New Update

I just updated “The Infinite Guide (Novel)”. There was now two new chapters on the page. To read them, just click on this link. I’ll try to add new chapters once a day, but for now, enjoy!

Here is the newest chapter of “The Infinite Guide”:

Her eyes went wide. Inside was a ring, but it wasn’t like any ring she saw before. It has an enormous red gem in the center and green vines that held the gem in place.

The vines curved around the gem as well as forming a small hoop for a person to put on their finger, sometimes tangling with each other. They looked like real vines, they even had tiny leaves growing out of there. She thought saw the vines grow in length as they appear to snake along the sides and stopping just shy of the roof of the gem. She directed her stare at the huge gem itself. Its shape was similar to that of a diamond. It was a deep red, a dark red, a morbid red. She thought saw something moved inside the gem; pulsating within the gem, like a heart.

“Honey? Are you alright?” The voice of her mother, who came to sit on the other side of her, made her shake her head in an attempt to shake away whatever trance she was is.

“Yeah.” She said to her mother. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She turned to face her father. “It’s a…pretty ring.” She wasn’t lying. The ring was beautiful, but also ominous; it made her insides tremble the longer she looked at it. “I…really like it.” Only half true; it was spooky enough for Halloween, which she liked, but even so, she wouldn’t wear it. It was too gaudy for her taste and too showy as well; she didn’t like the stares she already got from people on the streets and didn’t want to have more people staring at her for wearing a ring like this.

“Now Fiona,” said her father. “You don’t have to say that you like it just to please me. I realized that this isn’t something that you would usually wear.”

“No, no” Fiona rebutted. “I really do like it. But it looks very old, like an antique.” She glanced at the gem as she said this. “Are you sure you want me to have it.” She looked up at her father, who was nodding his head.

“This ring is a family heirloom.” He said. “It was given to me by my father when I turned thirteen and before that, it was given to him by my grandfather when he turned thirteen. To be given this ring symbolizes one’s thirteenth birthday and becoming a young adult.”

Fiona nodded slowly, understanding the importance of what her father was saying. For whatever reason, this awfully creepy ring was a symbol, a symbol of one becoming responsible young adult. He was giving her this ring was his way of telling her that he finally trusted her. She smiled at her father. “So,” She began. “You consider me as a young adult?”

Her father nodded again, and then glanced at her mother, who was eyeing him angrily. Fiona turned her head slightly towards her mother and she saw her mother suddenly wearing a wide smile. “Sweetheart,” Her father said to her. Fiona turned back to him. “Promise me that you’re never take the ring off. It’s very important that you always have this ring on you.”

He looked more concern then usually as he said this. There was something in Gabriel’s face that told Fiona that her father was deeply contemplating on this matter, as if there might be something wrong with giving his daughter the family heirloom. She saw something similar in Patricia’s sudden smile, which she knew was forced. Fiona saw that her mother had the same nervous expression as when they talked outside the building.

Her parents knew something she didn’t and for whatever reason, they didn’t inform their daughter of it. She wanted to question them, but then again, her father did trust her with this precious heirloom and done so with great generosity. If she questioned them, she would only seem rude and ungrateful. If she wanted her father’s trust, she would have to follow his requests without skepticism. However, she wasn’t entirely certain if she was able to keep a promise like that.

“Sure dad.” Fiona said with forced confident. “I promise.”

“Hey, princess,” Her mother interjected. “Didn’t you want to show me your costume?”

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Fiona leaped off of the crouch, startling the cat that was resting on her lap and making the creature jump to his feet. She quickly wrapped her arms around the black cat’s torso. She thanked her father for her gift before leading her mother upstairs. Patricia walked up the steps while Fiona ran up the steps. Fiona reaches the bedroom door first, and she threw it open. She yelled for her mother to hurry into her room. Patricia finally reaches the door her daughter’s room, she walked through the doorframe, and she froze in place.

“What do you think?” She asked standing in front of her mother, holding up a homemade dress in her hands, Jinx at her feet. “I’m not done with it yet, but isn’t it great?” She had a smile that went from ear to ear.

Fiona had made a witch costume. It was black with long sleeves with orange lace loosely sewed at the ends. Ruffles were around the waist of the dress arranged in a pattern, first orange, then green, then orange again. The collar was embroidered with black bats in flight. A loose string was hanging from one ruffles, it gently swung back and forth. Patricia’s eyes shifted to Fiona’s bed, which had a typical witch’s hat on it, pointed and black with an orange sash around it.

Patricia’s auburn eyes went wide as she stared at her daughter’s half-finished costume. She saw the endless amounts of effects, the remarkable attention to detail, the whimsical spirt behind the dress. She felt a mixture of emotions stir inside of her until she wasn’t sure what she was feeling.

Fiona’s joyful smile turned into a nervous smile. She waited patiently for her mother’s response. She tilted her head slightly to the side like a confused dog.

Patricia took in a deep breath through the nose and finally answered her daughter’s innocent question. “It’s beautiful, princess.” She said with a smile that Fiona found suspicious.


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