Mind Games

“Mind Games” is a computer game I’m planning on developing. Here is the general overview of the game and the description of the main character. If you want to see more, then go to the “Menu” button and click on “Mind Games (Video Game)”.

Well, here it is:

Backstory: The Peacekeeping Agency for Critical Investigating & Fighting International Crime, or P.A.C.I.F.I.C for short, is an organization focused on investigating crimes, be them big or small, and apprehending those responsible. The agency tackles both national and international cases with a large number of agencies, each one skilled in a certain felid, from law to forensics. 12 years ago, while tracking down a sly serial killer, field agents, Charlie “Gold” Angel III and Catherine “Silver” Angel, disappeared mysteriously, leaving their 7-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son.

Game Story: In order to solve the mystery of her parents’ disappearance, Camellia Angel, otherwise known as Cammy, at the mere age of 18, became an official criminal psychologist just like her parents and is now working in the Criminal Division. During her search, however, she ends up solving murder mystery after murder mystery, meeting unusual people, going to strange places, and investigating bizarre mysteries, and a little at a time, she uncovers the power within herself as well the importance of love, friendship, and family.

Main Character Description:

Appearance- Cammy Angel is thin with dirty blonde tied back in a messy ponytail, some long strands hanging from the sides of her face. Her bangs go over her forehead in short strands. Her eyes are a pale blue. She wears a white shirt under a blue sweater with a brown pants. She wears a black choker around her neck with a shiny blue, teardrop-shaped gem-like object attaches to the front.

Personality- Cammy is strong-willed, determined spirit with a sense of maturity despite being only 18. She’s extremely intelligent and witty, but also has an empathic and motherly heart. Quick to anger and socially awkward. Often insecure and modest. Suffers from symptoms of depression and is prone to nervousness and worry.

Hobbies- Harp playing, sword fighting, and chess

Home- Cammy lives a log mansion in the United Federation; the same log mansion that was built by her grandfather.


Family History-

The Angel family – The Angel family, Cammy’s father’s side of the family, has been guardians of justice for hundreds of years. They have been keeping the peace and preventing crimes in several different ways. Some members of the family were sheriffs, others were samurais. Cammy’s grandfather was even a judge. Swordsmanship is a noble tradition within the Angel family. Almost every member of the family is skilled in wielding a sword in combat. Cammy’s father even taught her how to fence.

The Lee family – Cammy’s mother’s side of the family, the Lee family, were well-known psychics. The Lee family have powers including empathy, clairvoyant, and aura reading. This power, however, is also a vice to their minds, causing great pain in the head and neck. The members of the Lee family are skilled in the art of meditation. During meditation, the pain caused by the Lee family’s gifts is greatly reduced. Both Cammy and her mother use meditation as a way to focus their thoughts and find answers to problems.


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