An Idea for a Game

Before I begin, let me ask: Does anyone here plat or heard of the gaming company Telltale Games? I am asking because I have been working on putting the finishing touches on another outline of a game for days. I call it “Heartless”. It will be a choice-driven game, in which the player’s choice determines the ending; like an interactive movie or something similar.

The plot of the game is this: A long time ago, a disease overwhelmed the world. The disease caused both humans and animals to pass away, only to come back as undead monsters. Pretty soon, a century long war between humans and the undead broke out. The humans fought for their survival, but in the end, the undead won their right to live. The undead evolved, became smarter, and eventually, live was exactly the same as life before the disease, saved, of course, for the different kinds of undead. Creepy Heartless, a zombie working for the Undead Government, unwittingly befriended a member of a human resistant group, planning to start a rebellion against the undead monsters. Now, she must choose between leading the two races into a coexistent or letting one race die while the other lives.

I am not sure where I got the inspiration. I think I got the inspiration from a zombie movie I saw once. Again, I’m not sure. However, I always found the idea of undead or mythical creatures fascinating.

Soon, I’ll have a whole page for this, but until then, enjoy this little sneak peek of a possibly future game.


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