Chapters 1-3 of ElderHeart

In case you didn’t know, chapters one, two, and three of my story “ElderHeart” is here on the site. Click on the “Menu” button on the top of the home page and then click on “ElderHeart (Novel)”, or click on this link.. I’m in the middle of adding new chapters, and including other stories on the site. So can back and see what’s new on the site.

Just so you can get a sneak peek and so you can get an understanding of what the story is about, here is the prologue:

Prologue: War

I remember it like it was yesterday; the war that tore our world apart. Countless lives lost, millions of civilizations destroyed. The cause of this apocalyptic war was lost in history, however the outcome was clear: an empty and burden world, left in ruins. The few people who managed to escape being killed settled down and created small hamlets and villages. Some of those small villages became enormous cities. These cities and villages have their own history, their own government, their own society. Not many settlers travel outside of their own settlements and for good reasons; wild eldritch roam the wildness.

The eldritch are creatures whose existence and biological make up defy the laws of nature and physics. They appeared in our world centuries before the war, and in spite of this, not much is known about these new kind of animals. In addition, all records of the eldritch were destroyed during the war. What is known about these creatures are their strange, yet amazing capabilities. Such capabilities ranged from hand-to-hand combat to purifying contaminated water. Legends tell of people capable of developing a “mind link” with one or more of these creatures. These people are called “Whisperers” and the link they share with their eldritch is forever strong.

Now back to the settlements. Each one operates by its own rules; some have little to no contract with other settlements; but one settlement, however, is set apart from the rest. The city of Lost Station, though sounds ordinary, isn’t ordinary. For when the world started to crumble around them, the people in charge developed a simple, yet ingenious way to protect themselves: they built a dome over the city. There it stayed, the glass domed city of Lost Station, for years. Many travelers and refugees enter the city, but rarely do people leave. The location of the city is so isolated and the forest outside the dome is so thick, that other settlements don’t bother to make contact with it. Inside the dome is a reflection of life before the war.

The citizens of Lost Station don’t talk of eldritch and when they do, it was the stuff of nightmares. Their existence was well-known, but for the wrong reasons, and despite the government’s discouragement of spreading hatred and fear, that did not stop some citizens. The legends of the whisperers were myths to the citizens, something of a fairy tale. Yet, some believed it was possible and spend most of their time trying to find a way. Some like my dear friend, Kate Bayne.

Kate and I were wildlife biologists before the war; she was my faithful and kind-hearted assistant. Kate was studying the eldritch and their powers. Once the war began, we took refuge in the city, safe from harm. However, Kate could not continue her research, and this saddened her. She believed that, once the war was over, we could return to our old jobs, and she would return to studying the eldritch. She was prosecuted for her beliefs. Hatred and anger toward her grew, until the city forced her to leave.

I stayed…so to look after her daughter, Laura. She’s a young lady now. Tomboyish, but quiet. Inexperienced, but bright. I should know. I’ve been raising her as my apprentice and had taught her everything she knows. I’m Lost Station’s only veterinarian, and Laura will soon be taking my place, but at the moment she’s fulfilling a promise she made to a friend. This is the story of Laura Bayne and Comet, and their victories, friendships, mysteries, and journeys.


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