Chapter Seven of “Gypsy Adventures & Romance”

Chapter 7 of “Gypsy Adventures & Romance” is here and uploading to the Gypsy Adventures & Romance (Novel) page. Click on the link to read the rest of the story if you hadn’t already.

Also, I hope you are hoping a happy 2017 so far. Be sure to enjoy this new year just as you enjoyed the old year.

Anyways, here is the newest chapter of “Gypsy Adventures & Romance”:

Chapter 6: One Strange Lady

June 1898

Dear Malee,

Guess what? I made a friend! In the first two weeks of leaving home too! Her name is Chrysanthemum Bloomington. We kind of bonded during my train ride in China. Right now, we’re loading her birds onto this aircraft, and then we’re gonna fly all the way to Europe. So exciting! I’m not sure if you gotten my last letter yet, if you did then great. If not, then know you can write to me about everything. I wish we can just call each other like they do in other countries, but I don’t know if there is a phone at the University, and there is no phone at the farm or at the monastery. In any case, I want you to keep care of herself, do well in your classes and make sure to do your homework, and make sure to say your prayers at least once a day. I’ll stop now.

With love,

Kuan Eim J

The lurid noises of peacocks singing in high pitched tones followed by a thunderous crashing sound made Kuan Eim jump. She looked up and saw that a cage that once held a male and female peacock was now on the ground with its gate wide open, letting both peacocks escape and run around wildly. “Wait! Get back here! Quiet down, please!” Chrysanthemum was yelling at the two birds, trying to calm them down. She looked at Kuan Eim who was sitting cross legged on one of the wooden cargo containers. “Kuan Eim, help me catch them!” She begged.

Setting her letter to the side, Kuan Eim hopped from the wooden container and in one fluid motion, she stepped in the path of the one of the two, her right arm stretched out with the palm facing the bird’s eyes, and shouted something in Thai. Like magic, the peacock stopped clod in its tracks and, as if it was in a trance, began following her palm. When she noticed the other peacock running, she held out her other arm and shouted something in Thai again. Amazingly, the bird stopped cold in its tracks and stared into Kuan Eim’s palm as though in a trance. They stayed that way until two men took them away and put them back in the cage. Kuan Eim let out her breathe and relaxed her arms, letting them fall at her sides.

Chrysanthemum ran up to her, “Oh my god, Kuan Eim that was amazing! How did you do that?!” She was clearly in awe of Kuan Eim’s trick. Kuan Eim merely smiled and shrugged however; she didn’t bother to try to give an explanation. “You need to teach me to do that.” Chrysanthemum demanded. “That would make bird taming so much easier.” She quickly remembered herself, “Not that I’m not already an excellent bird tamer, of course.” Kuan Eim giggled at her friend’s mocked self-confident. She and Chrysanthemum, along with a pair of large muscled men, went to loading the rest of the exotic birds onto the aircraft.

The two of them had departed from the Chinese Railway Express and were in the Xinjiang Province, standing in an abandoned airfield. The cement runway was littered with cracks, which were growing wildflowers. A building was near the runway, windows broken, doors boarded up, and ceiling falling apart. A billboard that stood at the entry of the airfield has a faded painting of a cartoon airplane with human-looking eyes and a wide smile under a bright blue sky. Above the cartoon airplane were greyish letters that read: “HAPPY FLYING”. A smaller sign, standing underneath the billboard, was blue with white text that read: “FOR BUSINESS USE ONLY, UNLESS AUTHORIZE BY THE COMPANY”.

Chrysanthemum borrowed a small cargo-carrying airship from the shipping company that owned the airfield to fly them to Europe. It had the shape of a vessel with two large engines attached, and the whole thing was tied to a massive, oval balloon with metal cords. It had space to store boxes or, in this case, bird cages. At the front of the boat, was a steering wheel along with some buttons and dials on a pedestal.

Chrysanthemum didn’t say who the pilot was going to be. When Kuan Eim questioned her, Chrysanthemum said she would be piloting the aircraft, which Kuan Eim was not expecting. Remarkably, her father taught her how to pilot an airship two years prior to his death. Although she was apprehensive at first, Kuan Eim trusted her newly made friend to fly them safely to Europe. Besides, Kuan Eim was extremely eager to visit the elegant and luxuriant land she had heard so much about.

“That’s the last of them, Miss Bloomington.” Said one of the men sent by the company to help load the birds into the aircraft, as he set down the last bird cage into the space of the aircraft. The other man secured the cages with rope that was tied to clasps attached to the base. “Thank you very much, gentlemen.” She said to them. “We appreciate your hard work.” They looked at her indifferently, waiting for their paid. She reached into her small pink handbag and pulled out a pen and a checkbook. Kuan Eim noticed a white unicorn on the front of her friend’s checkbook. She theorized that Chrysanthemum might have a fondness for the mythical horse, although she never thought an eighteen-year-old would become fond of such a thing. The only people she knew with a fondness for unicorns are her younger sisters.

“Do you take American money?” Chrysanthemum asked the two men, checkbook at the ready. One of the men nodded. She wrote a handful of numbers on a blank check, tore it out of the book, and handed it to one of the hulking men. He looked at the check, then eyed Chrysanthemum questioningly. Chrysanthemum eyed them back. “What is it?”

“This is a little more then we’re supposed to be paid.”

“Is that a problem?”

“No, but won’t you need the money, ma’am?”

“Oh, I think you’ll need it more than me.”

Kuan Eim couldn’t see the exact numbers on the check, but she could infer by the man’s surprised expression that the number on the check was a very large amount. She watched as the two men tried to lower the amount so to not cause Chrysanthemum to go bankrupt, yet anytime, she refused. The whole thing confused Kuan Eim. Even the wealthiest of royal families that ever ruled her proud country of Thailand, never simply gave their riches away to the common people. It wasn’t like people to spend their money unwisely, unless they happen to be feeling very generous.

Chrysanthemum held her hands up in midair before the men could say anything more. “I insist. Take it.” The men glanced at one another, then they both shrugged. “Suit yourself, Miss.” One of them said.

With a nob of her head, Chrysanthemum walked pass the men and strolled over to her companion, who was waiting by the door of the plane. “It’s so hard to be generous without people acting suspicious.” She whispered to Kuan Eim.

Kuan Eim eyed her curiously. She wanted to ask her why she would pay the men more money than they were supposed to be paid, but she didn’t want to risk hunting the feelings of her new friend, so instead she said, “You’re one…generous lady, Chrysanthemum.”

Chrysanthemum just snickered and gestured for the door to the aircraft. “After you.” She said. Kuan Eim, with her suitcase in one hand, grip the handle of the door of the vessel, opened it, and took a step inside. She leaned her back against the railing of the vessel and sat her suitcase by her feet.

After stepping inside, shutting the door behind her and taking her place behind the steering wheel, Chrysanthemum turned to Kuan Eim. “Ready for this.” She asked.

“Uh-huh.” She said.

“Then let’s go!” She said as she pushed down on a pedal with her foot. A flame bloomed above them and the balloon inflated. She pushed some buttons, then the engines roared. The plane lifted off of the ground and Kuan Eim felt her stomach push down as she tried to balanced herself. Then the aircraft floated in the air and Kuan Eim felt her heart skip a beat as she eyed over the railing. “Pretty cool, huh?” Chrysanthemum called back at her. Kuan Eim would only smile in response while she stared at the clouds around them. Her smile widened as she saw the yellow sun above the blue horizon.

“First time in the air?” Chrysanthemum asked.

“Well, yeah!” Kuan Eim said. “Only the military and the wealthiest companies in the world could afford ships like this. How did you get one?”

“I have my connections.”



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