The Start of Another Novel

You might already know this, but I write fictional stories for fun and I showcase them here on WordPress to get the word out there. I like for everyone who visit my page to read what I’ve written because I feel that the stories can spark something in people.

So, I’m posting the prologue of another story on my main page. If you guys like it, then I’ll put more of the story on another page.

If you want to read my other novels, then go to the “Menu” button on the upper-right of the page and click on the pages that have “(Novel)” in it.

Well, here you go:

Gypsy Adventures & Romance


“Variety is the spice of life”, that is how the saying goes. What it means, according to some people, is that in order to fully enjoy the zestfulness of life, one must break away from their comfort zone and explore all the varieties that life has to offer. Those same people also believe in the spirit of adventure and discovery. It is those people who become wandering travelers, also called gypsies. Usually these people would leave their homes, at an appropriate age of course, with nothing but what they can carry in their bags and dreams of exciting adventures. Although, not all gypsies leave their homes so they can blindly follow the spirit of adventure. No, they have a goal, either to find fortune, fame, love, peace of mind, or the answers to a mystery, these drifting gypsies are searching for something in particular. Traveling can be lonely however, and gypsies need traveling partners to keep them company. In this story, two travelers meet by chance.

One is from London, the other is from Thailand. One is an archeologist, the other is a healer. One is of twenty-seven years of age, the other is only eighteen. Sounds like a nice pair of pen pals, don’t you think? But what about a couple? Possibly wouldn’t work out. Even if two people like this met by coincidence, they could only discover that they had nothing in common. People like this would never become romantically interested with each another, right? Would two people like this even want to be around each other? Would they be able to stand it? Why don’t we just see for ourselves?



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