Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Day and I just had an epiphany!

I’ve been thinking, it is days like these that people like to point out the bad things; they would rather be depressed and, in a odd way, they are happier that way. Even I am like that at times. I believe the reason is that the world, no, the universe is a gigantic place and, at the end at the day, nothing we do or say will matter in the grand things.

However, I just thought of something: what we do may not matter to the universe, but it still matters to us, right? I’ve seen people, young adults, act up and behave like children because they want to be noticed, but really, they shouldn’t act like that, because if being noticed all they care about, then that just means they care about only themselves. To really get noticed, you need to do something, doesn’t matter how small or big, that help others or inspire others.

There is a whole universe of new things to try and the universe is an amazing and beautiful place. Instead of feeling small and insignificant, we should be feeling grateful for being born in a time where we can do almost anything, eager to see and learn everything there is to see and learn, and hopeful for the future. One day, humankind will be able to travel to different planets and explore the rest of the universe!

So, in closing, I don’t feel depressed right now because there is nothing to feel depressed about, and I pray that you feel happy and loved this Christmas. I’m not just saying that because of the presents under the trees, I’m saying that because that how I truly feel at this very moment!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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