safe as you hear my sweet lullaby”

The tornado became thinner. Slowly it took the shape of a person. Frist the head appeared, then the arms took form above the head, then finally the torso formed. In a flash, the flames dissolve, becoming white embers, spinning around the person and flying away in the wind. The person birthed from the flame tornado was…who?

This woman was taller than Fiona, and her chest was larger as well. She was pale like Fiona, but she looked paler; paler then the full moon above her. Her hair was long enough to reach her waist just like Fiona, except this woman’s hair was silver. Her eyes were a beautiful crimson color. She was wearing a black gown that covered her feet, the long sleeves were lacey and there was a slit in the gown to reveal the woman’s right leg. She didn’t have bangs, freckles, or even a birthmark.

The moonlight shined on her like a spotlight, following her as she walked through the field. The dandelion seeds started to float around the woman, spinning in circles around the woman’s waist and arms. She gently catches one from the air and cupped it within her hands. With her fingers, she carefully stroked the seed before letting it fly away in the wind. She smiled as she sung.

“Oh, precious children, I shall take you away

Away from the pain and the hardships

 Rest now my children for your happiness is nigh

Just follow the sounds of my magic lullaby”

The dream became blurred as monochromatic colors of gray flash in Fiona’s vision. Purple dots appeared, then red dots, and then blue dots, until she could see nothing but purple, red, and blue dots on a gray surface. The beautiful singing faded away and was replaced by the ringing of Fiona’s ears.

Fiona felt a jolt of energy pass through her entire body. She began to involuntarily move in her bed. Her muscles felt like they were assaulted by electricity. Her eyelids squeezed and her eyebrows knitted. Her teeth bite down on her lower lip as her head felt like it was set on fire. She forced her eyes to open.

She stared at the ceiling of her room, her body felt cold and warm at the same time. She didn’t move at first; she was possibly paralyzed or was simply drained of energy. Eventually, she was able to move her head. She saw the blackness of night outside her window; tonight was a new moon. Once she felt she could move her whole body again, Fiona swung her legs to sit on the edge on her bed. Her blanket was suddenly thrown off of her lap as if she was afraid of it. She placed a hand to her pounding forehead. Was that a dream? She thought to herself. Or was that a nightmare?


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